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Breakfast – an important meal


From History


(above) A shot up T-34/76 near the village of Staronikol’skoe, Khokholsky District, Voronezh Oblast, USSR. Note how the machine gun port has been completely blown off and the welds cracked. 1942

This is the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel T-34. Built-in Stalingrad Tractor Plant (STZ). Quality control was thrown out the window (even by Soviet Standards}. A welded hull with no trained welders. No heat treating of armor, tracks, or steel bogies. The crew may have had 12 hours to train up on the thing before they were sent out as a bullet sponge.


Old and New

A freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni) is preying on a juvenile freshwater sawfish (Pristis pristis) in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The sawfish species – late Cretaceous to now. The Freshwater Crocodile – Pleistocene – now. This sort of mischief has been going on for 2.5 million years and counting.



USN Boeing F4B-4 biplane fighters ready for take off from the carrier USS Saratoga, May 1934. Saratoga mounted 8″ rifles as seen in the photograph. She was laid down on 25 September 1920 as BattleCruiser #3 by the New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, N.J, and then was converted to an aircraft carrier, retaining the big guns.

Some P-12s (US Army designation) were still in service in training duties in the Philippines in 1941 while the Brazilian Air Force retired them in 1949.


Where are dogs most at risk?


The Covid Mortality Rate

(zerohedge) “‘Globally, about 3.4 percent of reported COVID-19 cases have died,’ WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press briefing at the agency’s headquarters in Geneva. In comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1 percent of those infected, he said.”

Of course, we know now that the mortality rates, along with everything else peddled to the public was a lie. For those aged 0–69, which covers 94 percent of the global population, the fatality rate was 0.095 percent, meaning the survival rate for nearly 7.3 billion people was 99.905 percent.

The researchers broke down the demographics into smaller buckets, showing the increase in risk amongst older populations, and conversely, how infinitesimal the risk was amongst younger age groups.

  • Ages 60–69, fatality rate 0.501 percent, survival rate 99.499 percent
  • Ages 50–59, fatality rate 0.129 percent, survival rate 99.871 percent
  • Ages 40–49, fatality rate 0.035 percent survival rate 99.965 percent
  • Ages 30–39, fatality rate 0.011 percent, survival rate 99.989 percent
  • Ages 20–29, fatality rate 0.003 percent, survival rate 99.997 percent
  • Ages 0–19, fatality rate 0.0003 percent, survival rate 99.9997 percent

Economic destruction increased suicide attempts due to seemingly indefinite isolation, horrifying levels of learning loss, increasing obesity amongst kids, plummeting test scores, increased poverty and hunger, supply chain problems, rampant inflation; all of it is a direct result of policies imposed by terrified, incompetent “experts.”

Their estimates were hopelessly, catastrophically wrong, yet they maintained their unchallenged sense of authority for multiple years, and still receive awards, praise, increased funding, and a sense of infallibility amongst politicians and decision-makers.

If sanity and intellectual honesty still existed, these estimates would be front-page news for every major media outlet in the world.

Instead, because the media and their allies in the tech, corporate, and political classes promoted and encouraged lockdowns and restrictions while censoring dissent, it’s ignored.

I pulled out some clips (above) but the entire article is worth reading. Our vial political leaders are still pushing for the vaccination of children 5+ even though they have statistically no risk of dying from the disease. There should be a special corner of hell for those people, who know that the risk of long-term health effects or death from the vaccination among young males is significant.


The Changing Landscape


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  1. Early is the Chinese flu (March of 2020?) “they” changed the way these deaths were counted, to blame the death on Covid IF it was there. That action gave them the big numbers to publicize and publicity allowed them to scare the population.

    1. The USGOV paid hospitals if they treated Covid patients. They paid for Covid deaths, so that’s how the hospitals reported them. Scamdemic.

  2. Actually, Saratoga (CC-3) was to be armed with eight 16 in. guns so while Saratoga (CV-3) was unusually well-armed for surface action with eight 8 in. guns, she didn’t retain her original armament.

    That is my OCD comment for the nonce. 🙂

    1. Trivia comment for the day – Did Saratoga ever fire those 8″ guns in anger? The answer is an obvious, no. On January 11, 1942, when heading towards a rendezvous with Enterprise, 500 miles southwest of Oahu, she was hit by a deep-running torpedo fired by the Japanese submarine, I-16. Although six men were killed and three firerooms were flooded, the carrier reached Oahu under her own power to refit. There, during that refit at the outset of the war, her 8-inch guns were removed.

      1. USS Lexington (Saratoga’s twin) had her 8″ guns removed prior to the Battle of the Coral Sea where she was sunk by Japanese aircraft. Because of the need for swift deployment, those 8″ guns were never replaced with 5-38 rifles, which were useful against aircraft. Would it have made a difference for Lady Lex?

          1. My father had a friend, Bill Wolf, who was crew on USS Lexington when it was sunk. I think that he was a second-class torpedoman (worked on the aircraft) and he made it out without a scratch. A lot of the sailors in the water were eaten by sharks – which happened a lot during the war. You make it off the stricken and burning ship only to face sharks.

        1. The “Aircrfat Engine Dynomometer” we used at McGraw-Edison to test large electric motors with was from the Lexington, butI’m pretty sure it came off CV-16!

  3. Dog Eating Countries- I figure it’s because those countries don’t have enough cattle. Maybe that’s partially why the Left wants to destroy the industry here in the US.

    Joe is a typical shmo. Probably been this way since he was 2. Every time I see a picture of him trying to be cool with the aviators, or present himself as a Mr. Tough Guy, or being incoherent while yelling at people not in the room, I can’t help wondering how far down these people will pull America before they lose power or this Great Experiment in a Constitutional Republic (NOT Democracy) fails altogether. I am not optimistic that half the voting public has a clue because they now believe Free Speech is terrorism and should be eliminated for the other half. Their exploding head reaction to Musk’s Twitter purchase and censorship elimination proves this out.

    1. Hey man! Come on Jack! Nobody is as cool as Pedo Joe with his aviator glasses and his (gas-guzzling) Corvette.

      How many people actually cast votes for Pedo Joe and Camela? It’s a good question. We know that they counted a lot.

      And the progs don’t want THEIR free speech curtailed – just somebody else.

        1. Most popular president EVER. And Hunter Biden is the smartest man that Pedo Joe ever met.

    2. Hard to know but certainly not 81 million. Yet hearing those who did vote for him, including well know media personalities that endlessly spin his screwups and massive failings into positives, they refuse to see the forest for the trees, preferring to stick with their illusions.

      1. Going by the timeline of reported votes, PedoJo and the Ho got around 55-60 million actually legally turned in votes. I think it’s more close to 50-55 million due to fragrant cheating and vote stealing that normally goes on in any election (looking at you, Chicago.)

        If the election was correctly counted, Trump would have stomped on PedoJo so hard that Hunter would have felt it.

        1. Yup. But we’re the election denier whackos. 10pm, Trump comfortably ahead. Went to bed. Then the cheat began. Infuriating. Like LL says, paper ballots in person, stick into the counting machine. Done.

          1. Saw a comment/meme somewhere else.

            If you can sell 100 million Lottery tickets and know, within 10 seconds of the winning numbers being drawn, exactly when, where (and with video cam – who) and how much each winning ticket wins, from top prize to ‘free ticket,’ and each ticket has an individual code/serial number/marker, then why the COPULATION won’t we do this to our ballots?

            Yes, I know, it’s because then the cheaters would have to work harder to cheat.

            But in a just and right world where people understand the meaning of the word ‘Infringe’ all of this cheating wouldn’t be happening…

          2. Beans, what a racist, transphobic, Islamophobic, ablephobic, astraphobic comment. Are you body-shaming crippled children again? The next thing you’ll say is that you’d need to ID yourself to vote. Don’t you know that inner-city people are too stupid to have IDs? And why shouldn’t illegal aliens vote for the Democrat of their choice? Come on Jack, join me under the big tent and we’ll all move forward together for the big win!

            They only win if they scam.

            On Indian Reservations in Arizona the voters get PAID by a certain party to vote. It’s by voucher and usually a few vouchers from different special interests. I’ve never heard of this practice outside of the Rez, but it’s allowed to continue because to stop it would be racist and ethnophobic.

  4. The Covid “with and from” numbers were to afford hospitals Federal payout cash for each death.Despicable at the very least.

  5. Speaking of mischief that’s been going on for millennia (crocs and sawfish), the Pelosi distraction is starting to look like a coverup for Mr. P’s depraved Epstein Island style activities. Who was in the DUI wrecked Porsche with him? Why was this weirdo in the house in his underwear with a hammer, having gotten past the security system? Why did Pelosi say he didn’t know who he was but later said his name was David and a friend? Why were there two hammers? And once again the bizarre happens when The Nan isn’t home. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Ain’t adding up.

    1. Ok, it’s out now, Nan drove Paul to become homosexual. Is there any surprise there? Was his “friend” in the car with him when he was arrested for VC 23152 (a) and (b) (DUI)?

          1. I wouldn’t trade lives with them for anything. The elites feel that “everybody wants to be me” but I will assure you that is not the case.

          2. When in high end places and looking around at the “well heeled”, it is easy to start feeling a little envious. Then I catch myself, you never know how any of these people got their money…the more I see and read, about half is ill-gotten.

            Never envy the wealthy. (There’s a sermon in there somewhere.)

  6. USN Boeing F4B-4 biplane fighters. Formed the bones for the Stearman Model 75 Kaydet trainer. 10,000+ built.

    My mother lived her last ten years in this state. I would bring her dog to the Care Facility and, while she completely enjoyed petting the dog, she didn’t remember it was her dog. Later on she no longer remembered my sister and I. The people who staff these caretaker places will always have my gratitude and admiration (excluding those pieces of shit that abuse patients).

    1. Us too, my mom and MrsPaulM’s dad. Sad and tough at the same time. Gotta be something in their era of processed foods, alum in anti-perspirants, or vaccine adjuvants.

      1. My mother was struck by lightning twice in her lifetime. Her siblings never had dementia and one lived to be 102. Cause and effect?

        1. MRSLL’s Mother’s family had two boys and five girls. Only the youngest, Pat (Knott of Knott’s Berry Farm) suffered from dementia. Lightning or a toss of the genetic dice or maybe processed food? I know that what medical science thought caused Altzheimers, doesn’t. They’re working on answers but they’re hard-fought. A couple I know – he developed Alzheimer’s and later she did as well. Environmental cause and effect?

  7. Dog-eating: I guess it must have been about 1915 (I don’t know – I wasn’t around), but my Mom told me she remembers eating the family dog (sharing it with the extended family and she had 12 brothers and sisters, plus several aunts and uncles and their kids) during a famine in their section of the Ukraine.
    BTW, as the Granpa (I’m not a Gramma) NAZI: “Our vial political leaders…” vile?

    1. I was fed dog (not knowing it at the time) when I was in the US Navy in Korea. They sell yellow labs – the favored breed for eating pup – at the markets. I recall it tasting ok – spicy and BBQ.

      1. I was fed dog also, here in the U.S., back in the mid-’60s while I was on active with the USAF; I had been invited to a special rite/dinner.
        Under other circumstances, but in the same general area, I was fed what had been a perfectly good piece of haddock that had been turned into a jellied mass/mess having been soaked in lye: truth be told, I preferred dog.
        What I was talking about was when my Mom was a little kid in Berdichyv, eating grass and worms only because there was literally nothing else to eat. Her brother told me that was why neither I nor his three kids could never have a dog as we were growing up; it reminded them too much of the empty-belly times.

        1. MOST Americans of these generations that are alive today have never faced that sort of privation. I understood what you wrote originally – and just thought to comment about my BBQ’s dog-eating moment.

          We had been invited to the home of a ROK Navy Lieutenant Commander from ROK Squadron 56 to have dinner. I asked in my broken Korean, “soegogi (beef)?” The lady of the house said that it was. Later, my host said that it was gangaji – (dog) and explained that he wanted us to understand the culture better. He knew that I had a deep interest in Korean culture and it made sense. My messmates from the US didn’t see it the same way that I did. There is a lot to Korean culture that appears strange to American eyes. It simply took some time and politely asking questions to gain some insight.

          1. There is a lot to Korean culture that appears strange to American eyes unless the context of said culture is understood. Belong to a culture that’s been shat upon by all the other regional powers, lived through horrendous times over and over and over, and ‘strangeness’ will occur.

            Hell, growing up in my dad’s house there were still lots of ‘strangeness’ due to him growing up in backwards country Louisiana during the Depression and WWII and having to fish, hunt, work for food. Like something that would freak out most modern people – dessert. Dessert only on special occasions, as Dad put it, “Dessert is only because there wasn’t enough real food.”

            I’ll eat just about any meat as long as it is processed and cooked safely. Horse tastes okay, and used to be often eaten here in the US up to somewhere around the late 1940’s/early 1950’s. Now? “OMG, you can’t eat Horse! They’re such ‘noble’ animals!!!” (yeah, right, stupid maybe, noble not-so-much. I like horses, neat animals, but 10 seconds into a famine the hoofer is on my table.)

          2. During the Great Depression, my grandfather poached deer to feed his family. Two days ago, I woke up to find roughly 50 elk on the property. I think that they’re hiding out because it’s deer season here and you can hear the hunters popping off in the distance. But if times get tough, they are meat on the hoof, and who cares what the government regulates?

  8. In one battle, Russian workers would complete a tank, the crew would jump in, and the tank would leave the factory to participate in the battle going on outside. Talk about no time for training….

    1. I think that was Stalingrad. Most of those tanks were not ready for prime time, but a lot of the crews were survivors of other tank battles and were familiar with the tanks (even if not the T-34).

  9. Our vial (sic) political leaders are still pushing for the vaccination of children 5+ even though they have statistically no risk of dying from the disease.

    I heard the CDC added the COVID notavax to the required list for childhood, which means in many places it is necessary to attend government schools. Massive own-goal for the government, half the population will leave government schools.

    1. If they push it, more than 1/2 of the population will leave. And yes, that would be a good thing.

      1. They’ll pull them out to avoid the porn there.
        Governor Whitmer, in a debate against Dixon, responded that if parents were concerned about porn in the school library they could opt out.
        Whose taxes pay for the schools?

        1. Time to revolt and demand a tax refund for; schools, county mental health programs, and any other program that is designed to redistribute taxes for any “symbolism over substance program”, especially ones for those unwilling to help themselves. (I am willing to help those truly in need, but privately, not by redistribution.)

        1. I’ve never seen that, but my Swiss relatives would likely hide it from the American cousin the way they hide the proceeds from the bank. The Swiss are like that. But they all shoot and all have machine guns at home. I admit that they are mostly white and patriarchal. It’s like visiting rural Utah in that.

    1. Now that is a fact. There are no stray cats or feral dogs in Little Saigon (Orange County) or Little Cambodia (Long Beach). The pigeon population is controlled too (they are netted and eaten). I’ve eaten pigeon soup in Beijing (I got a foot – not lucky enough to get the head) but it wasn’t very good.

  10. Was the scamdemic engineered as part of the great reset? The world populace being sold a gene altering therapy can be seen just as ludicrous as venesection and phlebotomy. The price? Revelation 18:13 lists our souls as one of the commodities being bought and sold. Following Hippocrates’ philosophies brought a quicker death for many, for over 1500 years. May God help us to not repeat history and be bleeding out our natural immune systems. If Trump had not been the punching bag, would Hilarious and Anthony been the MSM Saviours? When the Demolition Party talks about building back and defending Democracy they only mean one thing, their power.

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