Housekeeping – Regarding the new job that I mentioned. A few of you asked how things are going. They’re going well and I should have some final word by the end of this coming week.  I’ve met with people and it has to be right for everyone. It’s the CEO slot and will necessitate a lot of work and travel until things are where I feel that they need to be.


Put on a happy face


     Bullet Points:

** Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm met with a CCP-aligned group to strategize banning gas stoves. It’s not even that indirect. On Jan. 4, the group in question, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), pledged to continue its partnership with the Chinese government.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm met privately with the leader of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a dark money group that funded a recent study used to justify calls for a gas stove ban.

** My favorite number is 137. Is it the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe? Yes, apparently it is. It’s cool if it’s your favorite number too. It’s not like I’m staking a claim on it. Ok, I would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t.

** A study suggests that ugly people are more likely to wear Covid masks. Democrats are more likely to wear Covid masks. I’m not drawing a cause-and-effect thing here, but…

** The identity politics industry is on the qui vive to discover symptoms of racism unrecognized until now. Whiteness, a barrier to racial justice, is a malign condition to which “white” people are peculiarly susceptible. Hidden clues are everywhere. None are too absurd to go unexamined by race-stalkers in academia. Even white paint is suspect.

The Research Council of Norway has granted 12 million Norwegian Krone (about $1.2 million) to the University of Bergen to “investigate” the baneful “planetary consequences” of white paint. Entitled “How Norway Made the World Whiter (NorWhite),” the project states its claim on public funding: “Whiteness is one of today’s key societal and political concerns.”

We at the ___ Wolf Mine are concerned too. Please send your donations to me and I too will winnow out the baneful nature of white people.  I accept bank wires, negotiable instruments,  bearer bonds including blank checks, gold coins (Krugerrands preferred), quitclaimed real estate, and any currency except Hell Money and Monopoly Money. Keep your IOUs. Thank you in advance for your efforts to stop the white patriarchy. 


George Hill’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee

George Hill recently retired FBI supervisory intelligence analyst told Congress in a whistleblower disclosure that agents in Boston were improperly pressured by Washington to open criminal cases on 140 people who had simply taken a bus ride to the Jan. 6 rally in Washington. The agents refused because there was no evidence the attendees engaged in any criminality.

George Hill’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee also raised new civil liberty concerns about the FBI’s Jan. 6 probe, including whether the Bureau mined Americans’ bank records without court authority and whether the agency possesses video footage it is refusing to release because it identifies undercover agents and human sources who were at the U.S. Capitol that fateful day. Hill, a military veteran and longtime analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA) and FBI who retired last year from the Bureau’s Boston field office, told reporters that he disclosed concerns earlier this week to the House Judiciary Committee during a transcribed deposition, including that the Bureau analyzed banking data without evidence of a crime — simply to find Americans who traveled to Washington around the time of Jan. 6 or who owned a gun. Hill said supervisors in the Washington field office pressured to open cases, first on seven individuals who came up in a sweep of bank records provided by Bank of America, and then on the larger group of 140 Americans who paid to take bus rides to President Donald Trump’s now infamous rally on Jan. 6, 2021. He credited his supervisors in Boston for resisting the pressure.

“There’s no evidence of a crime being committed here,” he said during a wide-ranging interview. “We cannot open up preliminary investigations on someone for using a financial instrument in the District. And so they pushed back, and Boston did not take any action on those names.”

Hill also said the Washington field office, which led the Jan. 6 probe, did not react well to the refusal, escalating up the chain of command, but at each step of the process, the Boston office held its ground. “Getting on a bus and participating in a political rally is not predication for a crime or a preliminary investigation,” he said, explaining why Boston resisted.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told Just the News on Wednesday night that Hill’s information provided an essential roadmap for his select subcommittee’s investigation into the potential weaponization of law enforcement agencies like the FBI.

“I appreciate this brave whistleblower coming forward,” Jordan said in an interview. “He’s worked in the military and then as an FBI agent. And he gave us a lot of valuable information that will be the foundation for our weaponization investigation going forward.”

Hill’s account backs up other FBI whistleblowers, like Special Agent Steve Friend, who’ve alleged the FBI’s Washington field office exerted undue pressure and exhibited political bias in an effort to get field offices around the country to open up as many domestic terrorism cases on Jan. 6 attendees as possible, to pad numbers or to make Trump supporters who came to Washington feel pain and shame. “The process was the punishment,” Friend told Just the News.

Friend has been sidelined from his job because his security clearance was suspended after he raised his whistleblower concerns. Hill retired from the Bureau last year.

Hill and Friend both are being advised by former Senate investigator Jason Foster, the head of Empower Oversight, a whistleblower support nonprofit. Foster, who worked for years under Sen. Chuck Grassley, said the whistleblowers have provided Congress with a portrait of the FBI that, “keeps feeding public suspicion that it’s too focused on political narratives and not focused enough on fighting crime.”

“After 9/11, everybody was upset that we didn’t connect the dots,” Foster said. “We didn’t find a needle in the haystack, and what’s happened since is we turned the FBI into a domestic surveillance organization, and now we collect tens of thousands of haystacks and now it’s even harder to find the needles.

“And this is a perfect example of that, where you have tons of people [who] just want to push numbers, and they want to get tons of cases open so that they can say they’re addressing domestic violent extremism and they can say that there’s a big problem with it.”

“[T]his is another example of the evidence that we’re seeing, that a lot of that just appears to be hype, and it was predicated on just the thinnest” of evidence… The fact that someone is in DC and goes to a rally, as George said, is just not reason [enough] to open up a criminal investigation.”

The FBI national press office and Bank of America’s (BOA’s) media department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

There have been concerns in legal circles for more than a year about the FBI obtaining bank data from institutions that volunteered it without a subpoena.

Judicial Watch is currently pursuing litigation to force the Bureau to release documents on how it got bank records during the Jan. 6 probe, but so far, the FBI has declined to provide any data.

Hill said he was told the banks provided the FBI with the records they mined. “Nobody asked for it,” he claimed. “It was totally voluntary.”

Hill also told the committee about concerns he developed when the Washington field office refused to let its colleagues in Boston review surveillance video from the Capitol to see if any of the 140 attendees had committed crimes. The answer he got back raised concerns about whether the FBI had undercovers — or informants — at the site, he said.

“When you ask for footage,” he recalled, “what they’ll come back with is ‘Tell us the exact place and time where you think the subject of your investigation was?’ To which the standard reply is, ‘Well, we don’t know because we can’t see the footage.’ And the comeback then is ‘There may be identities within that footage that we need to protect.’

“So one can make inferences regarding that, who those identities were they were looking to protect, but that probably wasn’t their grandparents or their aunts and uncles.”


Nice Plate


A Message from PaulM


  1. White paint? White’s popular because it’s cheapest, being the base ‘color’ one uses with coloring agents to make colored paint.

    It also brightens and visually enlarges a room, and requires less lighting and heat to light and heat said room.

    Colored rooms look darker for the same amount of light because they are darker. Darker rooms where you can see the walls also look smaller. It’s a reason that the traditional colors for a mens-only room, like a game room or smoking room or study are darker greens and reds. Traditional Man-Cave colors, so to speak.

    Can I get my money now, Norway?

    As to the armor, that’s a nice harness, what part we can see.

    The FBI should be closed and shuttered. Tours should be mandatory for all Americans, either virtually or physically, with a caution of “This is what happens when you allow bureaucracy and partisanship to rule over facts and laws.” Lots of displays of embalmed FBI corpses in all stages of mutilation would be a bonus.

    • Remember ‘colored’ is a disapproved word. We need to speak of ‘paints of color’ and ‘rooms of colored’.

      I literally almost had a conversation about 25 years ago about this when I was told colored person was wrong. I asked what’s the difference between colored person and person of color.
      No answer, hence the almost a conversation.

    • Some random thoughts as the coffee kicks in.

      Great White Fleet.

      Over at his place Big Country (Outlaw Intrepid Reporter) notes that the US Army Field Band now has two full time rappers. He asks how it is that if they were in basic training in 2021, they are now E6 Staff Sergeants.

      I wonder how long until the army repaints the inside of their combat vehicles. I will refrain from speculating on what color(s) that might be.

      • All USGOV vehicles should be painted black. The UN’s famed whitewashed tanks have to go. The beret can be pink.

        • Beans, you may be the Lord High Executioner, but don’t get between a dog and his bone. I was hoping for a million to fund my own research project. You can take the next million. I’m not greedy.

  2. A plant to remove carbon is a money machine & a tree is just a tree… no day to day funds required. If it doesn’t have cash moving thru it there is nothing to be scooped up on the side….

    That the FBI set up the Jan 6 show as a means to stop Trump & his followers will never been seen by the general public. There is a LOT of stuff going on that will never be seen by anyone who doesn’t read your blog (or others like it).
    It’s sad to watch…

  3. FBI wagon wheels coming off? They can only silence/deny so much before people see the truth (not that half will believe it).

    White paint- When the insidious HOA nudges have nothing better to do. What, are they going to demand all exterior trim be repainted now, losing the quintessential Norwegian aesthetic?

    That CO2 machine graphic proves government does nothing normal or well, overlooking God’s natural effect for something useless they can spend our money. Testing should include parking the contraption inside the Capitol building, see what happens.

    RMI- Amory Lovins and his former wife (she, surprise, originally from Ripton, VT) are enviro-religious grifters with a bad agenda. Thing is, being Aspen based (actually down the road a little ways in Basalt because even boot-lickers of the bored wealthy can’t afford Aspen real estate), they have been at the heart of pushing the climate BS and “what should be legislated for the little people”. I thought RMI was harmless – trying to provide good solutions – until these two started showing up in Aspen & Vail Cowboys & Indians black tie gala’s, hanging with the big people, spouting the Lefty agenda. They are a problem…which is EXACTLY why Granholm is consulting their shop, it affords credibility to a a certain “type”. Like Hollywood, this is pure nepotism , a cancerous relationship that solves nothing and one that “We the People” will take it in the shorts. Again.

    • RE: Similarities to Hollywood, Steely Dan had a song called Show Biz Kids on their Royal Scam album (see the pattern?) that went:

      Show Biz Kids, making movies of themselves,
      You know they don’t give a fk about anybody else.

      And we’re the “anybody else” they don’t give a fk about.

  4. Wow, it really says something about the current state if the Feebs when they get pushback from the Boston office, historically famous for it’s crookedness and unsanctioned ops…


  5. That explains why so few who read this blog wear masks. We are a bunch of beautiful women and ruggedly handsome men.

  6. 137 is cool, but I’m going with my favorite number is c, the speed of light. The thing is that 137 is approximate.

    The speed of light is derived from other physical constants, the electric and magnetic constants; the permeability and permittivity of free space. If you measure those constants in a consistent set of units, it comes out to exactly c in whatever system you use.

      • No no no! Enny fule kno “the most beautiful” equation is e^(j*pi) = -1. J is of course the square root of -1. Some benighted persons know it as “i” but all good electrical engineers know that i stands for current, so j it is.

        I didn’t know about 137, but it’s been said that “37 is the most random number”. Apparently if you ask a series of persons to “pick a random number between 1 and 100” the most frequently picked number will be 37. My source for this is some MIT EECS prof circa late 1980’s but I couldn’t tell you who now.

        • I’m impartial to the Golden Ratio, 1.618, being a designer type. Altho first saw an in depth use of the fine-structure constant in a snow day Saturday afternoon movie, UFO (2018). Interesting use of this area of math in a movie.

  7. I’ve found the most efficient way to repair an organization usually requires dismantling the top. It’s tough and to accomplish this requires an outright mutiny of those that know what’s right. Unfortunately, with those in government, the coveted pension usually outweighs integrity, and those harmed by the actions never find justice.

    • Which is why in layoffs for a poorly run company employees get let go while the 15 executive positions get raises when they “turn the place around”, thereafter get a bonus for rehiring those “let go” positions. Nothing has changed since Roman times…Cavemen just beat the lousy hunter to a pulp then tossed him out for the pterodactyls to finish up (like a prehistoric hog pen).

  8. So you want donations sent to the Wolf Mine?

    I thought it was the WHITE Wolf Mine…

    I had some maple leafs to send, but…

    • If we’re at war with whiteness, it’s the Wolf Mine for the duration of the cash influx. Who knows what the research into the patriarchy will disclose? That’s why they call it research and why it’s do darned expensive.

  9. Congratulations on the (potential) new job LL. You made a great blog. I expect your blog will have to be scaled back a lot with your new responsibilities. That is OK. Time to make money and accomplish things. Or Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 or sing the song. Wanted to mention, Mercedes competes with BMW which owns Rolls Royce, if you have any residual commitments. Thank you for having written. You will be great in your new position. Wish you the best.

  10. Re white… sigh…

    The whole Jan 6th thing can be wrapped up with this comment- ‘There may be identities within that footage that we need to protect.’ The question really boils down to how many ‘CIs’ were involved in leading the break in, just like Ray Epps fomented it and never was arrested, since it’s become obvious he was an FBI plant.

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