Deciphering the truth has become a difficult task in the United States, not least because the misinformation apparatus is both enormous and tied directly to the imperatives of imperial state itself. Whatever separation that existed between the military industrial complex, the U.S. corporate media, and the tech and corporate oligarchs is a thing of the past.

The thesis of this blog post is to what extent is the US engaged in a (new) Cold War with China, and what does it mean to the US, China and the world at large.

A new Gallup poll revealed that 80 percent of the U.S. public possess a negative opinion of China. Only Iran and the DPRK, are viewed with more disdain among Americans. As an American, I can identify with this sentiment.

China pushes back against this negative view by revealing itself as the xenophobic, imperialist creature that it has become, reinforcing the notions that gave it the reputation in the first place.

Taking a brief step back, looking at Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang, it can be useful to delve into the granularity. There are a lot of non-government organizations (NGO’s) who work to tear down China as part of their God-given mission. A lot of them have spent a lot of money on the ground in Hong Kong. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has been blamed by the Red Chinese as a front for the CIA because a significant number of former spooks work there, and they agitate against the People’s Republic of China. NED isn’t a CIA front, but at times, it acts like one.

In the propaganda war that exists between NED and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) and the Communist Party of China, there is a lot of money floating around to win hearts and minds to one side of the argument or the other. Is China a dangerous, xenophobic, imperialist state (PRC’s One Road Initiative) bent on world dominance? Sure it is. Is the twisted US administration a threat to its own people and to the world? It appears to be.

How do we tell the players apart? How do we ascertain their agendas? The Newsline Institute is a dubious source of information. Managing Editor Robin Blackburn is a former editor for Stratfor, a private intelligence firm known as the “Shadow CIA.” Stratfor’s “intelligence” regarding many things worldwide showed the same flawed thinking as the CIA did, and they vacuumed up former Agency analysts to do their thinking for them.

Joe Biden and the Biden Family has been on the Chinese payroll for years. The proof is overwhelming. Can the US administration be in any way objective in this blooming New Cold War? Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was hoisted back into the House Intelligence Committee after his scandal with a Chinese spy. In what world would that happen?

The US Marine Corps has been re-crafted to defend key islands that tend to hem in China’s access to the Pacific. Earlier this month, 27.4 billion USD was requested by the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command for an “anti-China missile network” that would run along key islands on China’s border such as Okinawa, Taiwan, and the Philippines. The Chinese are unhappy about this. I guess if I wanted to rule the world, I might be too. How does that square with the Chinese-owned Biden? Or is Biden’s brain so far gone that he forgot who bought him? Maybe we need to remove the Biden piece from the game table. Send him back into the basement with his stewed prunes. When you do that, you are left wondering who is running the New Cold War from the American side. Harris-the-former-Ho? Yeah, right, Sherlock, think again.

Who is running the Chinese side of the Cold War? People rarely ask that question with an open mind. Sure, there are the communist cadre in the propaganda ministry, which reminds one of the cadre in the US mainstream media. Who is pulling the levers in the communist state, and why? I don’t suggest a conspiracy, but since we’re not sure who is doing it in the US, why not do a deep dive on China as well to try and figure out who the core shot callers are in the worker’s paradise.

There is a systemic decay in the USA. That much is obvious. Some think that the Chinese are experiencing the same thing – in a Chinese way. East is east and west is west and they each operate differently. President Xi was the reaction to the Chinese decay. In the US, it was President Trump. The swamp pulled down President Trump, but the Chinese swamp is different and it is expansionist in its nature. Solve the problem by swallowing seems to be the Chinese mantra of the day.

Will the cold war turn hot? I think that it’s inevitable. Will it escalate into a general nuclear exchange? Now that’s the question. They took the nuclear launch codes away from the brain dead Biden – but who has them? Harris? As the US transforms itself from a republic to an oligarchy, much becomes obscure.



  1. Is the real question “Will the Sino-American cold war turn hot?” or is it “Will there be de facto civil war in the US before the SACW goes hot?” The obvious associated question is whether overt internecine conflict in the US the final straw that emboldens China to take things hot.

    Not a bad idea aiming to figure out who is pulling the strings in China. But maybe we should look hard at who are pulling the strings in the US, and at who have done the most to destroy unity, national pride, and sense of purpose in the US. It’s not any big mystery, it’s that hardly anyone dares say it out loud.

  2. One of my college roommates did some business in China, importing dairy cattle embryos instead of live cattle. He said the amount of money available was huge, but getting it out of there was darn near impossible. As with most things, follow the money.

  3. i have been noticing since the faux inauguration there seems to be a shadow leader in our govt. like you point out, slojoe says china is our friend at every turn but somebody in charge of the military is moving large formations of ships, planes and personnel in a way as to intimidate, or rather irritate, the chinese. then slojoe sends a crew to alaska to go about “normalizing relations” w/ china but they jump on the diplomats like rabid dogs, offending them in public and ensuring relations will not be normalized for the foreseeable future. what the heck is going on?

    • Good comments.

      USGOV is divided between people like the Butt Guy (he’s a war hero, you know) who feed at the progressive trough, and Joe Biden, on the Chinese payroll, and Eric Swalwell – who may still feed intelligence directly from DC to Beijing AND Oligarchs in the military industrial complex, who have a very different view of China. They didn’t like Trump because he wouldn’t allow endless foreign wars, but they don’t like China either. Jo/Ho lack the power to shut them down even with the present SECDEF.

  4. We all have a boss. For some it’s ultimately God. For others, it’s those who are owned by a secular entity.

    The stark contrast between the prior and current presidency’s is palpable; Trump put China on notice, told them to go pound sand because he looked elsewhere for his right and wrong, whereas this one embraces everything Chairman Xi because he’s owned by him.

    Any American who believes The Hologram and his crew of treasonous Lefty’s is good for our country – and it appears to be many – should have their head examined. To be that mindless into thinking we are pals with China is beyond delusional. Then again, Juan Williams said yesterday: “These young girls were only out for a joyride”…when they killed an Uber driver.

    Can’t fix the galactically stupid.

  5. I much prefer the DPRK and Iran to the PRC, because they are laughably weak comic-opera Supervillains, and always will be. OTOH China is becoming a real threat.

    We just had a US Ambassador visit Taiwan with a delegation from Palau, and refer to the RoC as “a country”. This makes me very happy, but IDK who cut the orders, it doesn’t seem like Joe’s style.

    We could shore things up right nicely vis-a-vis China for almost zero effort , just by having the president go on TV and announce that we recognize Taiwan, extend the umbrella of our nuclear protection over them, and will respond to PLAN forces on Taiwanese soil just as we would have Soviet forces on NATO soil in the ’50s. As a codicil, if the PRC launches ballistic missiles at any of our territory, bases, ships, or other equipment, we will have to assume that they are nuclear-armed, as China is a declared nuclear power, and respond accordingly and disproportionally. In other words, “It’d be a real shame if we had to erase your 5000 year old culture from the globe, because you got stroppy”.

    Of course, that will never happen.


    • Kle – the discussion of Taiwan will pop up on this blog in a couple of hours (mid-day post). I think that’s the US State Department responding to China pulling their pants down in Alaska.

  6. I defer to your experience and knowledge so have little to add. One snippet. My travels last week took me through the Minuteman silos in Colorado and Nebraska. There is increased activity among many that were idle. How do I know? Porta-potties. The active ones, with the now mixed gender Air Police, have porta-potties.

  7. China – don’t know how much is just puffed-up stuff for the Chinese anime I am watching, but I’m reminded of something once said about a different people….they’re either at your feet or at your throat.
    Another thought pops into mind – the enemy has problems you don’t know about. While we tend to see them as a monobloc Boss monster.

  8. Who’s calling the geopol shots? Good question. Clearly not the Corpse and its Consort. Does this point to deep state factions, duking it out, as it were? Yet another question and some say yes. Doubtless the same in China.

    But what do I know? Just an LSP DOGE$ investor (c’mon pup, jump up!). Will we go hot? Hard to see how we wouldn’t, but maybe MAD is a deterrent. Or not.

  9. Harris may have been a Ho in her yute, but, I sincerely doubt she ever quit it, she just found different methods of sucking a few dollars more out of her marks.

  10. Re: China , I have read that China is pretty much hollowed out. And any fair sized non nuclear missle would pop the 3 gorges dam and trash half the country.
    On the other hand , I have concerns about our “girly navy”. How would it handle a serious dustup? Some of my navy buddies are really worried about a “girly navy, “ their words.

    • Today’s pop-up referral goes to October 30, 2012 — Special Operators Take A Stand’.

      It refers to a video, but no link appears.
      Any help?
      I enjoy reading your pop-up referrals, and their pop-up referrals…

      • Marge, once these things are a year or two old, I expect the links to die. Nine years ago? Would expect them all to be dead.

        Glad you enjoy the history.

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