Bullet Points

* Industrial espionage, theft of trade secrets, and how much poison can you pump into an unsuspecting public…more here.  You just have to love the plague.

* We know that the plague vax (a) doesn’t keep you from getting the plague; (b) doesn’t keep you from spreading the plague; (c) is lethal to some recipients and makes others very sick. Yet it is still mandated by Bowzer – and the name evokes that given to a dog (sorry/not sorry).

* Everyone knows that the British are wealthy and the 80% electricity bill hike that they’re about to be slapped with shouldn’t bother them – because it will save us all from extinction. Take it at the fourth point of contact like troopers because your virtue will save the planet.

Not to be outdone — This time last year the cost of electricity per megawatt-hour (MWh) in both France and Germany sat at around 85 euros. On Friday, both countries set record highs, with the cost climbing by at least 1,000 percent from last year to €850 in Germany and over €1,000 in France, Le Monde reports. They’re going to need to put up more windmills – as they shut down their nuclear power plants.

* Fron the Virtual Mirage Crime Blotter: Thirty-one-year-old Larondrick Macklin (an inner city man) likely thought he had the upper hand when he broke into a southwest Decatur, Alabama home on a Thursday. Macklin was armed with a pistol when he entered the residence on the 2800-block of Wimberly Drive, Newsweek reported. The home reportedly belonged to his ex-girlfriend, according to Al.com.

When Macklin entered the apartment and brandished the pistol, the unnamed woman wasn’t able to get her hands on her own firearm, but she was able to wield a weapon that worked just fine in fending off the intruder. As Macklin reportedly burglarized the woman’s home, causing a domestic disturbance, she decided to fend him off with hot cooking grease. Showing no mercy, the unnamed woman hurled a pot of red-hot grease in the man’s face in self-defense.

* Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.

* Former HBO Max executives have confirmed that Warner Bros. is stepping away from pushing left-wing propaganda on Americans. Deadline reported that 14 percent of the staff was laid off on WB’s streaming service, HBO Max. 14% of staff is equal to about 70 people. Some sources say the firings seem to be pointed at ridding the company of “radical leftism and woke culture.”  — I guess that they want to make money. Imagine that?


Identify these WW2 Production Tanks





Arizona History

Al Sieber was one of the most notable scouts and pioneers in Arizona’s history. Born in Germany he came to America and the Arizona frontier in 1868 where he became a scout for the Army during the bloody Apache wars of 1869 – 1885. His character was played by Robert Duvall in the feature film, Geronimo.

The Arizona frontier in the 1870s and 1880s was laid waste by hostile Apache bands who fought bravely to drive the Americans from their homeland. In 1882 following a particularly bloody raid in which dozens of farmers and ranchers were killed by hostile Indians who had jumped their reservation at San Carlos, the hostiles were pursued north by Army troops from Fort McDowell with Al Sieber as chief scout. With Sieber were several peaceful Apache who had agreed to scout for the Army under Sieber’s command.

When we think of the Apache Wars in Arizona, we think of deserts and red rock canyons. The 1882 campaign was conducted in forested mountains and meadows very near the White Wolf Mine where I live.

As the troops pursued the Apaches deeper into the rugged wilderness, the army’s native scouts became more and more reluctant to close with the enemy. They didn’t like the terrain, which was perfect for an ambush. The scouts protested that the renegades were too far ahead to be overhauled and that they should give up the chase. The Army officers could not budge them. Al Sieber stepped in and, in the words of Lt. George H. Morgan, “Sieber, in his abrupt way, started them along pronto.”

Al Sieber was a lead-from-the-front man, and on the afternoon of July 17, he and his scouts located the hostiles, who had set an ambush along a canyon rim on East Clear Creek. Had they remained undetected, the whole joint command might have ridden into a fatal trap. A long-range firefight erupted, with the Apaches and the troops taking shots at each other from timbered ridges many yards apart. The troops and scouts would have to close with the renegades.

Acting commander Major Adna Chaffee sent Sieber and Lt. Thomas Cruse to take a few of the scouts supported by two troops of cavalry (dismounted) on a flanking maneuver to the right, across the canyon to try and take the Apaches from the rear.

Lt. Morgan asked Chaffee to allow him to make a similar maneuver to the left, but Chaffee doubted the scouts would fight for Morgan as he knew they would for Sieber. However, realizing that a move to the left would pressure the hostiles and support the flanking maneuver from the right, Chaffee relented and sent Morgan out under the command of Captain Lemuel Abbott.

Meanwhile, Chaffee’s troops in the center kept up their fire on the distant Apache stronghold. Historian Dan L. Thrapp described Sieber’s maneuver:

“Far down the canyon, Sieber and the other flankers had gained its floor. Bright sunlight had been on them when they started down, but so narrow was the defile at the bottom that someone gasped, pointed upward, and all peered at the unrivaled spectacle of stars shining in broad daylight. But there was little time to enjoy the sight; the hard-bitten little party scrambled breathlessly up the other wall, arriving in a beautiful, park-like pine forest with little or no underbrush.”

Sieber, the scouts, and the troopers moved forward and ran into the hostiles’ pony herd. At just the right moment, the horse guards were distracted by the eruption of a firefight off to their right, as Lt. Morgan’s men ran into a flanking party of renegade Apaches.

Sieber and a Lt. West opened up on the pony guards and wiped them out. The scouts took custody of the horses and quickly moved them out. The flanking maneuvers worked perfectly, sweeping around the hostiles and putting them in a trap.

Al Sieber, armed with a Winchester .45-75 caliber rifle, a powerful and rapid-firing weapon took a severe toll on the hostile Apache. Lt. Cruse wrote of Al Sieber’s actions that day:

“Our men and Sieber wiped out that whole bunch of hostiles and we pushed on. Sieber was still beside me and I saw him kill three of the renegades in quick succession, as they crept toward the edge of the canyon to go over and away from the battle.

‘There he goes,’ Sieber would say to me and with the report of his rifle, an Indian I had not seen would suddenly appear, flinging up his arms as if to catch at some support. Then under the momentum of his rush, he would plunge forward on his head and roll over and over. One hostile shot at the very rim plunged over and it seemed to me that he continued to fall into the shadows for many minutes.”

Darkness fell over the battlefield, suddenly followed by a tremendous thunderstorm that covered the ground with several inches of hailstones, burying the dead in ice and bringing misery to the wounded. The official body count was 16 Apache hostiles, though it is likely that many more wounded crawled off to die in the forest and rocky crevasses. By all accounts, Sieber accounted for six to eight of the hostiles with his rifle. One Apache army scout and one regular trooper were killed and there were several troopers wounded in the battle.

The Battle of Big Dry Wash, as it came to be known, was the last full-scale battle between Apaches and the U.S. Army on Arizona soil. Al Sieber would over the next four years continue to lead his scouts, often chasing Geronimo into Mexico. He would also police the San Carlos Agency trying to keep the peace among a warrior people whose sun was setting.

Al Sieber went on in 1906 to become the foreman of a road-building crew on the Apache Trail. The trail was being widened to accommodate machinery and equipment being sent to build Roosevelt Dam on the Salt River. Sieber’s crew consisted solely of Apache Indian labor, some of those in his crew had fought him or were the sons of hostiles who had fought with him during the long Apache wars.

On February 19, 1907, a large boulder impeded the construction of the Apache Trail road. Al Sieber was called to the spot by an Apache laborer to examine the boulder and give orders for its removal. Sieber walked below the boulder to examine the situation. Suddenly without warning the boulder dislodged and it rolled over on him, killing him instantly. The incident was ruled a tragic accident but many feel that some Apache workers loosened the boulder and rolled the rock over on Sieber as he stood below. No one knows if that is true, but that rumor has never been dispelled. It is a long tradition of the warrior Apache to avenge the death of a family member no matter how long it takes.

Al Sieber was taken and buried in the old Globe, Arizona cemetery, and a great tombstone monument was erected at his grave shortly after. Arizona Governor George W. P. Hunt convinced the Territorial Legislature that it should be built for him. The monument still stands today as a fitting tribute to one of Arizona’s most notable pioneers.


Legality of marrying your first cousin around the world.

Don’t even think about it in Arizona.


The 50 drunkest counties in the US.



If you’re asking yourself where you want to go to the party.


Median Age by State in the US, 2020.



  1. I stole your quote about children and slaying dragons – sorry (not really, but that sounds polite).

    • I have no idea about a model number, but I’m pretty sure #1 was manufactured by Skoda in Czechoslovakia.

      • I was gonna guess one of the small Polish tanks for the first one, I knew the M-13/40 – that weird twin hull MG is a giveaway.


        • Others played with twin hull MGs. Heck, the American light tank series (M2, M3/M5) had hull mounted mgs that could be fired by the driver, and aimed by him rotating the tank.

  2. #1 has the same basic shape of a Skoda 38t, but that weird little MG mounted mid-hull is something I’ve never seen. Maybe an AH-IV?

    • #1 – You’re very close. Romanian R1-1, based on the Czech AH-IV made by Skoda. In my opinion, this was a very difficult tank to identify because of the similarity to the Skoda product and while it was a production tank, people’s minds are not drawn to Romanian tanks.

      The Australian AC 3 Thunderbolt the other day was not a full production tank, but the R1-1 was, for what it’s worth.

  3. 1st Cousins – Colorado? Really? Is this that “A-Z Lettered 2 Spirit” thing Trudeau was talking about, or The Biden Who’s Your Daddy Affect?

    US Solar is spending a BILLION dollars to expand its facility and production. Gee, where’d they get that cash?

    In the meantime, filed under “Only dictators spew this sort of useless tortured logic with a straight face”, The Brown-Out Bad Deal folks are shamelessly projecting Winter energy shortages, telling “it sucks to be you” folks to be prepared for Soviet Era Dr. Zhivago style frozen houses…because those Adult Style Pinwheels littering the landscape and wrecking the skyline really proved themselves in Texas. Or Germany. Or France. Or anywhere.

    But – just like Socialism – no amount of bad result stops the Save The Planet deluded from doubling down with their “no energy for the Serf’s” mantra, yelling: “You vil like it! NOW GET BACK TO STRIP MINING for cobalt and lithium so we can protect the environment!”

    Sieber- Now that’s a story. Good stuff. Always wanted an 1886 Winchester 45-70.

    • As it turns out, Colorado has fewer restrictions on First Cousin Marriage than West Virginia coal mining country…who would have guessed that? Frankly, not me.

      Justin(e) Trudeau and his two-spirit thing baffles me but he always said that he was a black woman trapped in a white man’s body. Maybe it has something to do with that. He always loved to wear blackface and from what some Canadians have reported, he shares the unholy preference of some Greek warriors. The Canadians are content to return him to office and many would seem to bask in the police state that he’s creating. The US has no room to talk because we allowed a demented old crook and a whore to be installed to run the place, so I’m not taking the moral high ground here. Brandon has to walk a little more softly in a country with many more guns than citizens and trillions of rounds of ammo.

      Has the RCMP become the Canadian secret police the way the FBI assumed the role so gleefully in the USA?

      Every time I see an electric car advertised on television I barf a little. Yes, I realize that it’s a big virtue signal for the purchaser and in many cases, an electric car is a good choice. BUT we all know that the grid is no way capable of supporting all of them and when it goes down, they go down. Hybrid would seem to be the best way forward for all of the virtuous – hedging their bets as it were, but that’s not what auto makers are swinging toward.

      • Wait until they outlaw gasoline and diesel…Mad Max (among other dystopian fiction) was NOT supposed to be a reality, but these destructive goofballs will make it one.

        • They really want to do that, but with deference to Sen. Feinstein (she who owns the post office sort of) there would be a lot of people going postal, and not mailing complaint letters.

      • Yes, it has been quite evident over the last 10 years that the RCMP has morphed into the CSS. Attacking church services, confiscating firearms, banging into people’s homes because the homies don’t got no maskies.


        Just like the FBI, DEA, BATFE, IRS, BLM, USPS and all the other 3-4-5 letter agencies here in these free United States.

  4. Plague & Vax Insanity (as us “Semi-Fascists” see it):

    And just like that the Big Pharma Rats are starting to eat each other as the Covid Charade house of cards begins to crumble. Obviously getting desperate to distance themselves from any culpability by passing blame for the damage they directly caused by running the responsibility around the Cul-de-sac of The Great Culling & Election Coup players.

    • Big Pharma does have St. Fauci of Wuhan to point to – he who led the way, and like Birx, has admitted to lying about everything. What I find exceptionally odd is that many schools still have masking requirements for children even though we know that the obedience masks don’t work and never have worked to slow the spread. If kids are sick they should stay home until they’re well.

      Though I hate to say it, when I was in 1st and 2nd grade, I contracted all of the childhood illnesses of the day in series as did EVERY OTHER CHILD. I had Chinese Measles, Rubella, Chickenpox, ear infections, this flu and that flu. The vaxes for smallpox and polio were out and they worked. The only thing that I missed was mumps. I don’t know why, I just did. In my 30s, I caught chickenpox from my kids and adult chickenpox is NO JOKE. It almost killed me and I was a big, healthy, working out, eating right sort of guy. It was much worse than Covid-19, and I had that twice. Given that was simply what happened in my era, the whole worldwide shut down because of a bad upper respiratory infection from a bio-weapons release in China makes less sense. Stopping a virus from spreading even with vax after vax after vax and booster after booster after booster is not something you can just whip up in a lab without full testing and expect to work.

      Given the side effects of the vax, we know now that it was worse than the disease and almost completely ineffective.

      • All of our generation had the same deal…Mom would say “Get it and get over it.”, then get some Ginger Ale, Toothpicks and model cement, and maybe rolled the 13th B&W TV into your room so you could watch Road Runner and The Three Stooges.

        Strange thing lost on the mind-numbed (who manage to believe they are smarter than anyone having come before them), our vaccines for specific diseases and illnesses actually STOPPED us from getting sick with said disease or illness. The Covid vax is in name only…if/when people start dropping like flies we’ll know.

        • Road Runner, Buggs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Marvin-the-Martian, and the Three Stooges, Amos and Andy, and Disney’s Song of the South are so politically incorrect. Imagine the scarring that went on in the brains of America’s youth.

          And the Lion King – today Scar and the hyenas are the good guys…

        • Don’t forget swaddling you up like you’re the passenger on a dogsled and putting you out in the sun for fresh air and heat stroke to make you better.

          And ice-water emenas to break fevers. Followed by hot baths to cleanse the pores.

          Chicken soup and other soft foods for meals, sherbert for sore throats, gallons of orange juice.

          Strangely, all of the above actually work, but because Big Medicine can’t make money off of it they aren’t allowed.

          Seriously, some of those old-school sanitariums? Fix them up, clean them up, modernize them, and put them back in service. An hour on a porch in fresh air and sunshine is better than sitting ignored in a typical hospital room or some convalescent home.

      • Covid was a bad flu with lot’s of publicity & selling by Madison Ave people. In a couple of years we’ll probably see what they were really after with this.

        • There have been a number of bad flu years historically. The difference is that this once came from a Chinese lab and pointing that out is Sinophobic. Maybe because so many US politicians are on the Chinese payroll? Just speculating.

        • Which is why the COVID tests pop positive for other H1N1 illnesses like the common cold or other seasonal flus and the only way one can actually see if you’ve got the actual COVID is if they whip out a scanning electron microscope. Because the difference between the Wuhan Flu and other H1N1s is that small.

          Seriously, pop positive on a KungFlu test? Yawn. Double yawn. Go out and sit in the Sunlight and sweat it out like a man or woman or, yes, there are some few genetic freaks out there but that’s genetic freaks for you, they’re freaks as in very very very very insignificant statistically. Sweat it out. Eat decent. Drink lots of good fluids. Get some sleep. And stay the heck home until you’re feeling better if your damned job will allow it. That’s how most people get over the Wu Ping Cough if it actually becomes symptomatic.

          Seriously, a flu soooo virulent you have to take a half-baked test to find out you may have it even though there are no symptoms? Totally asymptomatic? Yeah.

          Though it was good for killing lots of ChiComs, once they were starved and locked behind doors to the point they couldn’t get food or basic medical treatment (and don’t forget, most ChiComs over the age of 40 were/are about as healthy as your average US 60yoa hand-digging coal miner who’s been working in the mines for 45 years and smoked two packs a day.)

    • Even woke stockholders don’t like to hemorrhage money.

      That’s the CNN saga. Nobody watches the antics of the woke liberals. I mean, how many people in terms of the total population want to park their lawn chair next to the monkey cage at the zoo and have poo thrown at them every single day?

    • No, someone high up looked at his stock options and saw them devaluing as he watched. He’s only protecting his bottom line, which, fortunately, will mean some decent entertainment will be made again.

  5. A dog would be a superior Mayor, compared to Bowser.

    Good on that lady with the boiling oil! Too bad she didn’t cut his throat while he was rolling around, screaming.


  6. “Far down the canyon, Sieber and the other flankers had gained its floor. Bright sunlight had been on them when they started down, but so narrow was the defile at the bottom that someone gasped, pointed upward, and all peered at the unrivaled spectacle of stars shining in broad daylight. But there was little time to enjoy the sight; the hard-bitten little party scrambled breathlessly up the other wall, arriving in a beautiful, park-like pine forest with little or no underbrush.”


    • Of course, otherwise it would cover trade schools and other non-standard education methods.

      There are some normal people out there bitching about the price of their student loans, and who got their cranks caught up in loans due to matters beyond their control (like businesses going out of business, emphasis on H1B visa holders over ‘Muricans, things like that.)

      BUT… for the most part, geez, when I was going to school knew that I could get loans for some bullshit degree or get loans for a degree that would actually, you know, pay for the loans pretty quickly. Or go into the military and get the opportunities that were offered in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

      To purposely seek out some weird-assed degree in advanced non-gender lowfat soy sparklefartness knowing that when one graduates with a BA in ANGLFSSF there are no decent paying jobs or even bad-paying jobs in the field of ANGLFSSF other than “Ya want fries with that” and go thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands into debt knowing that one’s future in ANGLFSSF has no future other than 4-10 years down the line said ANGLFSSFer can declare bankruptcy and get out of ever paying off the loans. That, that right there, THAT! That’s the problem.

      Is there a problem with actual STEM graduates not having jobs when they graduate with real degrees out of actual real programs that are really difficult (in comparison to a BA in Vagina Painting or Painting with a Vagina or ANGLFSSF)? Yes. Mostly because businesses have listened to MBAs and Accountants and lawyers and graduates of ANGLFSSF and BAVPs and BAPwaVs and have destroyed American business and commerce. But the predominant ‘sufferers’ of student loan debt are BAs, MAs and PhDs in various fewmetty fields of scatologically impossible fields.

      As to those ‘student loans,’ how much of the actual loan went into tuition, books, supplies, really cheap living conditions and barely nutritious foods, vs $10 lattes, $16 cold-pressed juices, $50 tapas platters, $400/oz ‘medical’ marijuana, and enough booze to embarrass and shock Lord Nelson’s group of officers when they went on a really good bender?

      Seriously, I’d feel sad and sorry even for some idjit who got a degree in leftwing moonbattery if the idjit spent as little money as possible and suuuuuuffuuuuuuuurrreeeeed horrendously physically due to malnutrition and living in a tarshack while getting said degree.

      Otherwise? I almost have more sympathy for those men passing monkeypox back and forth. Almost. Maybe. Well, both groups could probably use a good dose of fluid from a flammenwerfer…

  7. In the end,All of Seiberts scout got rounded up and sent away with the Apaches they we’re hunting . The great white father will screw us all eventually.

  8. The Apache “problem” was well underway to a peaceful resolution when, in 1861, LT Bascom screwed up so bad, at Apache Pass in Arizona that the Apaches went back on the warpath for the next twenty-five years with some outliers still raiding into the first quarter of the twentieth century.
    I am certain there was a map involved…

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