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Full disclosure, I don’t trust surveys, but I’ll report this one, just FYI. Survey finds 5.4 million Americans legally purchased a firearm for the first time in 2021. A little over one-fifth, 22.8%, of first-time buyers last year came back for a second purchase.

Will the Canadians and Australians change course and allow their people to own firearms? The political wave may overtake the ruling class. Imagine how things change when the peasants are armed? Free people are armed. Slaves are not.


National Firearms Registry

The Federal government is doing it because it can. They set the law aside on a regular basis these days. This is just another example of that sort of activity.

(Source:  Gateway Pundit) Federal law explicitly prohibits the creation of a federal firearm registry, but the Brandon administration is making one anyway. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has collected nearly one billion firearm purchase records. The government has now created a searchable digital database containing 866 million of these transactions, including some 54 million made in 2021 alone.

This massive data collection effort encompasses information on all guns sold by licensed gun dealers, and on all legal gun transfers in states with so-called universal background checks. So, federal officials will have the name of everyone who legally obtained a firearm. Now, President Brandon wants to make universal background checks nationwide so he can have an even more complete registration list.

One billion firearm purchase records…and how do they intend to seize one billion weapons (with resale, I know that the actual number of weapons is smaller, but take my point). California is requiring insurance to be purchased for all firearms. Naturally, the insurance industry is thrilled. If you can’t find insurance (nobody will underwrite you), they’ll take your firearm.

Brandon has proposed a tax on all firearms. If you don’t pay the tax, they lien your income. The initial tax will be low and they’ll raise it like heating a frog in a pot of water. If you no longer own the firearm, prove it or pay the tax.

I’m not a peasant (subject) and Brandon isn’t a king. He works for the people.  Somehow that concept is lost in DC.


An old Burgher (enfranchised citizen soldier) during the Second Boer War, 1899-1902

The Battle of Bronkhorstspruit was the first major clash of the First Boer War. It was a battle between a British army column and a group of Boers, fought by the Bronkhorstspruit River, a few miles east of the town of Bronkhorstspruit, Transvaal on 20 December 1880.



Yes, I hate surveys but I want to do this plebiscite for the heck of it.  How much annual income do you – where you live – consider to be a comfortable number for a family of 4?

I realize that there are regional differences and differences between urban and rural lifestyles.  In some cases nations. Who cares? What is your number?

I’m not asking what YOU make, again,  I don’t care. But what does it take to make things work right.


Karen (final word)

The chunky Whoop should use her name, Karen. It would settle a lot of questions before they’re asked.



  1. I would say Canada is in a much better position re: firearms law than Australia. We’ve had nearly 30 years of indoctrination of “guns are bad” and it’s politically suicide to change anything in a positive way. Even recently, when the NSW state firearms registry stuffed up big and issued a license to someone who’d been reported by pretty much every club and range he’d been to as someone who was a problem, the answer was to crack down on firearms owners. Bureaucracy at it’s finest.

    As for comfortable for a family of four, here it’d be over $200k/yr for the household income before tax. Income tax alone would take about $60k out of that depending on who earns what, then rent on a house that’s not a 30+Km commute each way into the city would start at ~30K/yr for a townhouse. Repayments on a loan for the same would start ~10K/yr more. If you go way, way out you can get a place for less.
    All that’s ballpark based on people I know and a quick look at rents/house prices within ~25Km of the CBD. Plenty of people get by on less, but it’s paycheck to paycheck, and you asked for comfortable.

    • What does a journeyman (pick the trade, electrician, machinist, plumber, etc.) earn in Australia? How close to $200K?

      • Depends a great deal on where they work. Over the years what’s defined as a qualified tradesman has morphed into a 4 year apprenticeship and you’re done. Although you can do further study and get formal qualifications to expand the skillset, some trades are very protective of who can do what. E.g. a qualified fitter will never pass even a basic pressure vessel welding course.

        Trades in the mines can easily pull 200K+ a year, carpenters, plumbers, and other construction trades can get up over 100k working on union sites fairly easily. Government contracts…well, it’ll surprise you not at all that people get paid very very well and unions are heavily involved.
        Working for yourself is a very mixed bag. A friend of mine is a self employed fitter who has ended up with an after tax income of less than 35K in a year, but has also done better depending on what contracts he does. He also ploughs a lot of money back into equipment to reduce the tax bill.
        A fairly solid rule of thumb is most trades can get up around the 80k to 100k a year with overtime working for someone. Working in the mines pays a lot better, but it’s usually 12 hour days, 7 days a week while you’re on, so it’s the overtimes and loadings that bump up the rate.

        A hairdresser who owns a salon can do very well.

        Overall I suspect there’s a lot of the same same as in the states, but culturally trades are looked on more favorably here and the overall age would be younger. The problem of finding good tradesmen wouldn’t be any different.
        I’ve been told ice is becoming a big problem with apprentices too.

        There’s usually a good snapshot of industry expectations for wages, hours and conditions on

        • Mike Rowe’s big push…Trades. With the added benefit of zero college debt supporting Lefty indoctrination centers.

  2. Not 100% convinced of the accuracy of this. I’ve been told that having a concealed carry permit can be tied to vehicle registration records. A police officer can run your plate and/or name an determine that you are a CCP holder. If so, is that reasonable cause for a search of your vehicle in states like New Jersey and New York?

    • Based on my personal experience, a CCW permit is not indexed to vehicle registration, though some states might have done it. Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state as are several others which means, in effect, everyone has a green light to carry.

      The law is so skewed in NY and NJ that I have no idea how they do it.

      • Out in southeast Pennsylvania a couple years ago, I was told by the range rats there that when going into New Jersey, which I was, to make sure I didn’t have any NRA or other organizational or firearms or right wing stickers on my vehicle or expect to be pulled over and quizzed, especially since I had out of state tags on the truck, and to make sure I wasn’t wearing any t-shirt or other apparel with any such logos or slogans in the event I came into contact with the law by other means. Those guys were pretty emphatic about it. I got in and out without any drama, but I don’t have that kind of stuff on the truck anyway and already knew to drive real careful out there. I did, however, swap t-shirts in the parking lot before heading out.

      • Nevada has CCW permits linked to DL and registration.
        Dispatch routinely notify deputies and troopers of that.

      • North Carolina has your DL number on the CCP. Notification of law enforcement is required in “official” interactions. We were told in class that in a traffic stop the officer will be aware of your CCP and will expect to be notified, regardless of whether you are carrying or not. We were told to say “NC law says I am required to inform you…”
        I got stopped for expired registration (we had misplaced the renewal notice). Upon handing the deputy my license and notifying him I had a CCP, he asked “Where is it?”, and I pointed at the card in my wallet; “It’s right here.” I guess once we got that straightened out he decided I was a harmless simpleton. I still got a ticket.

  3. I have CCW for US & territories (including NY, NJ, CA, etc.) and that notwithstanding I keep it all down low. I heard that CA Highway Patrol randomly searched cars with AZ plates westbound on I-8 for weapons. I rarely go that way.

  4. Here in Texas, LE can associate your CCW permit with your driver’s license. I don’t know if this data is passed to out of state LE.

    • You have to make a special request on your MDT to get out-of-state information, but if it’s available in Texas, the CCW information is available outside of Texas.

      • Which is the very reason I refuse to get a CCW. Because the records are accessible by government agencies which means that some leftist badthinker who has a friend in the local comm-center can access all that information.

        Constitutional Carry is what I hope and pray comes to Florida.

        A right that you have to pay a fee for isn’t a right.

    • I used to live in Ohio; they link CCW info to your license and other states can see it. There are jurisdictions in Maryland that have used it as a justification to pull over Ohio cars and search them, based on the assumption that if they have a CCW, they must have a gun with them.
      I’ve heard they do the same to Florida also.
      While I used to live in Maryland, I have avoided it for this and several other reasons.

      • Thanks for the information. Elegant proof for not applying for a CCW. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

        I wonder if the backlash that is coming will lead to more constitutional carry states where a CCW is moot?

      • Yes, before entering Maryland, stop, unload, lock arms in lockbox, lock ammo away separately. Transit state, stop, return to normal. We haven’t made that trek in years. I would have to review detailed rules before making the trip again.

  5. Define “comfortable”.
    Despite the ambiguity, I’ll toss out $150k USD for a family of four to live “decently” in East Massholia. “Comfortably” is probably north of $200k. Much of the expense for “decent” (or better) is the cost of housing, either rent or own, in a deplorably non-diverse town. I’d add that towns with lots of East Asians (e.g. Lexington, MA) are NOT diverse. Only Negros or nontrivially melaninated mystery meat count toward diversity.

    • The comfortable factor in starting out with 4 people with no home equity – moving and buying changes the bottom line drastically. It makes that number somewhat elusive. The price of real estate has been spiraling up to the point that new home buyers are having a real struggle finding the right house and paying for it. Those who can ride the bubble have it easier and the comfortable number is lower.

  6. Hmmm, here in Eastern Washington, I think it would take on the order of $150K to reach comfortable for a family of four, housing is out of sight price wise with food and fuel rapidly climbing as well. If you throw in private schools for the kids kick that number up to $200K

    I would not go to New York or New Jersey on a bet but then I don’t have to travel for work anymore and there are plenty of things around the country to see besides the museums and battlefields in those two state.

  7. Adding more screws the 2A coffin I see, rats at every level being protected by taxpayer paid private security while they believe we should pay through the nose for ours…when seconds count and LE is minutes or hours away. The scumbag Dem’s are subverting the Constitution at every turn, which brings to mind Ross’s Unintended Consequences each time I read about another firearm tax on top of created out of thin air imposed license & registration “fees”, variable state rules that only an idiot savant could keep straight. And now, a database of confiscated private information in the hands of the BATF (who should be disbanded). More tyranny designed to do the 2A end-around and create the ability for those who are required to represent us to flip that on its head and return us to the very reason our ancestors left England in the first place.

    I’ll stop there….really frosts my shorts.

    Comfortable income for our semi-rural ranch location? Around the early ‘70’s my parents (dad working of course, mom as the homemaker) made somewhere around $24k a year. Might have been a little more. It was a good living. Nice home on acreage, cheap mortgage, and all six of us never went without. We took vacations, Scouting on the weekends, helped others, decent cars, public country club in the Summer, and plenty of food in the house for those of us with hollow legs. Today, that’s somewhere in the vicinity of $128k-$145k. Here…now, and not 2019…and depending on lifestyle, about $85k-$100k for four.

    • Paul M

      Well said re the 2A. I usually stay silent on it in forms like this because what is going on now makes me so disgusted I become intelligible.

      • forums not “forms. See what I mean about intelligible ;-). Just thinking about it and my blood pressure goes up.

        • The entire mess we find ourselves is mind boggling, I don’t need to ask anyones permission for a Constitutional Right or Freedom.

          • PaulM, it’s interesting to note that the taxes imposed by King George III and Lord North had unintended consequences – they lost a continent.

          • True! At least here half of us are self-sufficient rural types who carry a pocket Constitution and understand what’s contained therein.

  8. Comfortable requires your definition of what comfort is. Basic shelter, food, medical, minimal travel, utilities and some luxuries? Wife and I can and have been doing it on less than $42K. Now that she’s got a pension coming in, we’re set, until the monetary collapse comes, of course.

    We have air conditioning, cable, internet, each have a computer, and we can do pretty much what we want within reason. Travel? Not so much, but then again, medical issues have stopped distance travel anyways.

    Heck, if we had $100K, we’d be rich. Rich I tell you.

    As to the 2nd Amendment here in Florida, yes, we have a good conservative governor and a reasonably conservativish legislature (except for those squishy RINOS from south Florida that kill Constitutional and Open Carry whenever they can, the rat bastards) but our agricultural commissioner is a fracking leftist who hates big agriculture and ran on ‘free the weed’ and ‘pot agriculture’ and hasn’t done jack-shite about that since being elected, thank God. So what does that have to do with 2A? The FL Ag Commish is in charge of the CCW system, and there have been interesting ‘leaks’ of private not-to-be-shared information from the system. Seriously, we have a whackadoodle socialist scumbag in charge. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. But she has nice hooters…

    Maybe this year will be the year Open and Free Constitutional Carry finally gets passed in this state. Please, oh pretty please. I don’t want to be fingerprinted and have to take a class and have to register in order to fricking carry something that our founding fathers (nationally) and the state constitution (rewritten after ACW, of course) both said is a right given to us by God, and is above the power reach of any government.

    • I looked her up, your miss agricultural commisar and miss friend to dope-crazed fiends.
      nicole ‘nikki’ fried… a “Passionate Activist”.
      No reference to her rack.
      Prominent mention of ‘domestic-partner’, so good for her.
      I see ‘activist’ or ‘organizer’, I think BOLCHEVICS.
      I see BOLCHEVICS, I think ‘mass murderers’ and ‘crimes against humanity’.
      Weird how that works.
      Who names a child ‘fried’?
      Anything to do with ovens?
      No, wait, that would be ‘baked’.
      Irregardless, each situation is a slang for ‘intoxicated’:
      * “Oh, man, I am so totally fried!”
      * “I shouldn’t drive, I am unbelievably baked!”
      * “I ain’t moving, I am flat roasted!”
      * “Dave’s not here, man… check with nikki…”

  9. tptb are in a panic, to get the guns. batf is going to old ffl dealers and ones not actively selling guns and grabbing their records in an effort to locate as many as possible. i believe they plan a false flag to declare martial law and direct the army to pick up the guns. resistance will be “unpatriotic” and futile. good luck with that. besides, everybody i know of has a few guns “off the books”. now excuse me , i have to go warm up my backhoe.

    • Whatever happened to unlawful search and seizure (without probable cause). Gun ownership is none of the governments business.SSS.

      • Supreme Court rulings and case law. Chimel v. California :: 395 US 752 (1969) was expanded over time. The police still need a search warrant for a locked container in the trunk. They can seize the car and do an inventory search (outside of warrant requirement) and based on p/c can get a warrant for the locked container IF there is p/c.

  10. I bet the BATF database is gun related items as well as guns to have that many entries. I’ve seen discussions of how they plan to assume you own a certain gun based on buying ammo or accessories for it.
    As far as “comfortable”, it depends on what you include. I COULD live on less than $50k a year here, but I’d rather not…

    • I’ve read that it costs about 20% less to live in Arizona than to live in California. I think that’s true. State income tax, property tax, and other excise taxes alone account for very close to that number.

      BATFE runs those scenarios. If they applied them, the attrition that they experienced in Waco with the Branch Davidians (one large house/compound) when extrapolated out would mean that they would use up all the ATF guys in the first hamlet, far short of the first town. They could replenish them with gang thugs from the inner city, I guess, but most of those cats are too smart to become bullet sponges. They’ve been schooled in the gladiator academies that are Baltimore, DC, NY, LA, etc. In LA they were schooled by rooftop Koreans. They may take ATF gold, but I can’t see them assaulting fortified American homes. Rooftop Koreans x9.

      • Ammo sales are not tracked in Arizona.

        The Mexican drug cartels are shipping AK-47’s, ammo, RPG launchers, and rockets (various warheads) across the open Mex/US border. Unexpected consequences for Brandon. Those ammo and weapons transactions don’t pass through ATF either.

      • I’d be surprised the difference is only 20%, but most people think of the rich areas of CA, and I’m sure the average is not nearly as expensive.

        I’m surprised how expensive much of Nevada is…

        • It’s not about rich and poor areas, it’s just the taxes. A gallon of gasoline (unofficial survey) in CA is $1.20 more than AZ due to the excise tax on fuel. The price of homes varies in CA and AZ as well, so that’s not a fair litmus test. Food is about the same in both places. At the remote White Wolf Mine where I live you cook your own meal (or defrost it) because there is no place to go out. It keeps some of the costs down — but it’s not a fair comparison between CA and AZ.

  11. In the 00’s, it was announced in the newspaper that the CA government knew how many Utah CCW permits were issued to people in each CA county. (IIRC, my Silicon Valley county had 8k of Utah, and about 100 local) CA, of course, never honored anyone else’s permits. If I got stopped, the first question was: any guns?, and the officer knew about my Utah permit. They actually issued so many that most states decided to stop honoring non-resident permits.

  12. There was an incident some years back where a MD cop stopped a FL family on I-95 because his system told him that the husband had a FL CCW, and he expected to find a gun. Developed into a huge legal mess, as the cop was a major ass-wipe. I don’t recall the outcome.

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