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The Obama Administration announced a strategy with a logo for countering Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorism. I don’t know if they plan to drop leaflets (below) around the world from the Philippines and Indonesia to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunesia, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc. But if they do, I’m sure that terrorism will go away.

My first take on this was a bit rude, so I’ll tone it down and say that it’s naive in the extreme. There is a culture in Islam that causes a significant number of its members to want to murder other people. Clearly it doesn’t apply to all Muslims. The solution (above) may fit for the US or the West, but is clearly out of sync with the Muslim Middle East.

10 thoughts on “White House Strategy

  1. Maybe the jihadis, against all reason, will embrace hope and change if it means a "radical transformation of America"?

  2. I'm still laughing at the idea of an airdrop… except for think of the sheer dismay it would cause captives if they saw it.
    I mean, come on.
    I saw the pamphlet and my first thought was, "Well, that's cute. For kindergarteners." My second thought was, "The violent extremism isn't in my community [yet]. Poorly aimed solution, aside from education."
    And then I realized "Wait, my kindergartener is being educated by the liberals who find this pamphlet helpful." At which point I crumpled.

  3. You can only hope that liberals won't prevail over Mom when it comes to educating the young.

    In the Middle East where women are chattle/property the violent extremism is spawned. Do you think that it has anything to do with that? I do.

  4. It's got to screw up a little boy to see his mom being treated like property. How can he possibly grow up into anything other than an immoral royal wreck?

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