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Bullet Points: 

* (NPR – your tax dollars at work) Why Is NPR Promoting Teaching Children How To Give Oral Sex? Taxpayer-supported public radio continues to gaslight listeners about queer dirty books in school libraries.

* January 6 – I wish that it was satire. I really do.

* From American Thinker – House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy told Breitbart News that as speaker of the House he would strip Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) of their assignments on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) of her committee assignment on the House Foreign Affairs Committee…”if Eric Swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the private sector, there is no reason why he should be given one to be on Intel or Homeland Security. He will not be serving there.”

* Demand: “If you can’t find a place on your blog for Patrick Stewart in a bathtub dressed like a lobster, then your blog probably doesn’t deserve patronage.”

Reply: Ok, ask and ye shall receive. Sometimes this blog’s readers are downright pushy and demanding.

* I draw my water from a well, so in a sense, this does not impact me personally. There has been a movement to stop fluoridating water. I didn’t know where I stood on it until now that the tranny admiral blocked the release of a study.

* The B-52 – Rolls-Royce and Boeing are working on a major upgrade to the service’s fleet of 76 Cold War-era B-52 Stratofortresses that will give them a new slate of F130 engines and keep them flying into the 2050s, alongside at least 100 B-21s.

It’s really not your grandpa’s B-52 even if he flew in the same airframe.

* Americans are extremely concerned about the direction of the nation under President Joe Biden in 2023, according to a Sunday CBS News/YouGov poll.

Seventy-one percent of Americans stated they feel either “scared” or “angry” about the direction of the country in 2023. Forty-nine percent said they feel “scared,” while 22 percent said they are “angry.” Only 11 percent said they were “excited” about it in 2023.




47 thoughts on “Clown World

  1. I’m sure the FDA-to-industry moves are just coincidences. Thinking otherwise is doubtless deplorably anti-something or other.

    Patrick Stewart is no Top Lobster. He is however dressed as a COOKED lobster.

    1. Of course, they’re coincidences. What else could they be? Even suggesting nefarious conduct is racist.

      Patrick Stewart is an actor – and I think he’s a good one. His opinions outside of reading what others wrote are not worth consideration. That’s about as charitable as I’m prepared to be.

  2. Liked Instapundit’s idea to create a revolving-door tax on politicians/bureaucrats switching over to companies they regulated. We could tax any amount over what they officially earned at a rate of 100% for their new job over several years – how does the first five or six years sound?

  3. Read the article on the re-engining of the B-52. They are expecting another 30 years of service from the remaining aircraft. The design will be almost 100 years old if that comes to pass. The C-130 is falling into the same category.

    As to fluoridation in the water, we don’t have to worry as our well water is naturally fluoridated.

      1. The same can be said for classic car designs. There is something intensely appealing about the 1968 Chevrolet Camero, for example. My son-in-law encourages me to buy one. Yeah, $190K. No time soon. But they are fetching to my eye. So does the 4-door Legacy Dodge Power Wagon but at $500K, it’s simply not worth the scratch.

  4. B-52 Grand old lay. I was told by a Boeing engineer that the BUFF was the last airplane that was designed with a slide rule instead of computers. Since they could not carry out calculations to the umpteenth decimal point they overbuilt everything. If true and I have no reason to doubt the guy that certainly contributed to its longevity but glad it is getting new engines.

    An actors job is to deceive people into believing he/she/they/them (whatever) is someone else and to believe what they say. Bearing that in mind why does anybody listen to them? Patrick Stewart is a good actor but that is it.

    FDA- Congress and OPM allowed the FDA to be structured this way and also allowed the FDA personnel to collect incentive payments for certain drugs. That should be on the long list of things that Speaker McCarthy should be looking into. I am happy to see that Schiff is getting the boot.

    1. You can actually get pretty darn accurate with slide rules. The decision to overbuild everything is why the fuselage and wings will last for a century, even though they need new engines and avionics to do so.

      1. A retired Boeing engineer acquaintance carried a slide rule nearly the size of a mandolin in a belt holster. He started with the B-47 and ended with the 777. Slide rule to CadCam and enjoyed freaking out the green peas.

  5. in re Rachel/Richard Levine, MD:
    does he/she/whatever have the G-d-given/governmental right to limit information that should be readily available
    The fluoridation of drinking water is a method of assuring all citizens (actually best for pregnant women during the period that teeth are forming in the fetus) receive a (proper?) dose of the floride that will replace the hydroxyl ion in hydroxy-apatite, the major mineral in dental enamel; fluor-apatite being far more resistant to caries than hydroxy-apatite. (the embyology of tooth formation is readily available for study).
    I, as a conservative and a dentist (retired, Thank G-d), am of two (or more) minds on this issue.
    There is no question that it does reduce caries, limiting a dentist’s most productive income: fillings.
    I’m not certain that it is Government’s business to fluoridate (add what is essentially in higher dosages a neuro-toxic, rat poison to) the general water supply, just as I am not certain that it is the Government’s business to mandate any vaccination save where it falls within “the general weal” of Article I, Section 8 or (as I feel) is it a personal matter that a pregnant woman should discuss wiith her obstetrician and dentist like supplemental vitamins and the highly constipating iron.
    Or is it deleterious, does additional fluoride cause “brittle (more easily breakable) bones” in the geriatric population reducing its overall, long-term efficiency?

    1. Maybe low-dose pills people would benefit from and don’t add it to the water supply. Many people benefit from B, C, & D vitamins but to my knowledge, they’re not added to drinking water.

    2. What other medicines are dosed as ‘drink all you want’ to the entire population? Any bets about whether that medical research reproduces?

  6. As other have said, Stewart is a solid actor…however, 98% of them are weird, hence why they are actors.

    I’m pretty sure Shakespeare’s line originally went: “First thing we do is kill all the lawyers and lobbyists” but scratched the latter for better poetic flow. I say it’s past time to ban all lobbyists, who are nothing but paid for hire cheats greasing the grifter skids… like WD-40 only more fishy. Shut down the K Street pipeline into Congress, which/may/should have the benefit of forcing the Federal Gov’t to rethink it’s importance. Oh, then jail the bums who committed crimes, starting with Mr. Atomic Fireball Fauci.

    I’d like to see what percentage of that 71% cast their vote for Pedo Joe, then, if given the opportunity, look them straight in the eye and point out their overt foolishness and that “one cannot be a victim of something they have directly caused” therefore have no business complaining or lamenting the state of affairs they themselves created.

    The Kev sounds good now, but it’s the long game truth I want to see. Talk is cheap, especially with those with really opulent indoor pools.

    Well water here. 600ft for more in pipe static storage (vs. cistern), then hit another vein to help the recovery. 120 ft of the hardest granite he’d ever drilled. Water in this area is an elixir, just the right mineral content without be hard, almost better than Aakavit.

    1. Reading the description of your well made me thankful for my 164 ft deep, water level at 116 ft and, when it was tested. 33 gallons per minute. Don’t think it pumps that much now but I can run 7 each 3 gallon per minute sprinkler heads so it is at least 21 gal per minute.

      Not granite here thank goodness just a lot of lava and some pretty stubborn basalt.

      I have been thinking of a cistern but it would be for firefighting use just in case some idjut sets the woods on fire.

      1. A firefighting water system (with a heater to keep the cistern from freezing and bursting) is always a good plan.

        1. Nice flow, we’re about 8gpm at drill time 20 years ago, probably up to 10 with use, which is a good number for here.

          We have a homemade firefighting trailer with pump and hose, and backup power if we want to pull from the house spigot and hydrants, but a 5 or 10k buried tank os always a good idea in fire prone areas.

      1. By prescription because only they speak “lawyer”.

        A smart person once told me: “Lawyers define the world in their terms then argue forever of the meaning of those terms.”

        A joke but truth: One lawyer in town is poor, two lawyers in town are wealthy. (while fighting in court like rabid dogs over a piece of carrion, afterwards together having a good laugh at lunch.)

  7. The 11 percent that are excited about how your country is moving (forward) in 2023 are the ones staring at the top lobster in the bath.

    1. “Seventy-one percent of Americans stated they feel either “scared” or “angry” about the direction of the country in 2023. ”
      Yet they narrowly elected to continued down a path of destruction in the last election.
      Weird, huh?

      1. Pedo is said to have received 81 million votes – the most popular president in American history?

        81 million votes from how many voters?

        1. LL, we’re all 12 year-old boys inside, clownishness is built into the DNA…which explains a lot.

      1. Knew a guy in the SCA whose shield bore the logo “I hate clowns”. Which was odd, as he was a bit of a clown himself 🙂

        1. Some people fear clowns.

          I think that Stephen King does because he wrote IT. Who didn’t love Pennywise the clown in that story?

  8. BUFFS and DC-3s will STILL be flying when we land on Mars… sigh… Re firefighting, friends have 1000-5000 gallon cisterns for just that purpose. Dropped their insurance considerably (they are also in a remote area).

    1. You need both the cisterns and effective monitors to put the water where you want it. In cold weather, they can freeze up if you don’t do it right. I’m not saying that wildfires are likely in freezing conditions but if you are doing it, you should do it right.

  9. It was 50 years and a couple weeks ago Nixon sent the B-52’s up north. I later had occasion to discuss this with an NVA orificer. He said the very last raid almost got him and he was visibly shaken merely relating the experience.

    1. Arclight is no small thing.

      In Lebanon — the USS New Jersey pumped 16″ HE low air burst into the Bekaa Valley a LONG time ago and it did get their attention. They speak of it to this day.

      The Taliban learned what JDAMs can do… lots of stories.

  10. BUFF is also getting the AN/APG-79 radar and new cockpit avionics. Pretty sweet.


    1. I think that they photographed it in a way to minimize that. Or they drained 10 pounds of puss out of it. Difficult to say.

      1. Regardless, that guy is a weird looking dude. Might have something to do with living off your parents until you’re fifty.

        1. It’s one of those things that makes him relatable to many democrat voters – no job, sponging off parents, inability to articulate speech, being a drooling moron. He fits right in with the US Senate.

          1. Hadn’t looked at that angle…the losers and lazy are his peeps. Makes sense now. Thing is, most rural folks are not stupid (a lot are, but percentage-wise are far less than Urbanite’s smoking dope all day.)

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