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AZ Mountains

I’m out at the White Wolf Mine for a few days, inspecting the work and doing some other ‘stuff’ that needs to be done in preparation for Phase 2 (which will follow the completion of the hovel some time in late Spring 2018).
I was also told of a bit over 50 acres of patent (deeded) land that may be going up for sale there in the Coconino National Forrest. There is not much of that sort of land. The White Wolf Mine property is that sort of land. Usually it is the result of a mining claim or other claim such as a homestead, that pre-dated the establishment of the National Forrest reserve in 1908. I may drive out and take a look. It’s accessed by a fire road, but I will be driving a short wheel base 4×4. If purchased, the new spread would not replace the WWM property. However it might offer additional opportunities, not specified here or on-line.

Inner City Names

There are a lot of names being splashed about in the inner city. Some like Mohammed and Barack Hussein my be familiar. A friend of mine has a brother who lives in the Detroit suburbs and works as a department store Santa. In 2015  he was assigned an inner-city Detroit area mall and found himself chatting with two ladies about unusual names. One of them told him that her sister had named her baby boy “Shuh-Teed.” It was spelled S-H-I-T-H-E-A-D. 
I’ve run into others. A clerk in a courtroom in Santa Ana, CA, named her baby Chlamydia. Her judge and a few others among us took her aside, but she liked the name and as far as I know, the name remained on the books. You can only wonder what the teachers thought when young Chlamydia showed up for her first day of school.

Aquanetta is another one, wife of a barber on a Navy base; LaTrina’s name was on her waitress outfit in Memphis. Hydrate fixed the air conditioner on my last house. You can’t make this stuff up.

Water Boarding
they even sell t-shirts
I’ve mentioned it before, but those of us who have attended SERE (Search Evasion Resistance and Escape) in the military have all been ‘water boarded’. It’s part of training. Many tens of thousands of service men and women have gone through it. I’m sure that some of you who read this blog went through it. Some poor unfortunates go through SERE more than once depending on assignments. It’s an education process to keep from being captured by the enemy. If/when captured, you are placed in a prison camp. Water boarding is uncomfortable and nobody likes it, but the outrage that it engenders when we used it under medical supervision on terrorists made no sense to me.

P.S. the food you get at SERE is vastly worse than the food served to terrorists at GITMO.

So there may be a solution to the problem that the precious little Islamophiles have with the need to extract information quickly from mass murderers.

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  1. You don't always have pesticide with you in the field – but the troops could start carrying it.

  2. Birthing nurse told me a woman named her daughter "Placenta". When asked, the woman said she heard the delivery doctor using the word and thought it sounded pretty.

  3. I have no first hand knowledge of that but there is a city in Southern California named Placentia. Second hand information is that a woman didn't want to name her daughter after the city but liked the name so went with "Placenta".

  4. When humanity and civilizations have gone to far I guess you end up lik in the UK where MI5 boss Andrew Parker a few days ago said UK terror threat evolving at scale never seen before. "We're now running well over 500 live operations involving around 3,000 individuals known to be currently involved in extremist activity in some way." Due to lack of resources MI5 can not do a better job. When reading and listening to what Andrew Parker tell I am thinking of cost efficient methods like water boarding and Gitmo.

  5. Strange names sometimes occur in rural areas as well. A couple of the older kids went to school with a girl named Tequila Sunrise. I like the diesel idea, though I believe some other liquids would serve as well.

  6. When I volunteered at my son's grade school a long time ago. A lady had twins. She named them according to the deserts she got in the hospital-or so the story was told to me. Lemongello and Orangello. They were registered students at the school.

    That property sounds like a great purchase if it does indeed come up for sale. I am sure you can think of great things to do with it. But not an RV park, haha.

    You all have a safe, blessed weekend.

  7. Tell the Ghurkas for me that if you use diesel, it's not water boarding – and it's ok. May work a lot better.

  8. The Mexicans use tehuacan (club soda) instead of water. They stuff a filthy rag in your mouth (sometimes covered with fecal matter), tilt you backwards and pour club soda into your face until you breathe it in. It fills the sinuses and is said to hurt like the blazes of hell. It's politically correct for them to do it because they're Mexicans.

  9. Today when the progs are against carbon I think hydro power is acceptable even as electricity as log as it comes from hydro power. Electricity works too. But I will tell.

  10. Yes, whether a cattle prod or wires wrapped around a body part. You don't have to use diesel – or urine.

  11. LL,

    That's a version of an old Asian one. Bottle of cola (any brand/kind) open, place thumb over opening shake vigorously, place under nostrils, remove thumb. effective

  12. Children, grandchildren and friends are a different matter. Inviting belching tourists onto that sort of property is not in the cards (even if they don't belch).

  13. Oooh! I was so close!
    A nurse friend of mine took a patient into ICU by the name of Ladasha. Well, that’s how my friend spelt it but the patient soon corrected her- No! It’s spelt like this – L – A.
    Funny how quickly the morphine can be upped.

  14. Go for it, the more land the better!
    One can sure profile the heck out of some of the names people name their kids. We be different has gone beyond the limits of commonsense. I feel for any kid that has to live with some of those names.

  15. The Mexicans wouldn't waste good tequila (or even bad tequila) by pouring it up somebody's nose. But I'm with you. It would hurt.

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