Freaky Friday

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Things are getting WEIRD

The coyote caught the road runner.

This Place is Going to the Wolves

Life on the Mogollon Rim is not heavily impacted by the Chinese Plague. Older people who have medical conditions, compromised immune systems and pulmonary distress are rightfully concerned.
I’ve heard that off the rim, there are food banks that are empty and there will be a White Wolf Mine charitable food run to Costco to buy flats of canned goods next week. I’ve heard that they open early on Tuesday and Thursday for the over sixty crowd, so I’ll do it then. St. Vincent de Paul in Payson is in need of everything that they can get, and I’m sure that we won’t put much of a dent in the need, but one does what one can.
Meanwhile the bears are emerging from hibernation and I’ve been told that they’re going to be extra hungry. There are no food banks for bears unless you count the trash at the White Wolf Mine….back to the summer (bear) protocols. Eventually the campers and vacationers will return to the mountains and THEY can feed the bears.
Planned Parenthood

I care what you think about abortion. I really do. But irrespective of your position on killing the unborn for fun and profit, Planned Parenthood stands out as a laundering scheme for the Democrat Party.

Once politicians figured out that they could bribe voters with their own tax dollars, things became even more sophisticated.

The same can be said for a lot of the pork in the $2 trillion in “stimulus” or whatever it’s now being called. What an opportunity to add to the national debt while buying loyalty with tax dollars (on both sides).

Enjoy your free cheese.

Parting Thought

23 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. Haha! Hubby hates when duct tape is my go to; but I agree. Would never put it there!

    I see subsistence hunters eating bear. Have you ever tried it?

    A blessed weekend, LL.

  2. Bear meat is very very greasy and has a smell that I find mildly offensive. Of course, the smell may have to do with the bear's diet. They eat a lot of carrion. They also eat berries, and such, and honey when they can get it.

    1. My Physical Therapist and I were talking about hunting yesterday, and he’s had bear meat.

      He said he’d have to be pretty desperate to eat it again.

      His German Shepard, who he says will normally eat just about anything, walked up to his dish with the bear meat in it, sniffed it, gave him a dirty look, and walked away from it.

      Must not be very good if a dog won’t touch it…..

      1. That is my reaction as well. As a test of manhood, Yes, I guess. I’ve eaten worse in Asia in “dick measuring contests” to show who has what it takes to do stupid stuff – but that was in my youth. Even crows shy away from a dead bear.

  3. – Musta been a liberal roadrunner holding up a "Coyote Free Zone" sign.

    – God Bless you for "Loving your neighbor…" It is in the humble giving that matters to God.

    – PP: Evil-doers fostered by the Federal funding machine for their evil-doing. Nuf said.

    – Duct Tape: OKAY, but that's the ONLY non-use…no, wait, it does have a smooth side. (AND it's correctly installed on the TP holder, altho, better hope it's screwed into studs.)

  4. "I've heard that they open early on Tuesday and Thursday for the over sixty crowd, so I'll do it then."

    NO, NO, NO!!!

    Trust me on this!

    I'll be going next Monday morning instead.

  5. PP is a loathsome outfit regardless of where you may stand on the issue. I recall how some years back Susan G Komen attempted to curtail funds to them and PP bullied them into paying them. They have no need of taxpayer funding and should be able to subsist on contributions.

  6. The wolves native (commonly called Mexican wolves) to your area seem to be making a comeback. Hope so, there are people hell bent on introducing wolves to Colorado. The ones once native to the area were similar to the ones in your area. The Canadian wolves are much bigger and, in Idaho's experience, destructive to elk.

  7. In my experience, having lived amongst large predators for an extensive part of my adult life, living with wolves, grizzlies, coastal brown bears (i.e. overgrown grizzlies!), black bears and cougars is a pain in the rear. Sounds great to city folks. Listening to a pack of wolves howl nearby as you slowly ski down a trail several miles from your truck in the middle of a snowstorm in the dark of an Alaskan afternoon will forever after color my opinion of wolves and what defines a "good wolf".

  8. The "best" bear meat is from a spring killed bear – fresh out of hibernation and still wearing a prime coat. Taken in the high valleys and having been foraging on greens. Fall bear – at least in SE Alaska have been feeding on salmon: nasty, rotting, dead salmon. I've never been hungry enough to want to try eating one of those bears.

  9. Exactly…plus, we already have wolves here and ranchers are telling the "re-introducer's" to go away (the polite version). Some people simply think they are entitled to meddle in others backyards.

  10. Gov Little (Idaho) just allocated 400K on Tuesday to kill the wolves. They've been a HUGE problem in Idaho.

  11. The people who want to "Bring The Wolves Back" need to read up on history, and why they were eradicated in the first place.

  12. The wolves in my area haven't been particularly destructive. They are not the larger Canadian wolves. I don't mind their howling at night.

  13. We have a lot more lions and bobcats in my area than wolves. Bears are more of a problem than the cats in my opinion in this area.

  14. "…campers and vacationers will return to the mountains and THEY can feed the bears."
    Ummmm…. will the bears find them nutricious?

  15. In ancient days "And henceforth to be treated as wolves are" was the final proscription in a sentence of exile.


  16. They leave food around camp, cook bacon and if you feed them, they will come. I think that the bears do find them delicious, but it creates a problem for the Forest Service that needs to clean up the mess, capture the bears, etc. Not really my problem.

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