Conservatives need to stop asking for hand-outs

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When you look at the map of donor-states (states that send more money to the Federal Government than they receive back in benefits) and subsidized states, there seems to be a dysfunction since many of the proportionally largest eaters of other men’s bread are traditionally conservative. 

Utah, Arizona, Arkansas, and many of vocally conservative states in the South with the exception of Florida seem to embrace Federal Money.  The problem with taking more from the Feds than you give them is that you further the Utopian Socialist dream of people who would buy your vote and your freedom. 

7 thoughts on “Conservatives need to stop asking for hand-outs

  1. Sparse population states mostly–with huge Ag subsidies. Also legacy resource states like coal in Appalachia.

    Arizona fits neither

  2. >>>Reaction?

    I'm surprised my state of Oregon is yellow and not green. In a lot of Oregon counties, the majority of the county gov't revenue came from logging. Then the ecofreaks got large swaths of forest declared off-limits to logging, so the feds have been granting tons of money to these counties so they could continue operations with no cutbacks. That is starting to change, but I didn't think we were at "break-even" status yet.

  3. I'm surprised the libs in California let this happen. I thought they were professional "takers".

  4. Opus #6- California is the second largest donor state, behind New Jersey.

    Innominatus – Oregon would seem to be the model state despite its liberal leanings.

    Chickenlittle – It is an interesting to see who gives and who takes and how it squares with political philosophy.

  5. I'm surprised … I thought California, after the bail outs, would be dark dark green.

  6. The numbers came from the government – therefore they can not be trusted to be accurate.

    I don't disagree with the possibility that the results are true – because of the population and size of the economy of California (lots of people, lots of rich people) and the population density of New Jersey (full of dense, but rich people) and the financially red state they both find themselves in…but I don't think the government can account completely an accurately for the money in an money out.

  7. Better late than never.. it would be interesting to see the Arizona breakdown between Phoenix and Tucson, the two largest cities. Phoenix is redneck conservative while Tucson is ultra-zombie liberal. Only because Phoenix has the larger population is Jan Brewer the governor.

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