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Unclass is No-Class

Back when I fiddled with classified information, I was amazed at some things that were classified. I recall trying to order a ‘fastener, adjustable slide’ (zipper) only to learn that it had a classification not because it was other than an ordinary zipper, but because of what it zipped. I don’t dare say more.  Let your imagination run wild! I’m sure that there was a sole source contract and because of the provisions of the contract, the $.20 zipper cost the taxpayers $200.

It’s not the contractors that ripping the system off, either. Have you ever tried to navigate the TSA vendor requirements for an RFP? All the costs associated must be passed on or contractors go out of business. And you need the legs financially to wait for USGOV to pay.


  Bullet Points:

** Trump condemns double standard in contrast between low-key handling of Brandon retention of classified documents vs. FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago in his own official records case.

** The U.S. also said citizens should not visit Russia because of the “unpredictable consequences” of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. (Which American is dumb enough to visit Russia now?) To me, visiting Russia is akin to attending a conservative rally in DC – you’ll just end up in a drafty jail cell forever or until you die, whichever comes first.

** WASHINGTON ― The Pentagon’s international affairs chief said Friday that although Russia has lost tens of thousands of soldiers and likely half its main battle tanks in Ukraine, its forces are adapting and there are deep reserves of personnel.

“I think we need to be mindful that as Russia continues to suffer losses in Ukraine, it is learning how to adapt, it is learning tactically, operationally and somewhat strategically,” Celeste Wallander, the assistant defense secretary for international security affairs, said at a Center for a New American Security event.

** In Russia: A Russian general who was recently fired by Vladimir Putin has been found dead in a suspected suicide, though no note was left. Major General Vladimir Makarov, 67, was in charge of ‘combating extremism’ in Russia and was found shot dead on Monday morning. He reportedly led the hunting down and suppression of opponents of the Russian president, as well as journalists deemed hostile to the Kremlin.


The War, According to Milley

In prepared remarks following a recent meeting of NATO military leaders in Germany, Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pledged to help Ukraine “go on the offensive, to liberate Russian-occupied Ukraine.”

But when it came time for questions, the United States’ top military officer went off-script.

“I still maintain that for this year, it would be very, very difficult to militarily eject the Russian forces from every inch of Russian-occupied Ukraine,” Milley said. “That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. But it’d be very, very difficult.”

While Russia has taken heavy losses, Milley added, Ukraine “has also suffered tremendously” with “a significant amount of casualties.” Accordingly, he concluded, “this is going to have to get to a negotiating table at some point in order to bring this to a conclusion.”

In calling for diplomacy, Milley reiterated a position first made public in November, when he broke with other Biden administration principals to urge direct talks with Russia.

But more evidence continues to emerge that the US has not merely taken an “agnostic” view of negotiations, as the Washington Post put it last September, but has actively stopped it. In an interview with Israeli television, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett became the latest NATO-allied source to confirm that the US and its UK junior partner blocked a diplomatic settlement between Ukraine and Russia.

This endless war takes the place of the last endless war in Afghanistan.



When the replicator breaks…


Distribution of the Roman legions in the second century AD

16 thoughts on “Classless

  1. I had a trip planned to Irkutsk and then trans-Siberian rail to Vladivostok over Christmas of 2021 that got canceled because I underestimated how long the response to the WUFLU would be. Guess it will never happen now.

    1. You could possibly try. If you end up in a gulag, ask for a bed closest to the stove. WSF has been rehearsing his request. He may have insight.

      1. Sooner or later I might give it a whirl because I want to see Baikal. I could write The Gulag Archipelago Part Two. Make it worth while.

  2. We’re not going anywhere outside of a days driving. And now with Norway going ‘color woke’ we won’t go there even if the idiotic airlines change their mask and Woke hiring practices. Maybe it’s just me but I prefer pilots who can fly the aircraft regardless race or sex/gender.

    Millie needs one of those ‘Ugly Democrat’ masks, preferably a trash bag wrapped tight. Geez, no wonder our military is so out of whack and the Spy Balloonfest is, at best, nefarious.

  3. Milley
    Makes me want to puke every time I see his picture. The ultimate REMF. The only combat he ever saw was Panama.
    Awards and qualification tabs/badges not earned don’t cheapen the award, it cheapens the recipient. He is the cheapest.

    1. Yes he may be a REMF, but China loves him long time and that’s all that matters. I wonder if he has Fang-Fang closeted some place close to the Pentagon. She has experience with these things.

  4. totally 100% off-topic, for which I humbly apologize:
    I was hoping for some commentary about Smantha Power and her trip to Hungary.

    1. Not to overstep LL’s comment, but you prompted me to check as it seems the MSM ignores the backstory “work” going on that is ultimately detrimental as the Left steps in “to provide help” where none is requested or needed.

      She’s the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) (Geez, the titles these people conjure up), and is just another lefty married to a raging Lefty (Cass Sunstein), both associated with Obama in one form or another (that cul-de-sac “rinse and repeat” nepotism thing again).

      Article begins: “USAID Administrator comes to Budapest to ‘strengthen democratic institutions and civil society’. Uh-oh…It’s never a good thing when Samantha Power says she’s in town, and ready to help.”

      1. She’s doing everything by the book. “What Color is Your Revolution”. I remember when she voted the opposite of what Obama had instructed her while she was at the UN. He didn’t fire her, which says a lot about Barack.

    1. That’s a large ass that we’re talking about. A big, chairbound posterior. No, four or five of us acting in concert couldn’t toss that nearly as far as one of us could toss a dwarf.

      When drove through Lake Elsinore, CA recently, dwarf tossing was advertized on a billboard. I thought that had gone out of vogue. I guess it’s back in.

      1. Which is why trebuchets were invented. To hoist and loft a big chunk of biological or minerological material.

  5. Dealt with quite an amount of classified over my military time. Some of it was “Why is this classified?” and some of it was “Why the hell isn’t this classified?” sometimes you just can’t figure it out.

    Government contracting was my GS career. Every last requirement in the Federal Acquisition Regulations was directly derived from US Code. Congress is who is making things so convoluted. Convoluted requirements to a contractor is spelled expensive.

    Saw a picture of 5 star general Eisenhower with a grand total of, I believe, three ribbons on his dress uniform. I believe it was in his Wikipedia biography but can’t be sure. That says quite a bit in comparison to the host of fruit salad on Miley’s chest. Is he trying to follow after the North Koreans dress uniforms?

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