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Jeb! HQ Florida during the debate

Jeb! Bush’s candidacy was heralded by the mainstream Republican Party as the way forward. Unfortunately for them, there are precious few who care one way about Jeb! no matter how many commercials he runs on TV. Somebody tweeted a picture of Jeb!’s debate watching party from his Florida Campaign HQ. (left) I’ve heard that more people showed up later and there were about twenty present at the peak. 

I wonder if those who showed up did so for the free snacks or if they really want Jeb! as their next president?
The Jeb! Campaign fired back with the photo (below) of the Nevada Campaign HQ during the debate last night.

Jeb! HQ Nevada during the debate
When I think of a high-energy room in Vegas full of Jeb! supporters (eating free snacks), this is clearly what comes to mind. The photo is courtesy the Jeb! campaign via the Weekly Standard. You’d think that all of the party faithful would have been there, cheering. Maybe they were. And it explains why Jeb! doesn’t have statistically significant poll numbers.
I think that America is tired of weak, uninspired leadership. I realize that there are a lot of mainstream Republican types who want to line up for all of the political jobs that are handed out by new president…but maybe they need to find a more likely host to attach themselves to.
Jeb! comes across as a generally lazy, entitled, spoiled mama’s boy. 
Memo to Jeb!:  Every time you attack Donald Trump, he makes you look like an even bigger goof.

16 thoughts on “Jeb! – the – Debater

  1. Jeb! needs to get out of the race before he looks even more pathetic. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

  2. There are a lot of people down at the country club that would welcome him back home after a tough run on the campaign trail. But his sense of entitlement spurs him on in the hope that he can get more than two or three percent of any electoral group to take him seriously. More campaign commercials – another $100 mil and he will turn the corner — right.

  3. As an old school Blue Dog Democrat who voted Republican in the last two elections there isn't a single one that raises my pulse. The Democrat possibles? Rises my hemorrhoids.

  4. Right. Go back to the country club, Jeb! and have another gin martini. Stop making yourself a public spectacle.

  5. There is a Chinese proverb that is very instructive: "It is better to own a politician than to be one".

  6. The only thing that drives him is ego, and the though that he's entitled to be president because his dad and brother were. At this point, he's humiliating himself.

  7. Jeb! is precisely the reason I'm not a Republican. Obviously I'm not a Dem either. What's left in politics for pragmatists?

  8. I think we all are suffering from Bush Fatigue. Starting with 41 (who to this day doesn't understand supply-side economics, he only knows it as 'voodoo'). Then his little boy Dubya, who never met a Democrat with whom he could't compromise (which meant spending billions on that particular Democrat's hankerin's). And now Jeb, who agrees with his little brother that 'compassion doesn't stop at the Rio Grande.'

    We just can't afford another Bush in the Oval Office.

  9. Wasn't two enough?

    If you could clone Reagan twenty times, fine. But GHW Bush was an elitist who lived in the great man's shadow and didn't do all that well outside of it.

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