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This is the Ceiling Fan Tour as requested. I like unique ceiling fans. I have no interest in the cookie cutter fans that they sell at Home Depot or Lowes. There is no character, no je ne sais quoi in the design of normal ceiling fans and you won’t find them in my manse.

I’ve been through different design periods. In one, the place looked a bit like the Imperial War Museum…a bit over the top even for me. A friend said that I was building a shrine to myself. He was right, so I disassembled that and moved on.

The Front Room/Parlor. It’s “L-shaped” and it requires two photos to cover it.  If you look up there is a massive and very cool 8 bladed fan. The ceiling for this room is 22 feet overhead, which allowed me to drop a fan on a 6 foot pole to a point mid-ceiling. Check it out.
The balcony visible to the right is off the master ‘badroom’
The Family Room – The photo (below) covers about half of it. I have two matching fans. This is the photo of one taken from a point where I’m standing under the other.
I’m not going to shutterbug this thing to death but the rooms are “open concept”, which means that there is a 12 foot opening that leads from the parlor/front room into the family room and that connects with the kitchen. 
The Den has a counter-rotating fan:
It does a remarkably good job moving a lot of hot air that is generated in the den…I have no idea what the source of the hot air in my den is.
There are more fans in the bedrooms, etc. but you are likely bored to tears by now.

21 thoughts on “Ceiling Fans

  1. Enough about ceiling fans. Let's hear all about those great book end collections of yours.

    Just FYI, I am of more practical stock than you, LL, and find that the Lowe's and Home Depot units move just as much (or perhaps more) air around than some of those fancy schmancy units. Then again, my PJ's are solid colors, with no patterns whatsoever, what do I know…

  2. Slaves with peacock and ostrich fans move air too but that is not politically correct these days. It's simply the STYLE in which the air is moved that matters to me. I also have two of the Dyson tower fans (bladeless) ( dyson.com/fans-and-heaters/cooling-fans.aspx) that I use to move from place to place as floor units. Since they are bladeless the grandkids and pets aren't injured and they too move air with a great deal of style.

    Old oscillating fans do a good enough job if all one needs is air movement.

  3. The fans look neat. I use an old oscillating fan from time to time, which seems to work.

    But maybe you need to get a bit more "tech" and just have a few hovering drones. You could move them around as per need, or just for fun; and they could attack boring guests.

  4. Very cool fans, LL. In our present home we are relegated to ugly box window fans.

  5. Where can I get the slave/peacock feather model? With good looking female slaves, those units equipped with ugly slaves will simply not do.

  6. Naturally, fan slaves must be female, beautiful, and must be willing wear the appropriate slave attire.

  7. Hovering drones kick out a lot of air. They would need to have a power tether to stay aloft as long as desired.

  8. That last fan is especially cool.
    I went off the beaten path with the two I installed in the main living areas, but nothing as high end as what you have here! Quite nice.

  9. It's not a Hampton Bay. I think that Hampton Bay knocked the idea off. However, yes, it's cool.

  10. They are useful decorations that add some distinctiveness.

    No, they're not as good as slave girls in skimpy outfits with ostrich fans, but they are the next best thing.

  11. scantily clad slaves are definitely higher end than the mechanical variety… but still, you're doing alright over there. suffering hardship, but at least with some air movement and an ocean nearby.

  12. Keeping in mind that I'm a ceiling fan aficionado… for me, the idea isn't so much spending a lot of money as buying something that's more unique. For example, I like the idea of this craftmade fan: houzz.com/photos/9018044/Craftmade-BW321SS3-21-Rotating-Cage-Ceiling-Fan-transitional-ceiling-fans

    You can put it in a corner area to cover a room or to cover a specific area of a room. It's not uber expensive, but it has that unique twist on an age old concept. If I wasn't planning on selling the house I'm in, I think that I'd add this one to the reading area in the master badroom. It makes no sense to add fans to a place you're not going to keep.

  13. I don't do pinterest, but I do houzz, and it's equally as dangerous. Very cool cage fan.

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