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  1. 20 years in the legion and then you get your farm and a place in the reserves. It worked well for a few centuries.

    As far as I know we don't have an intact Eagle. C'mon, archeologists.

  2. No personal experience but have been told other ways of confirming kills exist.

  3. USUALLY (excluding Praetorians) army pensioners received land in regions that were not completely settled. They moved the old soldiers into areas to displace 'locals' who often resented being moved. The old soldiers were able fighters and formed militia style units who mopped up the angry locals. They had an admirable win-loss record and those areas in dispute were 'settled'. Often there was intermarriage with local girls. (they drove their enemies before them and heard the lamentation of the women…)

  4. There are other ways – and scalps don't tell you whether the previous owner was a shiia or a sunni

  5. You might want to read up on Anthony Poshepny's (aka Tony Po) work in Laos. I knew Tony and attended his funeral in San Francisco. He paid cash for ears but stopped the practice when "friendly" villages ended up earless.

  6. I wondered about that myself, but there was a system in the Roman Govt. and it did work over time.

  7. I love me my manly men, but that guy with the feathers creeps me out. It's too much. I'm just saying,

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