May 5th

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It’s Cinco de Mayo in the US and in Mexico it’s May 5th and a Saturday. There are parades and taco eating contests in the states that border Mexico, but in Mexico – crickets, because it’s not a holiday.
But I’ll take the tacos, and enchiladas and the carne asada the guacamole, because I love all of that. There are parts of the US where finding quality Mexican food means you cook it yourself. When in Washington DC, I found that the Mexican restaurants were all populated by immigrants (legal/illegal) from El Salvador. And the Mexican food sucked because it was actually El Salvadorian food.
Don’t be suckered in by promises of “authentic” Mexican food at Taco Bell. And enjoy the day as best you can because Hillary Clinton is nacho president. There is a reason to celebrate.

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  1. Luckily we can get some of the decent stuff here. The meme reminds me to continue to count my blessings.

  2. Taken as a whole, I am very fond of good Mexican cooking both the US variety and the very different style in Mexico. May 5th reminds me that I need a couple of tacos for lunch to celebrate.

    The Democrats are scrambling for a replacement for Hillary – and Hillary (Version 18 or so) is offering herself up as that replacement for Hillary (Version 17). Will the Democrats go with her or will they put Michelle Obama forward as their champion to defeat President Trump?

    The damning success of the economy, trade numbers, employment on the rise and success in foreign policy must be defeated by the corrupt, elite, media if the Dems are to be successful.

  3. I'm not a big fan of Mexican food; but when we do eat it we usually go to Taco Bueno.

    There are other Mexican restaurants here; but they don't allow weapons on the premises.

    Taco Bell is our least favorite.

  4. Oddly enough, I have NEVER eaten a burrito in Mexico nor do I recall ever seeing one on a menu.

    I was asked once to bring Jesus Malverde (patron saint of marijuana) t-shirts back from Mexico. I went all over and was told that they are only sold in the USA.

    I think that it's the same thing with burritos.

  5. Taco Bell is "kosher Mexican food"…

    And for the record, narcos (with arms) are never prohibited from entering restaurants in Mexico. Prohibition would mean that the proprietors would be murdered, their children sold into slavery and the establishment would be burned down.

    In Mexico you eat where the narcos eat. The food is always good and the service is prompt. You think that I'm joking, but I'm not.

  6. Thankfully, we have good Mexican food here. When Cape Canaveral started operating in the mid-'50s, some families came here from White Sands, New Mexico. There's a couple of restaurants around here founded on Grandma's recipes.

  7. The "grandma inspired" tamales are the very best – usually. There have been one or two times around Christmas when somebody gave me grandma's tamales and though I wanted to tell them, "Your grandma can't cook," I held my tongue, eating happily (not really). Tamales have to be moist but sometimes they're dry as a wood chip…and often that has to do with some health conscious soul substituting lard with something more 'heart healthy'.

  8. And I thought that the Democrats were scraping the bottom of the barrel when they nominated Hubert Humphrey in 1968. Fast forward 50 years and what would you call Hubert Humphrey today? A Republican.

    The Democrats are now the party of Che Guevara and Mao. Once they gain power (and they will, in the fullness of time), watch what happens to the Constitution. The only use the Democrats of that eventual day will have for the Constitution is to wipe their asses with it.

    Kiss your guns goodbye, LL. Even if they have to pry them out of your cold, dead fingers, your Glocks, your Uzis and other loved pieces will be forfeit as they will be considered dangerous to the country by our betters.

    Hell, Hubert Humphfrey would be brought up on charges and imprisoned as an out and out criminal by the current thugs who populate the Democrat party.

  9. I like Mexican food, but I truly love Tex-Mex. Fortunately, here in Texas there is an abundance of both. I remember reading blogger Rachel Lucas's travails even finding some ingredients in England, and the very few restaurants that claimed serve it were laughably bad.

  10. Our next door neighbors in Long Beach had Grandma (abuela? my Spanish, she is not so good) living with them, and man, could she cook! We always got a big plate of homemade tacos at Christmastime, and they were absolutely the best I've ever had.

  11. Still looking for a good Mexican restaurant here. The "Inca" is the one went to with the radio club for Christmas dinner, and the kids surprised us by wanting to go there. The food reminds me of the Acapulco Restaurant in San Pedro, near the Iowa and the L.A. Maritime Museum. Decent food, fair price, good service. Several other places we tried were pretty BLAH….

  12. Yes indeed, Humphrey and Johnson would both be Republicans and the Democrats would have worked hard to impeach Kennedy.

    If my firearms are pried from my cold dead hands, so be it. I hope to leave a decent sized stack of carcasses before that happens.

  13. Yes, Texas has good BBQ, excellent Mexican and it is the home of Tex Mex.

    I'm still looking for a Mexican food restaurant in the Central Arizona Highlands that rates more than a C-. It's dismal. But there are a lot of places in the Valley (Phoenix and points south) that are excellent.

  14. Oh, right. You'll go to the pub and declare that it's sink-o-de-Mayo and they'll all cheer because the sun is over the yard arm and they'll hope that you will buy a round. When that happens, Kevin (lizard) will be a distant memory. And after a few pints you'll forget all about sink-o-de-Mayo and you and your squadies will still celebrate something. Then you'll send for fish and chips and they'll all want to share your food including the mushy peas.

  15. You approach the situation as I do. Old enough to know good from mediocre and not willing to settle for C- Mexican cuisine.

  16. Yup. There's a popular chain here called "Qdoba", and it's kind of a build-your-own burrito/taco/whatever place, almost like the Mongolian BBQ places.

    If my wife's says it's weird, I won't get near they place, and she said it was beyond strange.

    And she didn't like the food.

    Strange or different ambiance I can adjust to, but bad food? Where's the door…..

  17. Huh. Here I thought sink-o-de-Mayo was all about the cargo manifest on the Titanic.

  18. I avoid places like that too. There's a place near where I used to live like that and I went there once. Once was enough.

  19. Yes, there were those two million jars of Mayo on the SS Titanic. Who knows what the Americans were planning to use it for?

  20. You always need to consider yourself 'under surveillance'. It might (or might not) make you behave yourself.

  21. Probably just trying to make up for the loss of The Irish Rover.

    "We had one million bales of old billy goats' tails
    We had two million buckets of stones
    We had three million sides of old blind horses hides
    We had four million packets of bones

    We had five million hogs, we had six million dogs
    And seven million barrels of porter
    We had eight million bags of the best Sligo rags
    In the hold of the Irish Rover"

  22. Exaggerations – but well within the realm of excuse if they had kissed the Blarney Stone.

  23. The day is done. I didn't halt or falter and had a couple tacos for lunch in honor of the forgotten battle. I held up your end because I ate TWO tacos.

  24. I'm no expert, LL, but I'd say the mexican food's pretty good here in Hill County.

    Nice closing infovraphic.

  25. According to ValJar the success of rising trade numbers, the rise of unemployment, and the recent success of foreign policy are ALL due to the bow-master himself, the leader from behind, aurally- well endowed, God emperor, and bringer of light to the universe.

  26. Most people don't have knowledge of Mexico's real cuisine or their real cultural beliefs. That most don't know who Jesus Malverde is is illustrative that someone with their eyes on money is behind it.

  27. I have swamp land and a bridge to sell to those people…maybe they'd be interested be interested in buying land on Saturn. The prime real estates on the ringed planet (with a view of the rings) is going fast.

  28. No, they don't. Work thrust me into the culture and the lore and the cuisine down there. I like Mexico, but it's a real mess these days.

  29. Go to Monte's for dinner tonight. They always do a good job! (local dive Mexican food joint in Hillsboro, TX for the uninitiated)

  30. There was a cook shack for the summer farm help when I was growing up and a Mexican lady did the cooking. Real Mexican food and it was great.
    Nothing like the horrible stuff that is served today that has been Americanized.

  31. Saturn sounds good if you like high gravity, high pressure and temps ranging ~ -270 degrees plus ammonia and ammonia sulfide to breathe. Almost like another day in the Hamptons.

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