Civilizational Suicide (Sunday Sermonette)

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We’re All Equal
Current prog doctrine as it applies to multiculturalism holds that all cultures are equal, the barbaric, backward, stupid and savage  are magically and instantly transformed such that they are indistinguishable from the civil, advanced, enlightened and cultured. In this way, the ignorance, addiction and wanton violence that we see in South Side Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and other “inner cities” where the police have given up and have abandoned the wasteland to the inner city — is somehow equal to all other American cities where the inner city demographic doesn’t exist. That’s just not true, but other nations are wise to issue travel warnings to their citizens when it comes to places like Chicago (home of Alinsky, Hillary and Barack)
The progs required that the police not do police work, and the police in Chicago, Detroit, and elsewhere. So, they simply backed off and allowed the culture to do what it was disposed to do and commit civilizational suicide.

I realize that the advertised Day of Rage (July 15) didn’t materialize into riots nationwide, wherein Afro-American people would steal things from stores in their neighborhoods and presumably the police wouldn’t stop them.  Any attempts to thwart thefts would be branded “racist”.

Just a quick note on Islam

It doesn’t take long when you’re in an Islamic country to see why things are so screwed up. “Take sex away from people. Make it forbidden, evil. Limit it to ritualistic breeding. Force it to back up into suppressed sadism. Then hand the people a scapegoat to hate. Let them kill a scapegoat occasionally for cathartic release. The mechanism is ages old. Tyrants used it centuries before the word psychology was ever invented.” (Heinlein)

I don’t think that laying the Islamic civilizational suicide out as being their chosen track is Islamophobic. The conflict of cultures between Islam and the West is so profound and so disparate that something has got to give. I suspect that the culture that tacitly embraces men having sex with goats will end up on the losing end. And the goats will thank us.  Are Muslim holy men the result of regular Muslims mating with goats? You look closely at the Imams and be the judge. Don’t take my word on it as gospel.

When Barack came into power in the US he made a concerted effort to make Muslims feel good about the savage, backward, culture that they had crafted for themselves. NASA was tasked to help do this among other institutions. None of that worked. Getting a spacecraft to Pluto is easy when compared with trying to fix Muslims and their cherished institutions.

There is a way to deal with radical Islam and Fredd voices his take on it here. If they don’t get the message, maybe it’s time to vaporize the meteorite that they worship in Mecca? (Nuke ’em ’till they glow and use their asses for runway lights scenario) My take on it is a lot more benign – Neutron their ass and take the gas. (A neutron warhead kills all corporeal life and leaves the oil wells and all of the infrastructure intact. Maybe put the famous meteorite on display in the middle of a pig farm?)

A Progressive Family
Progressive dogma (Franklin Institute’s Critical Theory = Marxist doctrine) calls for the community to raise children, which is a code word for the state.  Early indoctrination of children is a cornerstone of prog doctrine. Vladimir Lenin said it best, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

The only way to make that effective is to remove the mother from the home. The question then becomes the family structure which allows for that. The current prog philosophy, which Hollywood extols, requires an absolute minimal involvement by the father/sperm donor and that the mother (who works and spends almost no time with the child) sends the children (pre-school/pre-K) to an institutional environment as soon as they are toilet trained. This is civilizational suicide.

In the absence of a moral code on the sanctity of life, abortion becomes simply a way of life and disposing of an unwanted pregnancy becomes just one more trip to the clinic. The value of life is diminished to a medical procedure, wherein the tissue of the dead baby is sold to the highest bidder. This is civilizational suicide. 

Under socialism, women bear bastards out of wedlock, and are supported by the state, who acts as absentee father. The young are reared without a father figure, the males turn into apelike engines of violence and the women turn into harlots. The role of harlot turns out not to be the fun and endless orgasms as proclaimed, the harlots are exploited and abused by the hyperviolent menfolk, and in ever growing numbers commit suicide or aborticide.

I could go on with the sermonette, but isn’t it time for you to get ready for church, and to confess your sins?

13 thoughts on “Civilizational Suicide (Sunday Sermonette)

  1. Your Lenin quote was stolen from Ignatius de Loyola (founder of the Jesuit order): "Give me a child for the first four years of its life and I will change the world".
    So, who is educating and shaping our children at present? Mainly TV, and then the Social Media. Well, the results speak for themselves …

  2. It's been attributed to Lenin in several forms and I don't know if he quoted Loyola or not.

    Yes, the results speak loudly.

  3. LL, you make my life so dang hard. I still have your Sat. post languishing in my tabs since I didn't feel bright enough to even comment on it. You are way more well versed in international goings on then moi.

    My first thoughts on the "coup" were, "Something looks fishy about this." When I think of "coup" an immediate vision of some sand flea infested little dump comes to mind.

    Admittedly, my knowledge of Istanbul stopped somewhere around when it was still Constantinople. That meant I had to spend hours bringing myself up to speed, which included many pictures of Istanbul. Whoa, wait – this is huge (yuuuuge?) cosmopolitan city.

    After reading a post at Shoebat, I realized my first instincts were probably close to reality.

    Today you bring up multiculturalism. My commie brother's ex-girlfriend, a super-duper liberal, belongs to a smallish group of African supporting do-gooders, who head over there once a year to do things like teach them how to grind wheat. They also help build them little houses that in subsequent years they have to repair because the Africans don't take care of them.

    When I look at things like that, I always have to ask, "How come my ancestors painted the Sistine chapel back in 1508 while these people are having to have white people show them how to grind wheat in 2016?"

    Isn't that odd (odd is code for bat-guano crazy.)

  4. That's racist…

    And in Equatorial Africa, all you need to do to grow (almost anything) in the volcanic-rich soil and abundant rain mixed with heat is throw seeds on the ground. Yet they starve. But if you bring that up, it's racist.

  5. Isn't that the truth.

    One of the honchos of this little "charity" also runs a business selling ethnic art that she buys from these natives. Isn't that nice? Not exactly. She buys this "art" for pennies, sells it for big bucks to libtards who think they're helping the Africans with their little start up businesses. Of course, her trips to Africa become a business write off and she gets to pretend she's compassionate. Don't get me wrong – I'm all for capitalism. Hope she does well.

  6. Taking up "the white man's burden", all the while, making a killing financially. It's not exactly a Star Trek experience. She's not "going where no man has gone before".

  7. Yes, the news is sad, but what with the President of the United States egging them on, who can be surprised?

  8. It's just a typical Muslim male doing what Mohammed authorized.

    WoFat is not on-line much these days.

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