16 thoughts on “Civilians vs Soldiers

  1. Same look ya get when your in the cattle business an you duct tape your wound together, pop eight 200MG ibuprofen and slam a Real red bull…

  2. When I see Hillary campaigning I reach for the duct tape, Ibuprofen and Red Bull. And then there's Jeb! A lot of people proscribe "uppers" to help with that.

  3. KSP, turning on your Native Son? Don't blame you. I turned on my Native Son, Peanut Carter, too.

    That is the look I give my (now) ex-friends when they say they are voting for Hillary. I have a short fuse when it comes to dealing with people more stupid than I am.

  4. There's not enough whiskey in Texas to turn Hillary from a witch to a princess and Jeb! from a retarded mama's boy into a president.

  5. I don't have any friends that I know of who are voting for Hillary. I do know a guy who wants Bernie, but he's broke and thinks that it will bring in free money and will support his feckless spending habits. Giving this guy money is like pouring perfume on a pig. He hopes that Bernie will do just that.

  6. Duct tape on wounds: I thought that is what it was for. That, and I just used some yesterday to plug a hole in a Ford Model T transmission cover (also known as a hogshead, since we're talking about pigs here).

  7. Hardcore is the only way to live your life. Sad but true. There's a conflict in every human heart, between the rational and the irrational, between good and evil. Hardcore doesn't mean evil, but it means that you must stand for something.

  8. 100 mph tape, the stuff that makes the military function. I was introduced to 100 mph tape as a mosquito wings private, when one of our tent poles got run over by a duce and a half and I was standing there with the two pieces of it in my hands, slack jawed as to what to do. My squad leader tossed me a roll of the stuff, and never even gave me a block of instruction as to how to proceed: it's pretty self explanatory, really.

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