Do Androids catch Robotic Trout?

It’s time to work on the sequel to Red Mist. I realize that you haven’t read the science fiction novel yet but the sequel, Loki’s Fire, begs to be written.

ask yourself this:

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 

The short story by Philip K. Dick became Blade Runner.

In this open forum, I ask you to predict what the world will be like 12 months from now. Call it a digital time capsule if you will, where we can crack it open and look back.

What do you think we will find?

-Will Jo/Ho still be dottering about or will it just be Ho?

-Will you be more compliant, obeying your betters, wearing your mask and what plague variant will we be up to by then (well past Z?)? How many plague boosters will you have been injected with?

-Will the PRC have invaded Taiwan?

-Will the war on the weather be won?

The future has yet to be written but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun with it. Feel free to predict.


  1. In 12 months Harris the Heiress will have been replaced by Nasty Piglousy and Jilly will have assumed the position of veep. Jill despises Harris and is more mailable than the Giggler, who will replace (insert willing cabinet member here). Then the cameras will proudly shout “Finally! History is made as ‘Two Women Lead Our Country’!” During the 2022 SOTU broadcast. (The left is all about being “first” at anything, regardless of anyone’s qualifications.)

    In a recent passing comment, the Hubs told me we will have to quarantine for two weeks due to a visit from a family member who “may” have been exposed to the chinkypox. I flat-out informed him that I will not be kept prisoner and if he feels he needs to divorce me over that, so be it.

    Definitely, PRC will invade Taiwan.

    The climate change brouhaha will continue as scheduled until every dime has been stolen from taxpayers.

  2. According to the Prophesy of St. Peter of Townsend, we’ll be fighting in the streets, with our children at our feet, and the morals that they worship will be gone. And the men who spurred us on will sit in judgment of all wrong. They will decide and the shotgun shall sing unto us a new song, and we shall be grateful unto them. In sha’Allah.

    Then we will meet the new boss, who will conveniently be like unto the old boss.

  3. in 12 months…..the unvaxxed continue their fight for survival from the hills, hollows and sewers emerging only to steal food or ambush vaxxers in blue helmets. its a target rich environment. the population has been vastly reduced due to the emp strike by the chinese/iranian axis, who incidentally are the blue helmets, called in by el presidente pelosi after the natty guard failed to follow orders to shoot the unvaxxed. the army was called out but after much fanfare and a couple of “unfortunate incidents” they pulled back to their bases to wait it out. now el presidente rules from the forbidden city on the potomac, now a literal cesspool as all infrastructure has collapsed. their utopian dreams are dashed yet they keep klinging to their illusion of power. what’s that stench? oh, that’s progress.

  4. Biden will agree that the best is to stay away from any conflict with Russia and China, so there will be no conflict or war, just an administrative take-over involving what the Chinese will name a police operation to secure the people’s best interest.

    Immigration to the US will speed up and taxes in the US will increase to solve the root causes in Africa and other places the VP prioritize. There will also be a shift in the strategy so that people do not need to first go to the US border, now the US GOV will pick’em up and fly people directly from where they originate directly to US cities and release them. This will take place at an increasingly higher speed while US citizens, especially the white ones, must all be registered for the mandatory medical treatment and carry at least two masks outside their homes. Unless they do they will be fired and not be allowed to work in any government entity or BIG TECH company.

    All the jobs and positions will be substituted with people of color having a free choice opportunity to work where they like, but few will due to the increased fixed government salary they all receive.

    People having some value will start moving to states and cities where they think it is safe. This will the politicians in the White House name tax paradise or reservation for white people. Finally, the Democrats will admit that walls work when they build them around the tax paradises.

    Europe will be bankrupt due to all investments in green energy and the cost of electricity. Since all the industries are moved to China there is nothing left of value. The immigration from countries practicing Islam will speed up and change the demography in a few years. The leftist will tell we are now all equal, everyone is poor.

    • A concerted effort to harm white Americans and harm Europe? Tosh and piffle! It only LOOKS like the globalist shot callers have it out for whitey. Why nothing could be further from the truth. The globalists love ALL humanity and want nothing more than to heal all its boo-boos. (There is two-word term for this, but I will not culturally appropriate by using it.) You should ignore the following quotes from leading American intellectuals and media moguls as listed below. Surely they are isolated in their opinions and are merely misguided cranks.

      “The white race is the cancer of human history.” (1967)
      — A brilliant intellectual and social critic

      “When it comes to abolishing the white race, the task is not to win over more whites to oppose ‘racism’ […] the task is to gather together a minority determined to make it impossible for anyone to be white. It is a strategy of creative provocation…” (1997)
      — Historian and Professor at Massachusetts College of Art (deceased); also known for the quote “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity”.

      “You’re on the endangered list. And unlike, say the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving. In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around.” (2015)
      — A white (mostly) activist

      “If white men were not complaining, it would be an indication that we weren’t succeeding, and making the inroads that we are.” (undated)
      –then NY Times owner

  5. The “Great Reset” will continue at a pace that is calibrated to keep the herd bitching but not so angry as to take up arms. The manipulators are damn good. From Obama’a “Fundamental Change” to the current face diaper b.s., it is all going forward.

    Would you comment on the turmoil in ocean shipping? Seems China has put the brakes on, blaming their virus. From what I read, if a ship has been in an Indian port, the Chinese won’t allow it to load in China. Perhaps other countries but I can’t find out that information. Rather than Formosa, will China go to war with India?

    This brings up another question. Is China part of the “Great Reset”?

    • FWIW, I agree with LL that Sino-Indian relations are worse than necessary because the Chinese despise Indians. (Don’t worry, the Indians despise the Chinese right back. They’re just better at being sneaky shits to your face while plotting against you.)

      The Taiwan and India situations are not at all comparable. India is a rival, even if they are “wretched turban-wearing monkeys”. Taiwan is important partly for its intellectual capital (and the physical capital of TSMC, which makes a gigantic proportion of integrated circuits for the entire world, for that matter), but mostly because “returning the rebellious province to the fold” would be a HUGE political feather in the cap of any PRC leader who was able to take Taiwan reasonably intact.

      No, China is not part of the Great Reset for several reasons. One is that the Chinese are almost as racist (ethno-ist, really) as the people who pull the strings in the West and refuse to play along with much of the madness being used to destroy our society. Chinese identity is nearly as continuously long as that of the string pullers, and the Chinese have had their own physical homeland the whole time. The Chinese have little empathy for non-Han, and thus are not susceptible to many of the methods which the string pullers have used to make themselves immune to commentary and critical observation. Out-group empathy (which is a symptom or legacy of Christianity, albeit perhaps imperfectly interpreted or practiced Christianity — there are many on this blog who are far more qualified on the subject than I) may well be the primary neuroprogamming “glitch” exploited by our enemies to bring about the on-going death of the West.

      In darker moments, I think that the West (or rather the lurching corpse of the West, worn as a skinsuit by globalist string pullers) and China will destroy each other economically and politically (direct military action is not ruled out either). India, being in many ways inferior to both the West and China, will end up presiding over the ruins of both. But then I am reminded that cockroaches will eventually preside over the ruins of all of us, Westerners, Chinese, and Indians. Make of that what you will.

  6. People online will continue to bluster and threaten, calling for action that they will never participate in. Remember the person who demands action most stridently is stazi, especially if they offer support or supply from “a friend “.
    Those who take independent action will be singled out and made examples of (oh wait, that’s already happened) equal justice under law is a quaint relic
    China will continue to buy and/or take strategic land here and abroad.
    At some point we will realize they are playing GO, for keeps.

  7. Biden’s taxidermied corpse will be still ‘president’ until 1 minute after the 2 year mark expires, then whomever is the VP will take over, and have the ability of 2 full terms after Biden’s term is fully expired.

    That is, if any of it is still going on. With the recent revelations that the FedGov is requiring vaccine proof or loss of job for fed workers, and the coming enforced vaccination of all DOD personnel and their families, that may be an overeach too far.

    Hell, I can’t predict what’s gonna happen next month, as things keep spiraling down faster and deeper than even pessimistic me can dream up. Seriously, at this point, pinpoint nuclear strikes on Washington DC, LA, NYC, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston and New Orleans (sorry, Murphy) and some other assorted cities like Denver, Detroit, yada yada might be a good thing.

  8. To many variables floating around to make predictions today. The wrong butterfly may flap it’s wings.

  9. Bacon prices will increase by another 20%. Except in California, where it will be so expensive you’ll see “Bacon Leg Bob” make his best Smokey and the Bandit imitation when he and a couragous group of millenials band together to bring the best bacon in the East across the Sierra Nevada to feed the hunger of the aging OK Boomers still resident in the Coastal Plain. Just kidding. Except for the bacon prices, they’ll probably be worse.

  10. Pretty much +1 to all above Commenters, to which I will add my own screed:

    While God is the only one who can see around corners, reading the tea leaves and daily Bravo Sierra by anyone in a seat-o-power, it’s not looking good for productive and moral Americans.

    Us? Predicated on the belief that apparently PRIVATE ROAD signage means nothing to a certain segment of the General Public, we will have upgraded the Driveway Entry to include an actual gate with early warning detection…and possibly a Hydra-6 mounted on the rocks above for good measure, if I can find one on eBay for a halfway decent price.

    Too much?

    Do I sound paranoid?

    I’m not. But the trust level for anyone not inside my circle is in the tank. Scum can only do what scum knows…it’s like wrestling with a pig (ill-advised).

    I suspect the Left will carry on in full press until the mid-terms when the Dem’s steal that election as well (already working their snake-oil to a fever pitch as we speak)…thereafter lawlessness and Isaiah 5:20 will be the norm, more so than now.

    Common sense and Liberty & Freedom as afforded all Americans must prevail. There may be a reckoning, and suspect the other side has no clue what Hell will be unleashed on them if they continue wrecking the best country on the planet, ever.

    Other than that, should be a good year.

  11. Have no idea what may happen except it will get worse and the Marxists will be in the streets again in the form of BLM/ANTIFA. And i do not think they will have free reign to do as they please. There will be an answer and I dont think it will be from the law.

  12. This past Sunday I was actually listening to the sermon and it was depressing to say the least. The preacher was reading a letter written by an Archbishop named Socrates from somewhere around the Manila area and the message was simple, “Is it over?” At the end of the letter, he said that yes, time has already run out and you only have to open your eyes to see. Almost sounded like a goodbye.

  13. a)
    We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon.
    Mysteriously, goofballs are suiciding by the hundreds.
    Some from self-decapitation, but as nooses are gaining in popularity, the shortage of sturdy boxes and short stools becomes apparent.
    Accordingly, survivalists engage in a hurried ‘second-income stream’ ‘cottage industry’ to keep pace with the growing demand, many going ‘the extra mile’ by helpfully delivering the highly-sought accessories directly to ‘homeless encampments’ to help support the new fad!
    Simultaneously, rats and la cuca racha are engaging in ‘buffet’ competitions.
    Consequently, recycling of the formerly ‘mobile storage-units’ of ‘marination’ and opiates is creating a ‘super-spreader’ event, while OfficialsAndAuthorities scribble dozens of fresh new ‘law’ prohibiting the use of over-size ‘combat-boots’ used by those in the know as the ‘one sure way’ to counter the menace!
    Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
    Always the trend-setters, the Musk/Tesla Brigades are the first to informally transition from rolls of ‘bathroom tissue’ to stacks of ‘small used bills’ obtained from preppers eager to purchase silver and gold ‘as a hedge against inflation’.
    Among their press-release flurry, we learn a little known yet well-hidden fact:
    * used currency is preferred for its softness
    Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
    With only moments to spare, a suddenly-lucid Glorious Leader chinesium joe biden issues a ‘line in the sand’ dictate to his former chums in the recently-toppled chinese regime… “No more cheap junk!” he was heard to grumble as yet another gilded pen crumbled during the signing of an Executive Order requiring (or taxing, or maybe prohibiting… we have to read it to find out) something of vital importance to National Security.
    Speaking on conditions of anonymity, Administration insiders report an astonishing recovery by the ‘big guy behind the desk’.
    In related news, First Son hunter biden, known for his astute prophetic predictions on the state of TheEconomy©, joined the Administration as head of the newly-created Cabinet-level department of TheBureauOfJustifyingOurExistence.
    Unfortunately today, Administration insiders — speaking on conditions of anonymity — leaked the sad news of the passing of Senior Stateswoman nancy pelosi after she was rumored to be on the verge of releasing a twelve-hundred volume report concerning the decades-long investigations into allegations of ‘improprieties’ by what some are now calling the ‘clintonCrimeSyndicate’.
    Spokes-models for the late Senior Stateswoman — speaking on conditions of anonymity — expressed concern about the allegations of the allegations, shrugging while patting their pockets in a “haven’t seen anything like that around here” pantomime, clearly establishing the futility of ‘questioning the narrative’.
    You probably saw that one coming.

    As TheMarket© soars to new heights, investors were quick to capitalize on extensive profit-taking as a result of a fresh infusion of Quantum Easing, the third this quarter.
    As the clock ticked toward closing on the volitalized Floor©, vested sellers could be seen wringing their hands, mumbling as they walked tiny circles, woefully melancholy about their lack of inventory.
    In related news, First Son hunter biden, now seen as a crusader against unconscionable quiet on TheFloor©, offered to preside as arbitrator to help regain ‘an even keel’, and prevent a disastrous repeat of the 2021-29 spending spree among investors.
    In a flurry of press-release splendor, alert spokes-models for the clintonCrimeSyndicate — speaking on conditions of anonymity — condemned the move, asserting “…get that goofball a short stool…” while some industry insiders claim they witnessed a slithering tongue on the former Secretary Of State darting out to sample the air prior to swallowing a snack of rat fresh from an Oregon buffet.
    Revealing videos of TheFormerFirstLady© are available at the check-out stands to your left.

  14. In 12 months Biden will be gone. Harris will be President.
    China has no need to invade Taiwan. They put out some extensive minefields in the South China Sea and around Taiwan, declare a blockade and simply bring the island to its knees without firing more than a handful of shots.
    We’ll be on our 9th wave of a fake plague and the lockdowns will continue. School teacher unions will forbid public schools from opening and the CDC in Atlanta will be burned to the ground by outraged mobs when the public finds out the vaccines are actually worse than useless.

  15. +1 for Curtis.
    Why invade an enemy if you can just lay siege and starve them out?
    No collateral damage to worker bees and productive infrastructure.
    MAYBE draw the US into the conflict and waste assets (troops) and equipment?
    Not cost effective.
    The only reason I can see for China to engage in contested amphibious landings on Taiwan is to use it as a training exercise for when they take Australia.

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