It’s still D-Day


Should Mt. Rushmore be closed to the public?

(Mail) Target has been funding a group that wants to shut down Mount Rushmore, believing it to be an ‘international symbol of White supremacy’, and demilitarize the ‘violent’ U.S. military.

The retail giant ramped up its diversity program in recent years under chief Kiera Fernandez, who previously called on ‘White women’ to battle systemic racism.

Now, Fox News Digital has reported that according to its 2021 tax filing, Target’s nonprofit foundation funded the NDN Collective in 2022, which is an Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power, according to their website.




The Oil Supply

(Mail) Saudi Arabia has said it would slash its oil production by one million barrels per day in July in a bid to force oil prices to rise worldwide, despite global recession fears.

The decision will likely mean drivers pay more at the pump and could also raise food prices as the cost of transportation increases.

It followed a meeting of OPEC+ countries – the 13-member Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries – in Vienna yesterday to sure up-flagging oil prices.


Perfect Man – OR – Perfect Nightmare


The Rise of the Effete Authoritarians

It is a strange time in these Western democracies, though, because the effete ruling class are still learning how to brandish their iron fists. Crackdowns are increasing not only in frequency but also in intensity. Things are not progressing in a linear way; the tyranny is ramping up in awkward fits and spurts.”…more



Bullet Point:

** BRM reports on a boating accident – that might have not been accidental.


From Boron

De Re Carbon Tetrahydride (aka Methane): an Important Heat-trapping/Greenhouse Gas

A number of decerebrate liberals have lined up behind Bill Gates and have begun writing their politicians to request legislation to reduce the number of those (awful, smelly, flatulent) cows (cattle?) in order to effect the necessary changes to forestall imminent, disastrous climate-change, supporting Gates in his effort to change our diets and become insectivores.

Flatulence is not just common (expected) among cows, but any domesticated animal (or their products) used as a food item for the table; there are sheep, goats, pigs, chickens to mention only the domesticated food animals, every one of which fart/produce methane.[1]

It is almost impossible to estimate the full number of species and animals that have to be included in the methane-producing zoöbiomass, not to mention the production of methane during the degradation (rotting) of the amino acids found in the phytobiomass.[2]

The “scientists in the media” are unable to connect the dots/don’t seem to understand that “edible” insects are animals and eat, and produce digestive gases (fart methane)[3]. And there are an unbelievable multiple of more insects than cattle adding (every second) much, more methane to the atmosphere than all the cattle in the world (estimated at nine hundred fifty million).[4]

Besides which, I haven’t been able to find an estimate of how many insects are required in order to produce the protein equivalent of a good steak.





Identify the Russian Aircraft

Dancing with SAMs, rather than popping chaff and flares and escaping low is never a good strategy.


  1. I’m pretty sure the video of sircraft vs SAMs is from a combat flight simulator game. That doesn’t appear to be a plane actually in use.

  2. If only Brandon’s venal aspirations were all we had to deal with. A republic can survive a few bad men in high office. What it cannot survive is persons who are intrinsically hostile foreigners (in their own minds, that is) dug like ticks into the apparat of State (in both the generic and specific meanings) and using the military and economic power of the Republic to their own nasty, vengeful, and resentment-filled ends.

  3. Re: Mt Rushmore.

    Sure, shut it down. Then we can shut down the one with Crazy Horse, for Indian Supremacy.

    … and the Sphinx, for lion-with-a-human-head supremacy.



  4. the truly unbelievable point is that all of these decerebrate sheep, if you watch them carefully should you ever be the unfortunate recipient of one of those “have-to-go” invitations to a “cacktail party” or “book club”, line up tête à queue sniffing carefully like dogs while following the Judas goat. Pied Piper of Hamelin maybe?

    • I was invited to a book club once. I asked them to read “White Powder”, my book. I did show up once to Costco boxed wine and cheese on Ritz crackers and the book was not what they hoped it would be. I was not invited back.

  5. I remember when the ‘elites’ laughed at Reagan when he mentioned termite flatulence being ignored by them, in re the global warming crisis they were screaming about. Turns out he had the last laugh.
    Modern Day Dating – woke up this morning to the laughter of my wife, who was listening to a web site’s recording of a woke gal complaining that none of the lib guys she meets have the attributes & behaviors she wants in a man. All of what she was looking for would be found in traditional men, not liberal soy boys.

    • I thought that the bun boy drinking cocoa in his jammies at noon, whining about his ass hurting from the rogering he received at a glory hole the previous evening was what all liberal women wanted.

  6. And just like that…the Saudi’s are on schedule to further cripple America as part of the Destroy America Agenda…and directly before the Summer travel season. This entire agenda started on day one when That POS occupying the Oval Office henceforth sat at the Resolute Desk at the instruction of his handlers and signed away the Keystone Pipeline which started the destruction of our energy independence. One friggin signature from a worthless pedophile.

    Now we get the shaft shoved further up our wallets. Heck, I say close Mount Rushmore, just try it and see what happens. We The People own it, not the DC morons or Target…it’s ours.

      • There is a lot of noise about the Trump Presidency. Stylistically, the whole NY/NY attitude thing can be tough to take. But when it comes to policy, Pres. Trump did an excellent job, he didn’t provoke war, which ticked off the military-industrial complex and the swamp in general. He had solid energy policies and brought peace between Israel and its neighbors. Russia would not have invaded Ukraine on his watch.

        Jo/Ho regime is a trainwreck.

        • In The Founders time it would be the gallows for a pile of Swamp Dwellers….without hesitation and with righteousness. America is so far off the mark from Constitutional prescription it’ll take more than the microscopic dribs and drabs we’re getting to fix.

          After some solution thought struggle the only way I believe we can end this dumpster fire is to starve the beast, take their money away, including shuttering the Mint for a time so they can’t simply “print more”. The how is the question.

          • Every US election, at every level, demonstrates that very few Americans want elected officials who are classical liberals.

          • EL- Goes back to education and the lack of anything classical and rigorous. When you dumb down the population and their education is frivolous you create “followers” who are stupidly ignorant yet don’t realize it. Those of us who continue our education beyond school, and question the premises offered, are The Aware and Awake.

            Which leads to the Aware looking at the Unaware and scratching our heads. Can’t fix willfully stupid.

  7. Just curious, but does anyone know how many buffalo there were circa, say, 1840 compared to how many domestic cattle there are today? Buffalos fart. So do deer, antelope and all the frisking critters of the forest and plains. You know, the ones whose natural populations have declined massively through hunting and habitat destruction. Why did not all of this flatulent fauna force fiery Fahrenheit flowering?

    • From Wikipedia referenced to outside sources there were approximately 35,650,000 in 1840 with around 60,000,000 prior to 1800. The number of cattle, oxen and other ruminant animals both domestic and wild in those time periods was probably large too. Yes, animal flatulence should have destroyed the world (not)!

      Decerebrate is an excellent adjective for those people pushing the elimination of cattle.


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