Chris Christie – in 2016?

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Governor Chris Christie is running for re-election in New Jersey. He’s apparently harboring some hope of winning a Republican nomination for the US Presidency beyond this upcoming race. The man who locked arms with Obama during Hurricane Sandy’s reconstruction — during the last election cycle needs to reinvent himself if he wants to be credible with many Republicans.
He has a RINO stain on his hands and I doubt that it’s going away anytime soon. Elections have consequences and he wasn’t of any use during the last presidential election. Even his speech at the RNC was completely self-serving.

(Fox News) Before taking questions from the public, Christie spoke about the problems in Washington and “a president who can’t figure out how to lead.” The Republican governor, now running for re-election, says Obama is more concerned about being right than “getting things done.”

When a woman thanked Christie for his warm response to Obama after Sandy and referred to the criticism he took for it, the governor cut her off. He says he didn’t vote for Obama and added, “I don’t want him to be president.”

Sharp words from Christie?

It will be a very cold day in November that I roll out a vote for Chris Christie. Governor Christie has been good for New Jersey but he’s no particular fan of the Bill of Rights or the Second Amendment. Christie is not a conservative. Maybe he’s what passes for conservative in New Jersey? Where has he been on the myriad of Obama scandals? I understand that he’s a governor not a national official, but there was nothing sterling in his support for Mitt Romney when even a little help might have tipped the balance. I’m sure that Governor Christie wouldn’t care about a vote that I might cast in his direction. Likewise, I don’t care much about the Governor.

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  1. Once he announces his bid, I guarantee there will be a series of news stories all over the place trying to portray him as staunchly conservative, and "far right" – neither of which he is. They always do this in an attempt to influence who we put put against their candidate. It sucks that lots of Republicans will take the bait.

  2. I actually held out hope for him but after Sandy he just rolled over looking for Obama to scratch his tummy and give him goodies. And he actually seems to have moved left on the 2nd Amendment from some of his interviews during the lead up to 2012. As for the Republican party in general – it really doesn't feel much like a home for me any more.

  3. No. Not to me either. I'm holding out some hope that Rand Paul will be able to make it.

  4. If they're anything like "progressives", they whine like little girls ALL of the time.

  5. His comments on Scott Walker (not all the cops in NJ that despise him, nor all the case agents that did battle with him as USA for NJ) were what did him in for me. He said that removing items from union collective bargaining rules was not the solution, rather, it was who was sitting across the table from them. I agree, when you have Leftists in the unions bargaining with Leftists in the Government chair – the taxpayer is the loser. But its the fact that there are government rules that require bargaining in the first place. He's no Conservative. But he does gets things done. Things that benefit him…

  6. Those last two sentences…as exemplified by his speech at the RNC last year stick in my throat.

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