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New Year’s Eve Question

How do you prefer to see in the new year?  Some will stay home and go sleep at 9 pm and let the moment pass. In some cities, there are volleys fired into the air and bullets fall to Earth in great numbers (like living in the Middle East, but still here at home).  So it’s smart to stay up until that insanity has passed.

Some of you may attend orgies where you exchange STDs. Others may have quiet gatherings and ring in the new year a couple of hours before it’s the new year where they are.

I anticipate snow at the White Wolf Mine and it tends to white out making driving difficult. You simply can’t tell where the road begins and ends – and it’s worse at night. There has been talk of de-frosting some rib eyes and having a few people over for a steak and bake but the weather will determine that.

Christmas at 78F in SoCal is in the past now. I dealt with holiday going-home traffic with a bunch of crazies on the road crashing, turning a 7-hour drive into a 10+ hour drive. Watching the weather as I do,  I made it home an hour or so before it started to snow.


If it’s not the Ukrainians, it’s the FSB

Alexei Maslov, 69, a former commander of Russian ground forces with close ties to Ukraine died ‘suddenly’ the day after Vladimir Putin abruptly canceled a trip to the Uralvagonzavod tank plant that he ran. The Russians are having difficulty building tanks – any tanks – at the moment, let alone coming close to replacing those destroyed in Ukraine.  There are a lot of Russian colonels who want to make general because of the squeeze. You can become rich, and afford a nice dacha, a Mercedes S600, and a luxury yacht on US$5,000/mo. And it works until it doesn’t.




From the Mail Bag: Wristwatches

It’s really a personal preference. The US Navy used to issue Cassio G Shocks to frogmen but it has been some time since they did that. The G Shock was durable. A former Team guy started the RESCO watch company. They’re nice, but they’re on the expensive side if you’re going to wear them downrange. They appeal to the people who are now working for Blackwater (whatever they call themselves today) and can afford them. The Suunto watches are popular, and not horribly expensive. For my sport SCUBA, I used Suunto instruments/dive computers. Back to the retired crowd, the Rolex Submariner is popular, but it’s expensive and there is a lot of metal in it (set off a mine) so nobody would wear it operationally.   I hope that helps.


Bullet Points:

* Vanguard and BlackRock – Your woke betters.

* Did the Navy find a use for the Littoral Combat Ship? No, not really. They just don’t know what else to do with them. The navy would like to simply scrap all of them – but Congress isn’t allowing it. Will anybody be held accountable for the 35 that were built or the seven that are under construction that will scrap when they’re launched?

* The Twitter files show proof that the FBI conducted mass brainwashing, censorship, and disinformation campaigns, in coordination with Big Tech and the mainstream media to steal elections. There’s no “theory” about it. Yet, the FBI has responded by calling everyone “conspiracy theorists”.  House Republicans have located Emails and text messages implicating Nancy Pelosi in the security stand-down on January 6th.

In the face of the overwhelming proof that members of the FBI betrayed their oaths of office and violated the most fundamental Constitutional right of the people who pay their salaries to uphold that right, the FBI’s response to these Twitterfiles revelations is to continue to gaslight the public.

On Wednesday, the FBI issued a statement in which it accused the Twitterfiles journalists of being “conspiracy theorists” trying to “discredit the agency”. I’ll bet that next, the FBI designates them as “White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists”.

The Twitter files show that the FBI has been Hellbent on controlling Twitter, its users, and their information that they paid Twitter $3.4 million in tax dollars to censor, suspend, and harass those who merely wanted to share the truth. In response to these revelations, the FBI announced.


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36 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. As for seeing in the new year – one meme asks if we can see the terms and conditions first 🙂

    1. I wish that we could find a way to eliminate the administrative state. But it’s too much to ask.

  2. The New Year. If it is clear I’ll be out looking at the stars. Otherwise inside reading with a good single malt at my side. I used to fire off a few rounds (into the side of a hill) at midnight but got out of the habit. People in the neighborhood still do though. Don’t think anyone is stupid enough to fire into the air but I have been surprised before.

    Fancy watches. I kept breaking them or scratching the face so now just wear a smart watch or a G-Shock. Relatively cheap. Oh fancy watches for me was about $500.00; the Rolex is certainly out of my price range.

    LCS. Past my pay grade but isn’t drug interdiction a Coast Guard mission? I can see expanding the Coast Guard and getting them more cutters but the LCS mission change just seems like a way to hide more graft.

    1. The LCS isn’t a Coast Guard cutter and isn’t suited to drug interdiction. They’re trying to find SOMETHING for them to do.

      I have a Breitling B-50 Night Mission for fancy. I wear a Breitling Aerospace Evo for every day. The G-Shock is for working.

  3. FBI: Famous Biden Integrity. Which begs the question: to whom are our Praetorean Prefects loyal?

  4. New Year’s Eve: the coach said if I drop the ball one more time…
    Driving on the white stuff and black (oops!) ice: in the mid-’50s we were learning to do 360s and 720s uphill, downhill, whatever – so long as you stayed within the white lines – OK! on the road – OK! most of the time. Now the TPTB are banning (y’ gotta be kiddin’ me) driving. They’re gonna start making cars outta polybutyl – c’mon! next thing y’know, y’ gonna hafta wear helmets if y’ wanna ski.
    I’m donating a 1000 nerf-ball bullets for the Ukraine thing; doan wan’ anyone to get hurt.
    I’d end with a “bad” word, but this is a family blog.

  5. I’m too hard on watches so it’s the Timex Expedition, when I wear a watch.

    My favorite watch disappeared into the clear, Gulf waters while fishing years ago. I’ve wondered if it’s still intact, sitting on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, the batteries slowly eating away the mechanism. If found, I wonder if Timex will replace it without question?

    1. My titanium watch is pretty tough. I’ve had it for a long time and it keeps moving, but it’s no longer waterproof.

  6. Watches:
    Bulova Accutron w/ expansion band. Good watch though the “hum” was somewhat annoying. Lost/destroyed while driving my motorcycle when a bee flew up my sleeve.
    Three Seiko Sports Series watches in succession. The first two required service after about 3 years. When the third one died, I replaced it with:
    US Guide brand “military style” watch, $30.00 at Sportsmans Guide. Analog w/black face and white numerals. Keeps excellent time, batteries last a year or two. The first one lasted over 10 years. It was still running after broken crystal. Bought another one 2 years ago, still on its first battery.

    New Year’s:
    I’ll be reclining on the couch until the fireworks shows are over and the local crazies run out of ammo sometime after midnight.

      1. Went to my Dad’s place for breakfast one New Year’s Day.
        Noticed a little pile of plaster on the floor. Pried a .38 lead bullet out of the carpet. A heat round hole in the ceiling.
        (Thanks, Rudys.)
        We patched the roof after breakfast and plugged the ceiling hole.

  7. My dad wore Buvolas for the longest time, finally giving up on them when he retired in ’73. Somewhere at Mom’s house are 3 of the Buvies, maybe. Wonder if they’re still worth fixing?

    Then again, yes, I know, heretic and all, but I don’t wear a watch. I’ve been able to destroy expensive and inexpensive watches at an equal rate, none lasting more than 3 months.

    I am in awe of people who can actually wear and not destroy watches.

    As to New Years? Staying home. Much like, oh, say, almost every other day. I am sure all the people in the neighborhood will be blasting fireworks starting last night and going till the 8th or 9th of January, because, besides smoking and doing drugs, that’s what people in medium-low income neighborhoods seem to do.

    Dammit, I need to win the lottery bigly enough to move out to the country.

      1. Or walls, or random objects. I am a klutz.

        Not to mention that I emit some weird electrical field that destroys watches, computer mouses, and other non-shielded objects.

        And watches don’t fit under a good vambrace, or even fit well under a gambeson. For that, a pocket watch in one’s wallet is a better solution (medieval wallets being what people call man-purses or messenger bags these days.)

  8. I wear a watch everyday all day. Feel naked without one. Have a dozen for various tasks. Daily wearer is a Casio Pathfinder, which requires a PhD, reading glasses, and the Manual to use it’s 8,000 features. But I like the styling and base functions. Worker watches are a couple different Wenger’s or Timex Expedition. Then the dressier ones for “going out”, a few ‘large” Invicta’s and one Filson, all bought for styling and feel. I have a chronograph, like the styling but not the dial read, too busy. None are expensive, don’t need that level of extreme functionality or styling…or name.

    New Years is quiet at the ranchette – a little fondue, a movie, and hit the hay around ten…it’s Midnight somewhere. The real question – aside from the party concept of bringing in 2023 – is will it get better or worse under these treasonous reprobates? Worse for sure…unless God decides to launch the meteor strike on DC, doubtful most would mourn the loss.

    1. If a meteor struck any of the woke enclaves, I wouldn’t be unhappy. Of course, if one struck me, I can’t see the woke dropping one or pinching one off in my honor.

      1. You have a way with visuals…hehe. But I concur. Getting old dealing with politicians hogging the air and operating as if they are God’s gift to the rest of us, most are gnats buzzing around. America needs to get back to work and focus on family and friends and community…those others can enjoy their lonely sorry existence.

    2. I stopped wearing a watch a long time ago, for the same reason I don’t wear a wedding ring.
      But I’m usually within a few minutes if I’m guessing, and right on when I look at my phone.
      I have a nice one for dress that Dad left me. I dress at funerals and weddings.

  9. the weatherfools are calling for rain nye here. i usually have a fire and watch the stars. have a couple fireworks to ring in the new year but i feel guilty about waking the elderly neighbors, so…. always wanted to do xmas in f. l. a. and recreate the corona commercial on the beach, watch the fireworks across the bay….maybe next year……. never wear a watch. was always losing them or cracking the face. have a plate in my wrist now so its uncomfortable. seldom need the time these days anyway….fbi, has zero redeeming value.

  10. Like Beans and Riverrider I don’t much care for wearing a watch. I pack a phone on my belt and that’s good enough for me.
    As for New Year’s Eve, I’ll just sit at home and sip on something old and smooth and see if there’s something worth watching on the idiot box. My time of parties and over indulgence is in the past. I just don’t bounce anymore.

  11. Commercial shrimping is tough on watches, so I devolved to waterproof Timex, later in life started raising goats, which are also tough on watches and devolved to cheap from WalMart around $10 bucks, and change out when necessary. I’m not setting off explosives, etc. so I just need to be close to the real time. Some say I’m cheap? I’d rather say thrifty. Do have a very nice retirement watch I’ve never put on my arm.
    Relative to New Years, at 81 I’m now in the 9pm crowd.

    1. I don’t know if I’d wear a wristwatch if I had been a commercial shrimper. Tough job.

    1. Or just put them out around Taiwan with big radar reflectors on them to goad the People’s Liberation Army’s Navy to attack.

  12. I am still wearing a Seiko Solar wristwatch I bought more than ten years ago (or longer, don’t really remember). NO batteries as I got tired of replacing them in prior watches. It’s a black face, no numerals, glow in the dark, date and day window. All I need, and it has been great. I still have an Omega self winding watch I bought in the PX in Turkey 50+ years ago, wonder if it still works, should dig it out and see. I am also hard on watches, scars on the watch face, but nothing destructive. My dad, back when, always bought a Timex for $5 or so, threw it away when it quit and started over. He never wore the Bulova Accutron we bought him for Christmas, was convinced he would destroy it. Its gone now, like him.

    1. I had a Seiko dive watch many many moons ago. I have no idea what happened to it. I liked the watch. It was simple.

  13. New Year’s Eve. In my younger days enjoyed watching the ball drop on TV with my wife. She still likes to, I can take it or leave it. I need an afternoon nap beforehand. We celebrate with sparkling cider instead of Champaine.

    Wristwatch. I never have liked wearing one. That said, in the 80’s when I was in the reserves, I bought a $10 Casio QW-1572 and wore it in an OD Velcro wristband. I got it because I could set it on the 24-hour clock. Just a few months ago the original battery died.

  14. We don’t do much on New Year’s Eve any longer. About since the wild dinner party we attended at Papadakis Greek Taverna in San Pedro in 2011. Long story…..Hoping you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, LL! We’ll be by the fire, having pizza, and watching a movie.

    Can’t build any tanks? Whatever happened to Quantity Has A Quality All It’s Own?

    Pretty good map of Kommiefornia.

    I like Casio watches. Excellent value, and they always work. Seiko is my #2 watch of choice, but can be pretty spendy. Resco is out of my price range, and I didn’t care for the Suunto watches.

  15. My Sunday-go-to-meeting watch is an Elgin gold case pocket watch that my mom gave to my dad on his 22nd birthday exactly 72 years ago today. He spontaneously gifted it to several years ago still packaged from its last cleaning 65 years ago. It keeps good time. He still drives and cooks for himself.
    Back in another century, I gave him my wristwatch when he admired it . I no longer needed it to write log entries. I do not remember the manufacturer.
    I have a couple of Timex Expeditions with the Indiglo feature with expansion bands that I rarely need anymore.
    The expansion band allowed me to quickly shed them if I felt the need.
    When I taught SCUBA I used a Bottom Timer if time at depth was an issue.

  16. I have two Suunto watches (also some sort of primitive GPS) that I don’t wear because the bands broke. Turns out replacing the proprietary band is more than what I paid for the watch. (I got them 75% off on close out.) so now I just use my phone.

    Vanguard/Black Rock article is anti-something something, I’m sure. “Red Shield” is a dog whistle and must NEVER be mentioned other than in a fawning, lickspittle sort of way. A dog whistle, dammit!

  17. Looked at those watches L-L mentioned; they’re nice but pretty sure I’d have to hire his company to teach me how to operate them.

    I own 4 watches. A gold-toned Seiko longevity award that only gets worn to company functions. Everyday wear is the latest in a long line of silver colored Seiko day/date watches that all look like the one I bought at the PX a long, long time ago in a country that ceased function in 1975. They last five or ten years and then it’s on to the next one. I still have the PX watch. Appropriately enough, it ceased function at about the same time that country did. It turned out to be some kinda export model that had to be sent back to Japan to get fixed, and it never worked right after it came back but I just don’t have the heart to toss it. Still have a worn-out pair of jungle boots, too; some of you will understand. And finally, some kinda digital contraption with a bunch of buttons I don’t care to learn how to use, that I wear on jobsites or when otherwise working outside and bought at Walmart for maybe five bucks about 8 years ago and still works on the original battery. It may be the best of the whole bunch…..

  18. russia can’t build tanks? well somebody can b/c there’s trainloads of them going into belarus daily.

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