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I could launch off with a long polemic on the subject of Easter, but I’m not going to. We live in perilous times where a humble and contrite heart is called for if we are to petition Heaven for help. We can only survive as people when we do not have the hearts of beasts – and there are a lot of savage beasts who would be our masters. The progressive and woke have as a common thread, their hatred of Jesus Christ and what he taught.

Live abundantly, love your brother as yourself, love God with all your might, promote goodness and charity. By this alone can we defeat evil.

Easter is also a time for families. I hope that you can spend time with yours today. If not, over the phone with the gift of FaceTime.

I wish all of you a very happy Easter.


What about a few maps?



Isolated Populations in Canada

Note that it says no “year round access to roads”. In the summer, many of these locations are accessible by primitive roads.


Where precipitation drops below 20 inches yearly defines the start of western US.



Largest Ethnic Group by Census Tract in the Detroit Metro (2019 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates).



The Tallest Rollercoaster in Each UN Recognized Country.

Sources: The Rollercoaster Database (rcdb.com), Coasterpedia, Wikipedia

Tools: Excel for Sorting, QGIS for Mapping

Notes: This is a map of the tallest rollercoasters (coasters) in each UN recognized country. Only operating coasters were considered for this map meaning that unbuilt/defunct coasters were not considered. Mountain coasters were not represented on this map because most of them are accurately measured for height.


Invasive Species – Proportion of plants that are invasive in each county.


The Niger River



19 thoughts on “Easter Sermonette

  1. Happy Easter to you as well. I’m at my daughter’s and her two girls are with me right now. Good times.

    1. I just finished an egg hunt with an egg hunt with two grandsons. They’re old enough to prefer eggs with money in them.

      1. The girls are two and four so candy does the trick. They’ll discover the wonders of cold cash soon enough.

  2. Perfect opening salvo this morning, thank you for that, and have a wonderful Easter.

      1. Hehe…I will always be Camperfixer, one can never deny longstanding. And MrsC is for some odd reason still all too happy to be associated as such.

        Terrifically Spring today, unusual for the Rockies…but no complaints. A little Easter message on the neighbors deck overlooking the cattle in the greening pasture (the cattle quickly got bored.) Shared an excellent ranch style meal (meaning hot and hearty and lots of it) and some great conversation. Almost nap level. Perfect.

  3. Happy Easter everyone, enjoy time with your families if you can whether it be in person or long distance.

  4. Happy Easter to all. About to have the last vaguely local sibling (NYS) and a couple local friends over for dinner.

    Looks like John beat the odds.

    Some of those Canadian communities actually only have road access in the winter, over ice roads.


  5. A living example:
    “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.”
    So, we hope 🙂

  6. “Live abundantly, love your brother as yourself, love God with all your might, promote goodness and charity. ”
    The progressive and woke love using similar words to tell us why we should be happy with all they are doing.

    God bless us all.

  7. Happy easter all. Easter egg hunts are good times for sure and a much needed break from all the bull.

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