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Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 65, to divorce Melinda, 56, after 27 years of marriage: The couple, worth $124 billion, announced the split in a joint Twitter post and say they ‘can no longer grow together’. I wonder if they will have to divide Twitter followers in the same way they’ll divide the loot?

Bill, as a bachelor, Bill will continue to focus on building better viruses and trying to block out the Sun (see The Matrix). Melinda will continue her physical therapy with the pool boy – or something.


Fox News: Mystery surrounds status of CNN’s Toobin after Zoom masturbation scandal.


Is LSP Headed for DOGECOIN riches …more here.  When interviewed by this blog as to why he went heavy into Dog Cryptocurrency (DOGECOIN),  LSP’s answer was as cryptic as the coin. Some speculate that there is a new Lambo in his future. Others have placed wagers that he’ll launch his new fishing yacht in Lake Whitney and clean out the striped bass.  Whichever way it goes, we expect him to remain humble, and invite us all to his new hunting ranch in Texas. He may buy the Brazos River instead. Nobody knows which way he will leap  when he cashes in. LSP has a family connection to Canada – some wonder if he will buy Manitoba instead? I’m pushing him to buy the Yukon instead but he rarely listens to me. The people in the Yukon know how to drink (see below).


In Canada the per capita sales per year of alcohol is $724. Here’s breakdown by province/territory


Do you Speak Canadian?

SOURCE – This is How Canada Talks.


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  1. Regarding the Gates, always thought Bill was a little light in the loafers, so will be interesting to see who he hooks up with/already has hooked up with. Not that I actually care, just out of scientific interest.

    As to Canuckonics, Eh… Don’t care. Canadian Snow Birds don’t come near my AOA so I don’t have to deal with their holier-than-thou attitudes (though I did back in the day when I lived on the Space Coast (that would be Brevard County, FL.))

    And I don’t care how you pronounce caramel. They stick to my teeth and are death to crowns and fillings, and I haven’t been able to eat the damned things since I first got braces. It should be ‘Car-a-mel’ but, again, Eh, don’t really care. Now hand over those dark chocolate candies if you value your kneecaps.

    • Maybe the Boring Twins just want to transition genders, and get re-married? IDK who the hell would want either of them…


      • KLE – Bill and Melinda swapping genders? My mind hadn’t moved in that direction, but it would show how woke they are.

        Bruce Jenner – I forget what his chick name is – seems to be actively pushing to become governor of California. I think that it would be fun. I’m always looking for something to blog about, and humanity offers that up in spades.

        • Totally woke leftist loon vs. a trans “woman.” I can’t wait to see how that one pans out.

          • Doesn’t matter. The Tranny has come out against woke-sports and is a conservative. That invalidates race, sex, metal illness, the whole nine yards.

            K. Jenner, to the Left, is only one thing now. A target.

          • Jenner is the very essence of progressivism. To the left the prog mentality is merely a vehicle for them to get power. None of the leadership believes in any of it. That’s for the little people.

          • I don’t know whether Jenner is a steer or a bull. He dresses like a cow, but what does that mean? The size 13 Jimmy Chu’s look as strange as the rest of the package. And he’s old. I don’t know that he’d be able to survive on Santa Monica Blvd., if he didn’t offer deep discounts.

          • As you both state, he’s a steer according to his voice and shoe size.

            Why is it California is the epicenter for bizarro world weirdness and wacko behavior and the rest of us are supposed to accept it as normal?

          • I used to call California “the Land of Fruits and Nuts”.

            And while that was the case, there was a sort of balance. The Bay Area was what it was/is. Orange County was the opposite. A democrat couldn’t get elected there. Now the place is just going to the dogs.

  2. You get “elastic band” or even just “elastic” down here in New England, too.


  3. I’m a bit more fascinated by milk/melk and wash/warsh.
    The Gates breaking up reminds me of that old joke about two Alaskans telling the Texan to stay out of the argument or they’ll split Alaska in half and make Texas the third largest state.

  4. Maybe Bill will move to Kansas onto one of his property’s he has purchased in the past few years. I’m sure all of the locals will give him the welcome he deserves!

  5. I’ve become not fascinated but a lot more interested in Canada and Canadians as I’ve gotten older, even though I’ve only been there a few times. Two visits in the last decade. It came to me why finally while going over the collection of Canadian maps above.

    Candada to me is kind of like one of those old Twilight Zone episodes where a guy wakes up and superficially everything looks the same, but then as he goes about his day there are some little oddities here and there. Maybe it wasn’t Twilight Zone but some other sci fi story can’t remember the name where you get strung along for a while and just dismiss the little odditities (like “Soda Pop” or mis-spelling “Center” as “Centre”) until you get halfway through the day and realize suddenly they’ve gone all Children of the Corn on you and you really ain’t in Kansas anymore while they’re getting ready to stone whoever pulled the black marble out of the jar.
    Well, maybe not that excessive.
    On my last trip up there I enjoyed an extended dinner with my Candadian counterparts (work trip) and since one of them had lived in the States for a long time, we had good conversation and I got a little more insight into what makes Candadians tick.
    It’s curious, you’re in a place where they drive on the same side of the road with GM and Ford cars, there’s an accent but nothing that would really grab you, you could just be in a part of Minnesota that you hadn’t been to before. Then out of nowhere someone mentions something the Queen said that was important (a real non-sequitur for Americans) and it’s the Twilight Zone again.

    Candada’s quirky (to me) and interesting. Despite whatever differences I might have with their outlook (big mommy gov for instance), I did find it remarkable how polite and nice everyone was to strangers even when I crossed a crosswalk at the wrong time and I got a gentle “go ahead” from the driver. That wouldn’t happen here!

    • All of Canada has a smaller population than California.

      I’ve worked with Canadian law enforcement and intelligence (CSIS) in the past. The RCMP can be a little pompous, but I get along with them well enough. They’re not as puffed as the FBI is. I’m with you in regard The Crown. From an American perspective, it’s a little weird because they embrace the colonial system fully, yet with a truly Canadian twist. Montreal shouldn’t be in Canada because it doesn’t seem the least big like a Canadian city. I like Montreal (in the summer). But Canadian? Not really.

      • I think my favorite weird Canadian thing is that they have a civic holiday named… Civic Holiday.


          • Well, sometimes you run out of things to name things. Civic Holiday will work until some group is offended and we will have to name it something else.

          • Maybe just “Day”.

            Civic offends the anarchists.

            Holi (Holy) offends atheists.

            Day – is just a day. Somebody might prefer Night.

  6. I have a friend up in Calgary. Great guy who gets paid to be a trick roper. I’ll have to send him those maps just to see what his take on them is. I’ll be sure and point out that lack of alcohol consumption in Alberta.
    The term “soda” is more of an northeastern thing from what I’ve seen. Around here we say “pop.”

    • >The term “soda” is more of an northeastern thing

      Sounds right. At my favorite fried seafood place (which has “Roast Beef” in its name, just to keep things interesting — another Boston-area custom) I once said, “and a bottle of pop.” The countergirl was totally confused. After I explained it was a synonym for “soda” she shouted into the open kitchen area behind her, “Hey, I got a guy here who calls soda ‘pop’! You guys ever heard that before?” Turning back to me she said excitedly, “Say it again! I never heard anyone say that!” I was suspicious that I was being mocked, but apparently not. They don’t really do irony in that shop.

      Growing up in the upper Midwest I think we called it soda mostly, but people knew what you meant by pop. Sodapop was considered a bit pedantic. Some people would also call all fizzy soft drinks “cokes”. I’m led to believe that’s a Southern thing, but we had people doing that in the Midwest too.

      • I will occasionally hear the term “sodapop” used but not often. Soda is generally an unsweetened, unflavored fizzy beverage used by some as a mixer with scotch.

        • Nah, that’s “soda water”. Or sometimes “Club Soda”.

          Tonic has quinine and is sweetened.

          These are the New England usages.


    • After moving to Colorado from PA, asked for a soda…guy looked at me like I speaking Ukrainian. It was “pop”. Sneakers were also “teneez”. Tennis shoes were for tennis. Never got the hang of that one.

  7. Canada is ok and I get along with most Canadians. I’d much rather deal with their customs than our stick up their *** customs. Two things to dislike driving in Canada is the 100 km pain in the *** and, in winter, pea gravel on the roads. Last time I drove there in the winter I came back with eight rock chips in the windshield.

    • +1. Canadian Customs are great but U.S. Customs have sucked every single time I’ve been thru ’em, regardless of where I was coming back from.

      Been to Canada several times and worked with/around them otherwise and generally they’ve been good folks but there was this one guy…….Mrs. and I visited Victoria in ’95 after doing a trade show in Seattle. Took the rental car up to Port Angeles and rode the ferry over and had a better time than I was looking forward to. One night we went to supper in a little basement restaurant. The waiter kept going on and on about how blessed the United States was to have Bill Clinton as president, to the point even Mrs. realized he was trying to stick it to me. Also Mrs. was kicking me under the table. She knew where that might go, but I did not rise to the bait and let him rave on. I also did not leave him a tip. Whatever is the point of being The Ugly American if you can’t act like it?

      • I live in Canada and have never had a problem with Canadian Customs. US Customs seem to be overly self important whenever I have to deal with them. I remember once at the Coutts border crossing as I was going to Montana. I was asked by US Customs where I was going. I said I was going to Shelby, Montana. I was asked why. I said because I had never been there. I was told that was not a good enough reason to go to Shelby.

        As for politics, I love visiting the US and Americans have been great whenever I visit and I am conservative in my views. I do not bring up politics. There is a tendency among a number of Canadians to be a big smug and superior because they are Canadian and not Americans. They think they are better.

  8. The pup’s running well today but I’m a bit worried that there won’t be any Lambos left. Mine’s a Miura, btw.

    And yes, everyone’s invited to the hunting ranch maga compound!

  9. Doge noncoinage…what 59c now from next to nothing…guess I shoulda listened to LSP and bought a bunch from my gov’t cheese check. Smoke and Mirrors at play.

    Gates – No prenup…that’s gonna get weird and we’ll be assaulted with the play-by-play as if anyone wants to be involved in someone’s personal drama. Maybe divorce is another side effect of the Safe Vax.

    Moons ago sent a Summer month canoeing thru a section of Canada…the lingo was great, discovered the “Eh?” was real, and by the third week picked up saying it. Funny how hanging local these things stick…like “Yo”, “Wudder”, or Yuzguyz” in Philly.

    • Well, the Brits do say “Al-U-Min-E-Um”…we here in the Colonies can’t figure that one.

        • It has…was heading north this morning, caught Beck reviewing the Doge market…something like a $1000 in is now “worth” $250k. Will cryptocurrency replace cash and cards? Hard to tell. I’m a tangible sort so not for me. Just don’t forget your passcodes like those Bitcoin fellas.

  10. Everything in MS is a coke. As in what kinda coke you want ? Grape coke , orange coke , Or a Pepsi ?
    Not as much as when I was kid, but still pretty much. Coke was first bottled in Vicksburg , maybe that’s the reason . Also all dispensers are “coke machines” even if it’s full of Dr Pepper,,

    • I do personally think of cold beverage dispensing machines as Coke machines – as a default in my brain.

  11. When in Canada, I noted that they seemed to run on the British system of meals-

    What about LUNCH – the most important meal of the day? They did serve a “ploughman’s lunch” in Calgary that I recall. Essentially a sandwich, with a pickle and a hard boiled egg on the side. No salt and pepper for the egg by default. You have to ask.

    • Dinner is lunch here for the ranchers….and often need a nap after. Supper is lighter fare and growing up what we sometimes called dinner but mom would yell “Supper’s on.”

    • Where I grew up, if the noon meal was light it was called lunch and the evening meal was dinner. If the noon meal was big, it was dinner and the evening meal was supper.
      Noon meals feeding the harvester crew was always dinner.

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