Hell Froze Over

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This blog congratulates Donald J. Trump, President-Elect of the United States of America and Mike Pence, Vice President-elect on their victory.  Also the people who kept the faith and voted to make America great again.
I expect that there will be a lot of blood-letting in the ranks of the Democrat Party over the next several months. There is also reckoning for crimes that were committed that need to be addressed by the Justice Department – but that is for another day.
73 days to inauguration — anybody want to guess on cabinet positions? What is your dream team?

25 thoughts on “Hell Froze Over

  1. The blood-setting that should occur if there is any justice in America is within the mainstream media. These scuzzy 'journalists' used every dirty trick in the book to try and get the washed up old crone elected.

    Cabinet heavy weights will surely included Newt, John Bolton, Chris Christie, Rudy, Ben Carson, and maybe Tom Brady.

    On The Donald's shit list: Hillary Clinton, the MSM, Richard Trumka, Barry and Michelle Obama, this list is pretty long.

  2. Geez, I hate living in a friggin' blue state. But this still feels good. MAGA, bitchez!

  3. Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior?

    The MSM will justify themselves as they lay into Trump. It wasn't any different with Reagan.

  4. I was worried Idaho would do something stupid like a bunch of Ted Cruz write-ins, but they came to their senses. Even Minnesota was close.

  5. Most Coloradans used to be Californians, I am not shocked at how cobalt blue this once great state has now become.

    How about my northern neighbor, Wisconsin? I am so proud of those cheeseheads, I could just burst with pride that they finally pulled their heads out of, uh, …the sand.

  6. Good news/bad news from Colorado. Carpetbagger Bennett going back to the Senate for six more years. Mike Coffman, the VA Administrators' worse nightmare re-elected. Fredd is right, we've been Californicated.

    Trey Gowdy for AG?

  7. Palin might not be bad, but I'd like to see Santorum as minister of health and Marco Rubio in a position about social issues.

  8. …and I hope Rudy investigates and holds accountable the criminals in Fast and Furious and the IRS. A message needs to be sent that gov. employees are not above the law.

  9. I work up feeling better this morning. The media and the Democratis got it all wrong in every case. The women's vote, the GBLT vote, the Latino vote, and the great unwashed vote. The ignore the people who haven't voted in years, or the last election, as being non-voters. America saw through the bullshit. My pole center increased the registered voters by 200 and many crossing my station said this is their first election. I think, if Trump sticks to his promises, America can be great again. Time will tell.

  10. Wisconsin and Michigan did the right thing.

    I thought that you would have whipped IL into line. You didn't do any better than I did in California. We're both deplorables.

  11. Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani may end up with that job, but Gowdy would be excellent. Rudy would also be a very good Secretary of Homeland Security. What about Chris Christie? He's getting something. Maybe AG?

  12. I don't see Rubio in a Trump Administration. He just won re-election to the Senate. He'd really tick off the people in Florida if he resigned in 72 days from now.

  13. What about Sen. Jeff Sessions? Secretary of Defense? Gen Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor or as Director of National Intelligence?

  14. Well done DJT. Well done America. Result. But what's Podesta going to do? And "Mook" and the Djinn?

  15. Trump will be besieged with people who want something of him. And the loneliest job is command. It's not something that's unusual for him and I think that he'll be able to do what he needs to do.

  16. Podesta will have his network (other high priests of Baal) who may be able to steer him to his next scam. Or maybe he'll retire and tend roses?

    Mook will likely leave the US ahead of whatever legal trouble is brewing for him and become a bar steward in a gay knocking shop in Soho.

  17. I think Allen West might be good in a military leadership position.

    I'd like to know Trump's first pick for Supreme Court, though. I hope it is a Constitutional conservative.

  18. I heard some talk radio stuff today saying that Sessions would be a good AG, as he has a legal background.

    Oh, and Mr. Comey??


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