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If people are to be believed, everyone around Cosby (with the possible exception of the sponsors who lavished him with money and goodies to obtain his endorsement) knew that he was into drugging and then raping women.
We all know that if you’re famous, getting laid is about the easiest thing that happens. However, that didn’t scratch the itch for Cosby. The women needed to be drugged, and unconscious. Bill might have been into necrophilia as well. We don’t know the answer, but the dead are said not to complain to the police – or to turn up pregnant with the comedian’s seed in them. He’d have been better off if he’d stuck to corpses.
Will the famous old star end up in general population with a cannon ball and chain welded to an ankle ring? I don’t know, but to me, he deserves it.

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  1. One sad thing about this. Although I didn't agree with his politics per say, his comment on dead beat, fatherless black families and their responsibilities (or lack thereof) were dead on and he took terrible heat for it from the liberals and so called black leaders.

    One of the few sane voices in the black community as to what is causing their immense problems is silenced, unfortunately due to his own stupidity.

    What's worse is listening to the rhetoric coming out of the looney left, very few if any will pick up that banner and continue to run with it.

    it's all the White man's fault now and the Dems will play it to the hilt.

  2. Another predator brought to justice despite wealth and fame. A good thing, IMO.

  3. Another seemingly likable individual, who like OJ had a dark side. There are more out there.

  4. Yes, you're absolutely on point. He was a voice of responsibility and accountability as it pertains to black men and their families – and his actions were horrific. He flushed all the good that he did and stood for by drugging and raping hundreds of women.

  5. The FBI has it… so it may have been wiped. No way to tell, but their integrity is highly in question since they tried to mount a coup d'etat.

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