Where’s there is a FARC, there’s fire.

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I know that nobody in the lower 48 really cares that Alfonso Cano (true name: Guillermo Leon Saenz Vargas), the leader of FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) went to the hot place last week. Yes, Cano (pictured – left) died in a shoot-out on November 5th, after he was tracked down and killed. Really, he’s not much more than another drug kingpin and he ended badly as they tend to do. Some in Colombia will assert that he was a freedom fighter. And that FARC, funded almost entirely by cocaine profits, is ‘pure in its Marxism’. But personally, I fear that people who feel that way are ‘using their own product’ far too much. Cano had a lot of blood on his hands while living and now his clay rests in a government freezer in Bogota, waiting for final internment. 
Today, FARC supplies selected Mexican drug cartels with cocaine product, which they move across the US Border to American consumers. When it becomes tough to move dope, they kidnap people. Trying to put a happy revolutionary face on FARC is impossible, but I’m shocked at the number of liberal Americans (mostly college professors) who try to.

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  1. They (college prof.s) have no FARC'ing clue. They are the great pretenders in life…and one that pretended to be a pretender, is President.

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