Rumor of the White Wolf

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It started with an anonymous gift that arrived in the mail — a white wolf mask — that was eerily transformative. (cue the background music)
Small, heroic, children held off the White Wolf as long as they were able, bravely defending hearth and home. They aggressively defended the gifts that Santa left under the tree.
The police investigation is still ongoing and the identity of the evil White Wolf is still undetermined. Law enforcement ascertained that the wolf also likes warm home made chocolate chip cookies.


24 thoughts on “Rumor of the White Wolf

  1. Hahahahahaha!
    Absolutely brilliant!
    Who's afraid of the big, bad white wolf..?! Ooh…terrifying!

  2. The field of view from inside the wolf mask is – limited, to say the least, but you're right. It would make a statement while riding a motorcycle.

  3. Brilliant! It's like Jim Carrey's mask, only better! Now I need to find a bear mask, since we do the "Masha and the Bear" routine around here with my 3-year-old granddaughter. Even with the mask, she'll still be the scary one!

  4. The only one who doesn't try to wrestle me to the ground is two months old. The rest attack like a pack of rabid wolves. The mask did not deter their concerted attack to bring me to ground.

  5. Today, you have actual wolves that live in and around your home in Norway. By this time next year, I should be living near wolves as well. The video in that link is touching. I can see how having a wolf as a companion would be of real benefit to a veteran.

  6. The legend will grow as the white wolf sightings around the area up there near the mine proliferate. I'm thinking that maybe we could wrangle an episode of "Ghost Hunters"?

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