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Will Hillary go to Jail?
If she doesn’t land in custody over having classified e-mail on her hacked server at home, I don’t think that selling 20% of the US stockpile of uranium to the Russians will do it either.
The corrupt, elite, smug, nasty, lying mainstream media is behind her all the way and they’re trying to change the conversation to a telephone call from President Trump to the widow of a Green Beret.
It’s what we’ve come to as a nation and it’s why I am looking forward to hanging up my spurs and living at the White Wolf Mine. I’ll sit on the porch with a .45/70 lever action rifle and rock in the chair… I’ve really had enough of the B.S. 
In time my vision will fade. The clear beverage from the mason jar may make things worse.  If you approach, you’d best announce yourself from a distance or suffer the fate of the other skeletons on the road.
The road to the White Wolf Mine
In Chinatown
I speak a little Chinese (Mandarin with a Shanghai Accent). I used to teach at the People’s Public Security University in Beijing – don’t ask me how I picked up the Shanghai vowel set because I don’t know. Ok, I used to hang in Shanghai, but didn’t mimic their accent.
And, to the point, I went to a Chinese restaurant last week. It’s one of those joints with 15 Fujinese slaves in the back throwing the food together. Good food, waitress from Fujin too, speaking broken Mandarin – fresh off the boat. The waitress spoke no English, and pointed to the menu items (in written Chinese).

It is important to point out that there are a number of restaurants in Chinese districts in the San Gabriel Valley portion of Los Angeles have staffs that do not speak English. Maybe the manager does, but they service Chinese customers almost exclusively. 

I spoke Chinese to her and berated her for her inability to speak the celestial tongue. There are eight major languages in China that are not intelligible to each other. The written language is the same across all spoken language.
I explained that I’m “overseas Chinese” (the term is an insult on the mainland) and I’ve been here in the US for quite a while now. I told her that if you were here long enough, you began to look like the locals. Did she believe me? 
Some of these Fujinese are very ‘rural’ people without a lot of contact with even city Chinese. 
She reached out and touched my nose. I touched hers and assured her that it would grow. She grew concerned.

Now for the Sermonette 

I’m fond of the work that’s been done by Lehigh Defense and refer them to you. They don’t sell gimmicks, they sell technology to the discerning shooter.

I don’t own stock in their company, but I appreciate quality and attention to detail.  Innovation backed by solid research and testing is something that always attracts my interest.

It’s a smaller company, but it’s one of those whose products I recommend. Thus the promotion in the sermonette portion of this blog.

Because at the point of kinetic impact, you don’t want to be using inferior ammunition.

Lastly, a Pause for the Cause

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  1. Will Hillary go to jail? No, in spite of the fact that she's guilty as sin of something that would have you and I incarcerated in a heartbeat. Political of course, just like her husband's "exoneration" back in '99.
    I'll have to check out the Lehigh Defense product. Currently my ammo of choice is Federal HST but I'm always willing totry something else to see if it's better.
    What kind of .45-70? I have an old Browning 1886 carbine. While it does provide some thump back at me, deer shot with it tend to remain that way.

  2. Any thoughts on the NORKS having the ability to set off an EMP bomb over the US? They have proven they can launch a satellite.

  3. If they can build and detonate a hydrogen bomb (which is also an EMP) and can launch a satellite, they should be able to detonate it over the US.

    Our response would not be conventional and there wouldn't even be a cockroach to scuttle out of its hole when we were finished with them, but they could do damage.

  4. Marlin Model 1895SBL. Some say that the stainless steel barrel is a flash problem while hunting. So are sunglasses. You simply need to be aware of it. It's not the only rifle that I have available for hunting and such, but it's a great rifle to throw in the back of the pick-up when you're driving around.

  5. Yeah! Hillary is safe from jail. But if I did what she did I would be put so far back in jail that my food would have to be delivered by UPS. As for speaking the language in a restaurant, I can only do that is a southern owned and run place where everyone is called darling or honey.

  6. American Rifleman just had a review of the new Marlin "Guide Gun" in .45-70.

    They loved it, but the part I liked best was when the reviewer described the round as "Hitting like a freight train".

    Seeing as Marlins are one of my most favored rifles, I might just have to look into one….

  7. If any of us had committed even a fraction of the crimes the old hag has committed, we'd never be seen or heard from again.

  8. You sir have a wicked sense of humor… poor Fujinese waitress.
    Who ever told them they needed to have an English name, I wonder!

  9. 45/70. Yeah, baby. It's one of the first cartridges I started reloading and casting bullets for back in '77. Now have five rifles in that caliber, including an original Trapdoor full length rifle.

    I also have a Marlin 1895 that I bought at a military rod and gun club while stationed in (the former) West Germany. In the '80's, I sent off to a fellow name John Pell in Colorado and ordered a 24" octagon barrel. Also ordered an extra magazine tube from Marlin and had a local gunsmith use it to extend tube on the rifle to full length. It is a real sweetheart.

    Ain't presbyopia fun? I can still see the front sight OK, but rear buckhorns are just about useless now. I'll have to do some homework on what's out there in the way of rear peep sights.

    Here's a link to some very interesting history. If you can find an original copy (digital or paper) there are illustrations as well.

  10. I went to dinner in Dearborn with some friends from the NSA and one of them, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, ordered us dinner. The waiter asked us what part of Lebanon we were from.

  11. Happy 星期日 LL
    The seat of honour at an ‘ all-you-can-eat-Chinese- Sunday-buffet’ is always reserved for the White Wolf and is usually the one in the centre facing east or facing the entrance.

  12. I've heard that Korean food is indigestible, but I'm no expert. Here in Hill County we have a Mongolian buffet. I'm not convinced by its authenticty.

    Maybe that will change if Hillary goes to jail.

  13. I think hillary has much intel from the FBI files they played footloose and fancy free with back in the day. The clintons are experts at using the intel to their advantage and they also have the knee pad press at their disposal. The double whammy tells me that there are no orange jumpsuits in her future. More vodka-fueled falls and broken appendages, yes, but no jail.

  14. I have heard some rumors that regulations will be changed so it will be possible for US manufacturers to sell weapons and equipment abroad without too much trouble.
    "The Trump administration is preparing to make it easier for American gun makers to sell small arms, including assault rifles and ammunition, to foreign buyers, according to senior U.S. officials"

    That will create opportunities.

  15. You'd have a cannonball connected to your ankle by a chain and would be singing the Folsom Prison Blues.

  16. Back to the wall in the corner with the Colt 1911 cocked and locked… It's where I sit and it's how I roll, but you know that.

  17. I REALLY love Korean BBQ/Korean food. If you're eating the honest homestyle Korean food, it's about as good as it gets. Seriously.

    (Avoid the dog – Blue Epicure will smell it on your breath if you eat BBQ dog and may turn on you)

  18. Ahahaha! That poor waitress. "Tang ren bu hui jiang tang hua?" (Sorry, that's probably got errors — I am not versed in the commie abomination of pinyin.)

    The unsavory practices of no few Chinese restauranteers is no lie. In my home town there's a place where the chef/owner serially marries young Chinese women for money. In the 1980's his rate was $30k USD to marry a woman wanting US permanent residency. I have no idea whether sex is also required, but the girls work off their "debt" in peonage in his restaurant. He's apparently still at it (the poor man has such a long string of failed marriages!); no idea what his fee is now. On the one hand, inflation, on the other hand, he's gotten old and fat (was a pretty good-looking guy when younger). When we heard about his practice we stopped going to his place even though the food was admittedly good.

    On a recent flight I ended up sitting next to the largest Vietnamese guy I've ever seen. I at first thought the guy was part Samoan. Anyway, turned out he knew the story behind why another Chinese place closed suddenly. (I never liked it because I thought the manager was an utter jerk — had words with him, but most people liked it.) Anyway, the place closed abruptly which puzzled me. So this almost-Samoan Vietnamese told me that the manager/owner had been jailed. The story was that he had been buying up residential property. In one very nice house in an upscale suburb he had five Mexicans (busboys and kitchen peons in his restaurant) living in the basement. The ground and upper floors of the house were nicely furnished, but the Mexicans were not allowed on those levels. The house was ostensibly always "just about to be on the market" once some additional renovation was done. One night one of the Mexicans accidentally set the house on fire while they were all drunk in the basement. The house was consumed in flames rapidly. The fire department arrived, started trying to put it out, but it was pretty obviously hopeless. They called the owner (restaurant guy) and told him the house was a likely a total loss, but "were there any people in the house?" The owner lied "No. Not a person. House was empty." So the FD concentrated on keeping the fire from spreading but otherwise stayed out of the place. In the days to come, they found the carbonized corpses of the Mexicans in the basement. Owner was prosecuted and sent to jail. Now here's the thing that really shook me. I was appalled by what the owner did. My gigantic seatmate professed to be more shocked that he went to jail for it. "I mean, those guys were already dead! It didn't make any difference at that point," he said, echoing the Smartest Woman in the World.

    > Back to the wall in the corner
    Pretty Korean Girl now asks for the "gunfighter's table" when we go out, without me having to say anything. She doesn't even roll her eyes much any more. The expression "a gem beyond price" springs to mind. :-)

  19. I could share many stories about the need to sit in the gunfighter's table, but they're moot – somewhat lost to history, except that I still seek a tactical advantage. I explain it the way that General Mattis has. 'Be polite and courteous to all, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.'

    Keep the Pretty Korean Girl. They're difficult to find. (Was she born in the Tiger year?)

    The going rate for citizenship marriages is still about $30K. I know of situations that brought $40K. It's not just documented men marrying immigrants. I know of women who ply the same trade. Sister Ping (famous snakehead) was known for being married to several men at the same time.

  20. Do you find that your modified Marlin is a bit barrel heavy? The rifle needs to fit the man. Some people don't agree, but to me you need to be able to shoulder a rifle in the same way you do a shotgun (ideally) where it's there as if it was part of your body. When you are able to do that, snap shooting at game in brush (just looking at that sight blade up front) becomes an automatic and accurate exercise. It's the same way with combat pistol. Your eye is on the target and when the rifle (in battery) comes into place through the use of muscle memory, the round is on the way as part of that process.

    As a result of firing countless range rounds and a few combat/hunting rounds, I'm acutely aware of that balance in a rifle. What works for one person will not work for another because we're all different sizes. If shooting with a scope it's having the eye relief perfect so it's an extension of your entire body and the reticles come up to meet the target rather than the other way around.

    Naturally, a sniper rifle is a different problem because you're going to shoot prone and it's more like a bench shot.

  21. She's certainly got in-job training after being married to Bill all these years ;)

    BTW if her liver were to fail no doubt the MSM would take pains to characterize it as Non-alcoholic Cirrhosis. No end to the lies with these two.

  22. There is also the "heaven doesn't want me and hell's afraid I'll take over" scenario to consider.

  23. Great post and great comments.
    At this point all I can wonder is if Killary will be seen in Heaven…

  24. "Do you find that your modified Marlin is a bit barrel heavy?"

    No, I don't, although as you say everyone is different. I actually like a tad of muzzle weight. Obviously being bored 45 caliber removes a lot of weight, plus the octagon on mine has a very slight taper to the muzzle. It comes up and swings beautifully. 24" is probably a bit long for close in snap shots, but that is not what I intended it for.

    I once had the opportunity to handle three original Colt Peacemakers, all with 5 1/2 inch barrels. One in 45 Colt, one in 44-40, and one in 38 special. The difference in weight and balance was very interesting. I prefer the 44-40.

    I'm with you on balance and natural point of aim.
    Got my NRA Highpower Rifle 'Master' card in 1990.

  25. The BS in Cali is getting deeper and deeper. Can hardly wait to get this place sold and to move on.

  26. PKG is not, alas, a tiger (which would have been a Chinese-zodiacal match for me). Good thing I don't pay attention to that sort of thing then!

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