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Wants to be a US Senator…then run for President.
Poor little rich girl. The dynasty was written in the stars (by the stars in Hollywood) and the way was cleared by Slick Willy. Then Hillary stumbled – more than once – and you can read about her near victory in one of her books that also make excellent doorstops. What is in Chelsea’s future? The runes say that she’ll survive on her trust fund.

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  1. Where's my trust fund, dammit! But seriously, maybe Chelsea needs to transition to being a person of color if she's going to fulfill her political ambition.

  2. Poor little girl. It's bad enough she's handicapped with her mother's looks. Apparently she's inherited a lot of her personality as well.

  3. Slick Willy did claim to be the first black president, so maybe there is a swipe of the old tar brush in her family history. It would clearly aid her in her quest to be president, commander-in-chief and leader of the free world. Have you ever thought that she could run for Vice President with Oprah? There's a pair to draw to.

  4. You need to have some compassion when thinking of Chelsea Clinton – a baby raised by monsters. What chance did she ever have of being human?

  5. She does look quite a bit like Webb Hubble. A DNA test would settle the matter. Ask the progs: If President Trump steps on a scale, will Chelsea submit to a DNA test?

  6. okay, why do we keep screwing the kurds? and, what have the turks done for us lately? i don't understand how why we keep shafting people that help us and helping people that shaft us. seriously, why?

  7. Not referring to the post above, I don't see that the US is screwing the Kurds. In what way? We've armed them to the teeth and they're doing well against the Turks (who are our NATO allies by treaty).

  8. She's part of the Clinton Dynasty – and would likely make a better whatever than her mother would have.

  9. Her mother's looks? Despite all the work she's had done to her face, I think she looks like daddy hubble. As a fan of CSI & Forensic Files, I would love to see the DNA results myself, but it won't ever happen.

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