Happy Valentine’s Day

THIS was back in 2020 but you may be able to do it now too for Valentine’s Day.


Advice from 4500 years ago.


Bullet Points:

** Today marks a return to the White Wolf Mine, in the snow. The beaches are left behind as is warm weather. It happens like this in a familiar way, but it’s still challenging.

** The problem is not the lack of the means, it is the lack of political will to do as is needed. It is a matter of ostrich-like cowardice to face facts. If actions have little or no consequences, when you have given up control of your streets to thugs, you have ceded the power to control society and protect the lives and property of your citizens from criminals. Shame on you and shame on the voters who do not demand the protection and services they have a right to. You are enabling a culture of lawlessness and reaping the inevitable results.

** In Phoenix on Sunday…The NFL played two different “National Anthems”. Kari Lake refused to stand for the first one.

** In ANCIENT ROME – Parentalia: February 13-21
This festival honored the Di Manes. (The divine dead) The Manes are the spirits of the dead. They inhabit the underworld and occasionally visit the living. They had festivals to placate them: the Feralia, the Lemuria, and the Parentalia. It began at dawn on February 13th with private ceremonies and ended with the public Feralia on February 21st. During the Parentalia every temple was closed, marriages were forbidden to take place, magistrates were not allowed to wear anything signifying their office, and all Romans were expected to give offerings to the deceased at the necropolis located outside the city walls.

** What the f___ are you teaching them??!!!

“Project Baltimore found, in 23 Baltimore City schools, there were zero students who tested proficient in math. Not a single student.

“It just sounds like these schools, now, have turned into babysitters with no accountability,” said Patterson. “This is the future of our city. We’ve got to change this.” Among the list of 23 schools, there are 10 high schools, eight elementary schools, three Middle/High schools, and two Elementary/Middle schools.

(It’s racist to teach math…)


Green Energy

(American Thinker) The renewable energy fantasy goal is achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.  Carpet-bombing propaganda has convinced the public to accept the extravagant claim that technology currently exists to reach net zero carbon emissions.  Like carnival barkers, the net-zero fanatics say renewable energy is affordable, sustainable, scalable, and not an economy wrecker.

The goal is to create a first-generation green power grid relying on wind turbine farms, solar array farms, and power storage battery banks replacing fossil fuel and nuclear power plants.  In addition, the new power grid would power a global fleet of electric vehicles that would replace the internal combustion engine.

Western society has taken one hundred fifty years of progress to achieve a fantastically complex energy system using the dense source of cheap hydrocarbon energy, the master resource.  Yet the net zero devotees believe that the complex energy system can be dismantled with minimal disruption and replaced with a low-density renewable energy grid that is intermittent and non-scalable, in less than thirty years.

Well, I have horrible news for the devotees: the green energy fantasy collides with the laws of thermodynamics.  The Greenies never researched whether or not there are sufficient base and rare earth metals and adequate time to mine and build out the technologies to accomplish the net zero carbon 2050 target date.

Simon P. Michaux of the Geological Survey of Finland has compiled an exhaustive study dismantling the overly ambitious task of phasing out fossil fuels.  His comprehensive analysis focuses on the required physical material resources and the extraction timeframe to create renewable energy generation systems.  A PowerPoint summary of his thousand-page study can be downloaded heremore at American Thinker.


The Vax


The port of Brest, 1864, by Jules Noël (1810- ?)

General points of wind


Into the Wind/In the Eye of the Wind: The vessel is directly facing the wind (in the “eye of the wind”) and in the no go zone. The sail is luffed and provides no propulsive power. In this event, the ship is said to be “in irons” and risks losing its forward momentum, coming to a stop, and eventually being taken back by the wind (making sternway).

Close-Hauled/Beating: Vessels sailing as close as is feasibly possible to the wind without entering either side of the no go zone is said to be sailing “close-hauled.” For most fore-and-aft rigged vessels, this would be roughly 45 degrees into the wind. A vessel would also sail at this point prior to tacking (turning the bow through the wind). Being able to sail close-hauled and arrive at a certain point without having to tack is known as fetching.

Reaching: Sailing with the wind on the side of the vessel. A “beam reach” would be with the vessel’s hull perpendicular to the direction of the wind, as is depicted. A “close reach” would have the head of the vessel slightly into the wind, between close-hauled and beam reach.

Broad Reach: The wind is on either quarter of the vessel, but not directly astern.

Running Downwind/Before the Wind: The wind is coming from directly astern of the vessel.



We know rig or rigging in relation to the ship (not the oil rig). Here we know the cordage, masts, spars, and sails – everything that contributed to the movement of the ship. The actual arrangement of the rig would differ between ships, for instance, a square-rigged ship would have a completely different setup from a ship-rigged fore and aft.


Rigging of the Picton Castle

But the rig was also known for other things, namely the sailor’s clothing. The officers came with two different rigs, the dressed uniform and then the undressed uniform. The ordinary sailor, on the other hand, did not have his own uniform in the Royal Navy until 1857 and so the men had to acquire their own clothing. If the poor soul had also been pressed, he often had nothing more than what he wore on his body, so he still had to put together his rig. If he was lucky, he might be able to buy the clothes of a deceased comrade cheaply, but if he was unlucky, he had to buy them expensively from the purser or live with what he had. These were mostly, shoes, neckerchief, breeches, trousers, slops, stockings, shirt, waistcoat, a short jacket, and a hat. But it was often the case that some sailors kept a good rig for shore leave. They were then rigged out, i.e. in their best clothes.


“The sailor’s description of a chase & capture” by George Cruikshank, a print of 1822

Where the word rig comes from could have different origins. In old Anglo-Saxon wrigan – to clothe- or from Scandinavian rigga/rigge– to set up a horse. Middle English rig– to bind/wrap is also possible.



  1. If you named cockroach (roach not rat, a rat would have too much gravitas) after brandon, would you get a visit from the Secret Service or FBI?

    • Since Brandon’s own family calls him Pedo Joe, I can’t guess what they call Hunter – but cockroach would certainly fit. So you have to be careful about naming a rat before you feed it to a python. It could be construed as a crime against the state.

      • “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime” Lavrentiy Beria. Or maybe it was Robert Mueller, or perhaps the Jan 6 “committee.” All the news that fits, you know.

  2. Actions/consequences: Shooting at MSU in Lansing last night, 3 students dead and five in critical condition. Just now released the perp’s name (who shot himself). Guess the race? The self-congratulatory presser did not offer one answer as to the “why”, but they have been emphatic their will be ubiquitous “mental health resources” available. And why the FBI or call to the WH?

    When the facts come out we will discover this guy was known to police and being “watched”. Disgusting.

    Allow anarchy in the streets while releasing criminals on early parole or no bail and you get this sort of thing. Demand the removal of God from society and chaos ensues.

      • Everything is a distraction Operation. The train wreck in Ohio is a war zone with animals and people will perish (where’s PETA? A bunch of feckless twats). Yet…crickets. The useless EPA has made matters worse (same ones who unleashed a toxic torrent into the Animas river without consequence.) And where’s FEMA?

        Now this unprovoked murderous act? We’re expendable to these morons and evil-doers.

  3. My indignant rant above aside…

    Watching Leo rebuilding ONE single-masted sailing boat, his video on various masted ships, plus your post this morning, has given me a huge awed appreciation for sailing men and boatbuilders, both past and present. The expertise to build and rig a boat is incredible.

      • I have gained an even greater appreciation for those who came before…as it should be.

        Revisionist history is a cancer that needs to be excised. There can be no other solution but to promote the goodness of what these men (and woman) did in technology progression – often with a bunch of handtools – that allows us to build on that and live so easily and comfortably…assuming The Left does not prevail in returning us to the Dark Ages.

    • Wonderful videos of the Tally Ho “rebuilding”. Pretty sure he knew it was going to be a total reconstruction from the start- but way more appeal to watch a rebuild when there is something there already to look at. Leo is not only building a boat, he is building a business- a very driven smart guy. A observant person could use this as the foundation for a boatbuilding course, there is that much detail.

  4. Thanks for the “General points of the wind” diagram & explanation! I made them fit on a single sheet and printed it out to put on the wall here by my desk.
    I’ve been watching a few people on youtube who are making a living by sailing around and making videos about it, this helps explain what they are doing.

    That brings up three points.
    1) We are living in the Golden Age!
    2) I never conceived of people making a living off social media! I never thought I’d be looking forward to the 15 or 20 minutes of video of someone talking about how they fixed their boat or where they went or what they had to do to get there.
    3) Society is falling apart as I watch, my govt is pushing for another world war and no one seems to care.

    • That sounds incredibly racist.

      We also need national anthems for Mexican immigrants (with a mariachi flair); Homosexuals, Transexuals, Gender Confused, Asian Americans, American Indians (heavy on the drums), East Indians (Bollywood theme), etc.

      • I like mariachi music. Though less so after a particular incident. My girlfriend was on a business trip to Chicago and ended up hospitalized. After some minor surgery and an overnight stay the doctors said she could be discharged, but should not fly for several days. “Peace and quiet to rest, that’s what she needs.”

        So I flew out to Chicago to take care of her. We checked into a Doubletree and got assigned to a second-floor room where the entrance was on a balcony overlooking the giant indoor atrium. Next morning at 9am we were startled by a blast of mariachi music. Really loud. It was a 7-piece live band, literally outside our door. Turned out there was a Mexican wedding and the band had seized the high ground to better serenade the guests. It went on for over two hours. My girlfriend kept quoting the doctor’s parting admonition: “peace and quiet, that’s what she needs.” That made her laugh, which was painful because of the surgery. But even I am not enough of an asshole to disrupt some poor couple’s wedding.

        • The only thing that would stop the loud Middle-Eastern music played at night by neighbors during Ramadan was louder mariachi music. At one point, I called up a mariachi band and had them play poolside one evening for two hours when the recorded music wasn’t loud enough. You may call that Islamophobic, but it’s been field tested and it works – you’re welcome.


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