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My thoughts on the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 revolve around unfinished business. I realize that justice will always be illusive in this regard because those behind the attack were funded by key members of an allied government/royal family in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis offered blood money for the murdered, and I understand that’s how it’s handled there. It’s a little different here. Eventually those of us who remember will die off as will those who financed the attack and it will all be ground into dust.
But that day is not today.
I have similar feelings about the attack on the CIA Base and the Consulate in Benghazi that occurred on the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the abortive attack on the White House.
That attack can be laid at the feet of Hillary Clinton, but the political machine will never allow that to be pursued properly and will never allow the execution of Hillary Clinton for treason. So we won’t get justice there either. The Clintons have a lot of dirt on a lot of people. 
The perjured, physically dirty, spiritually dead woman who testified at the hearings and who lied to the families of the dead should have been locked up at the very least and should have been kept for every holding a position of honor, trust or profit in the US.
And I recall all of that today. 
Unfortunately I know too much, and there’s a lot of innocent American blood splattered across the map and we left a lot of treasure on the field. We’ll leave it at that.
Today is a day for remembering.

20 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. Well LL, I for one believe in God, in the afterlife, in heaven and hell and in a Judgment Day. It might not do us much good now but we can know that people like HRC will see the judgment day and she will be made to account for her actions. She thinks she has won but she fools only herself.

  2. I agree with you, LetsPlay, but I would like to see some pay-back in this life. A pair of striped pajamas and a cannon ball attached to a chain, attached to a manacle around one of those fat ankles would be a nice start.

  3. The thing that irks me the most is the fact that the left and for that matter, the RINO scum in our midst is the fact that so many refuse to even entertain the fact that this treasonous wench was in fact responsible for the death of our citizens. As such, I want more than my pint of blood on this one.

    I find their stance even crazier if one considers an openly gay person was murdered thanks to her inaction and one would think in this day and age of "Gay Awareness" that faction would be out for her head.

    just me ranting, but another example of the hateful hypocrisy of these folks

  4. You can rant long and hard on this day-of-days. There was pay-back to the terrorists administered by the clandestine service and Al Qaeda was seriously hurt. Then again, that didn't keep the Congress which authorized the action to then try and destroy the operators who carried out that action on their part and on the part of the American people.

    Then there's the Bitch of Benghazi – the teflon witch.

  5. I agree. I would love to have that smug look on my face as they drag The Bitch of Benghazi out of court and off to prison screeching and screaming about it is Bush and Trump’s fault. And Slick Willie hitting on the court stenographer at the same time.

  6. I for one will never forget the history this date holds. Whether karma, God, a slippery shower floor or an undiagnosed allergy, she will get hers. Accidents, as you know, happen all the time.

  7. Hillary's staff members know all too well about 'accidents'. Vince Foster suicide in a park where the bullet is never found because the body was dumped there, Seth Rich being robbed and murdered outside of his home – but no wallet was taken…it's a long list.

  8. I have a friend who's retired from the Kansas Highway Patrol. Since troopers in different states often have contact with each other, I asked him what the Arkansas boys thought of the Clintons. I got back real rant from him. Apparently the Arkansas troopers resented having to cover for Bill when he was out chasing women and Hillary acted like Hillary. He also told me that during a campaign stop during the '92 election that the Secret Service detail told them they were rooting for Bush because they didn't want to have to guard her. Who would have figured?

  9. A day for remembrance for sure. And I'm with you, the immoral, murderous, spiritually dead Old Harridan should be behind bars.


  10. LL,
    I would love to hear your take on this book-speaking of the evil ones…it is an excellent read.

  11. Bill Clinton and Al Gore like the CIA. They were afraid of the "old whores" in the CIA and not without cause. The Agency in turn used that relationship to support national objectives. I haven't read the book but the trend that it suggests in the teaser on Amazon is not out of keeping with my understanding of the situation.

    Keeping in mind that CIA focus is outside of the US, it has a different perspective on things than law enforcement. If you view CIA as a non-uniformed branch of the military, you're closer to understanding how that particular machine works.

  12. Given the figures in this report The wall should be well funded when the effect kicks in
    "Since 2009, the unauthorized immigrant population has remained stable, with about 300,000 to 400,000 new unauthorized immigrants arriving each year and about the same number leaving." It shows how the annual cost of legal and illegal immigration to state and local taxpayer is at least $57 billion, and that each unskilled immigrant is a net loss to taxpayers for the next 75 years.

    When seeing the movie 13 hours I wonder how a nation can let it happen without making anyone responsible for so many peoples death when being there in the first place was to take care of the nations interest.

  13. While most of us feel the sting for those of you who put themselves in harms way repeatedly it must hurt far more.

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