If truth is a personal opinion, then it follows “might is right” can be the only outcome. Instead of society freely consenting to obey moral laws, it’s the person with the biggest club forcing everyone to obey his will.

That is why it’s impossible to debate with such people, whose only response is yelling louder and calling you names. Like a battle of wills between a screaming 2-year-old and a long-suffering parent. What happened to the parents sending the temper-tantrum babes to their rooms? They thought such brats were cute and became their friends. (treating them almost as pets) instead of being fathers and mothers, and letting them run riot in the neighborhood to “discover” themselves.

Then there the vegans. The club can only be a metaphor because they don’t have the strength to lift a real one – so stuck with shrill keening.


Thanks, Southwest Airlines

SW Airlines canceled all of its flights leaving Phoenix into the Arctic Vortex. So people. who were headed into Utah, Colorado and Wyoming decided to do the planes, trains and automobiles thing and rent cars to drive home. And it’s snowing in Northern Arizona. I-17 to Flagstaff and points north were jammed so Google (bless their hearts) routed all of the anxious drivers north to I-40 along narrow and icy State Route 87 in a blizzard. Yes,  near the White Wolf Mine. Traffic like downtown LA at rush hour this morning. I pulled one elderly couple from their Budget Rental after it rolled down the side of a hill from the highway. They were en route to Wyoming. And no, we have no cell service here.

Why was I out? A guy whose house burned down 20 miles from me last March ran out of propane and was snowed in. I have a capable 4×4 and drove into the backcountry to fetch him down to Clint’s Well to fill his propane tanks. Great idea but I encountered 5,000 drivers clutching their pearls in horror as elk stampeded down the road. What would you do on an icy road? (A – Maneuver hard) (B – Remain calm and stop) Yes,  they picked A and there were no police or fire or anyone else but a few locals with capable rigs. That’s how I spent most of today.  But I’m home now and chicken noodle soup is warming on the stove. I’ll eat as I type.

No good deed goes unpunished.


From ZeroHedge

The CIA has been using a European NATO country’s intelligence services to conduct sabotage attacks inside Russia since the February invasion of Ukraine, investigative journalist Jack Murphy reported on Saturday, citing unnamed former US intelligence and military officials. The first time sleeper cells entered Russia that was directed by both the CIA and the NATO ally’s spy service in 2016, and more entered the country in the following years.


The Danger of Autism They’ll want to cut your penis off.

Psychological clinical work has demonstrated that individuals with ASD [autism spectrum disorder] might be more susceptible to suggestive and interrogative questioning styles than their typical counterparts… they tend to score higher on a number of psychological trait measures that have been reported to correlate with suggestibility and compliance in typical individuals.”

This means they are more open to manipulation by actors with an agenda, such as transgender youth counselors.

It’s easier to convince them of their previously undiscovered transness.

According to Dr. David Bell, former consultant psychiatrist at the Tavistock NHS Foundation Trust, “some children have got the double problem of living with the wrong treatment, and the original problems weren’t addressed – with complex problems like trauma, depression, large instances of autism.”

Dear God in Heaven!

Imagine that your child is in emotional distress. You, the parent, naturally, not knowing how to fix the problem, take them to a trusted healthcare professional for help.

Then, rather than diagnosing and treating his autism, instead, your doctor recommends chemical castration and a new set of prosthetic chest implants. Your kid wasn’t transgender before – either physically or mentally –  but he sure as hell is now! The cherry on top is that you’re out tens of thousands of dollars you could have used to actually improve your child’s life.

The hospital and doctor, on the other hand, are tens of thousands of dollars richer, and they just gained a repeat client. Per research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, “transgender” patients undergoing “affirmative care” require all manner of physical and psychological “aftercare,” potentially lasting decades:

“The most frequently mentioned aftercare need was (additional) assistance in surgical recovery (47%), followed by consultations with a mental health professional (36%) and physiotherapy for the pelvic floor (20%).”

It turns out, removing the sex organs, carving out a flesh canal in the groin, and calling it a “vagina” isn’t an in-and-out procedure.

Now your kid is not only stumbling through the already-difficult period of adolescence with undiagnosed autistic — he’s also got a newfound case of gender dysphoria; he’s sterilized for life courtesy of the UK government; he’s in and out of the hospital constantly for affirmative “aftercare” to try to clean up the mess left by the surgeons!

Then, when he kills himself, because of the compounded pressures of newfound gender dysphoria and autism and crushing existential pain, the media blames systemic transphobia for the suicide, not the medical system that brutalized him!

That’s liberal and loving!



  1. My oldest is 51 and autistic. Over the years he has dealt with people who sincerely want to help him. Too often, what they think he needs and what he does need clash. He has to deal with the manipulators and the truly evil. Some of those people discovered what an angry father can, and will, do. Nuff said.

    Every year I do less for him trying to preparing him to survive on his own after I’m gone.

  2. Saw that same dynamic coming back from Wyoming during the eclipse, a lifetime of bafoonery witness for me. Never again.

    Being a good neighbor is part of living rural. Glad you managed to not shoot anyone on the process but instead did what God would want: Help. Despite our disdain for those driving in places they should not, or in adverse conditions when unprepared, we help regardless. Not about us. But we do shake our heads.

      • It’s the spirit of Christmas throughout the year — not in the getting but in the giving. Plus, if we ever find ourselves stranded we would want someone to help us.

        Quite a few years back took the vet truck to town, Ram 2500 diesel…four hours driving around, no problems. Stopped at the mailbox stanchion a mile from the house, no one on the highway, which is really unusual. Pulled back out onto 287…and it just quit. Weird. Had food in the pickup, so okay because it was Winter. It was late and MrsPaulM was out of town giving a talk to other DVM’s so figured I’d hoof it home, get the ranch pickup and drive back for the gear…when headlights appeared, then stopped to see what was up. Wyoming plates, young fella, F-250. Asked if I had a tow rope (yup), then offered to tow me to the house, which he did. I offered him some cash, he refused, said he was happy to help as he’d been there before, then drove off towards Laramie. Never saw him or his pickup again.

        Angels come in all shapes and sizes. We are that to others when opportunity arises and are able to assist.

        • Having a tow rope in your truck presumes you were also prepared to help others.
          I once stopped to help a guy who had a flat. His jack wouldn’t cut it.
          My bottle jack and a few other tools and he was fixed.
          It’s a good feeling, eh?

          • I keep significant recovery and medical rescue gear in each truck and a large med kit in the car. The go-bag has a full trauma kit to deal with shooting injuries (sucking chest wounds, and the like). It’s for others but it’s also for me or my passengers. I have hi-lifts and bottle/hydraulic jacks, snatch blocks, tire chains, spare winch cables for off-camber recovery, and so forth. However, I don’t consider myself a “samaritan” in the parable sense. It makes sense to be prepared in all aspects of one’s life.

            FULL load-out is even more comprehensive, which is why I went to a modular system with Pelican cases. Overkill? Only until I need it.

            MRSLL has mocked me more than once in her youth. Today, she appreciates it because she’s seen situations where I’ve used the 5 C-Collars on accident victims, SAM casts, etc.

          • LL- I was a Boy Scout and you headed a huge regional chapter, “Be Prepared” is a life rule. I too cart around a bunch of gear, especially when a self-recovery is needed…you just get to work, whereas most people wait for help (we call those types “tire burners”).

    • Paul M. mentioned the lifetime of buffoonery dynamic he witnessed coming back from Wyoming during the last eclipse.
      The middle of totality of the anticipated April 2024 eclipse is projected to pass appx. 300 yards from our house. We live very near a small Central Texas tourist snare where we deal with liberals from austin, and mostly normals from San Antonio, and Houston on weekends and holidays. I’m really not looking forward to the influx of humanity that is expected to flood into town during that occasion, although the fiscal lobe of my brain does consider renting a hay field out to people who want to view the astronomical event. The next question is; rent by square foot or …..?

      • Get a drone, document, document, document…because one of them will drive through your fence.

        I say square foot rentals, like a 10’x10’ patch is ‘X’ dollars and ‘Y’ dollars for every sq ft over that. Why not, payback for the locust swarm headache.

        Btw, on that trip (historical Lysite ranch trip we got from a silent auction, no one around for 20 miles)…the main road south was jammed to the gills post eclipse (even waited half a day). Traffic just sitting there with every manner of problem. Took back dirt roads to get around the stupidity only to find two wrecks on 287 North AND South of Laramie. It was dark by then but we know those backroads and came out below the wrecks heading to Colorado. Managed to get home…but never again.

  3. Enjoy the soup and perhaps a nice turkey sandwich, sounds like you deserve it.

    Autism, too much “help” in my grandson’s case seems to be based on making a buck. Wish there was an easy fix but I don’t see one.

    • I have a friend who is slightly autistic herself.
      She is a psychologist who works with autistics.
      She has had success where other have not.
      She’s living with her mom and driving an older car.

  4. Myself and a couple of buddies pushed a lady out of a mud hole she had no business driving into, or the knowledge to extract herself from. She told us “thanks I guess” in a very condescending voice. I explained that we could always push her back into the mire if that’s what her wishes were! Having the ability to help is not always reciprocated in kind. Life lessons abound in bad weather!

    • I was once part of a rescue operation and in the after action review, a farmer told us how one motorist said that he wouldn’t have his pricey Cadillac pulled out of a ditch by a tractor.
      The farmer thanked him for making him realize he might damage his far pricier tractor.

  5. Used to work one place that was 50 miles away. There would be occasions where someone was stranded because of car breakdowns, or out of gas. One couple was very surprised when I refused money after helping them. They had never heard of such a thing.

  6. “….European NATO country’s intelligence services…”

    You mean those NATO country’s intel services’s are actually under the control of the CIA? My, that corresponds to all the conspiracy theories (back when they weren’t truths) out there. Of course GCHQ knew nothing about Christopher Steele, nor that pipeline blowing up in the Baltic. Sounds like somebody wants the US to take the fall, again.

    • The US Service works very closely with the European/NATO services.
      The US bought (outright) the KGB database when Yeltzin took office. The Stasi (E. Germany DDR) database came with the package. Of course, you’re never sure that you got it all.

  7. “This means they are more open to manipulation by actors with an agenda, such as transgender youth counselors.”
    I have a couple of friends older than I (!) that are grandparents to a young lady they raised as a daughter due to her delinquent parents.
    She has Asperger’s, or is “On the Spectrum”.
    Became susceptible to a friend who tried to convince her she was a lesbian and they should live together.
    Fortunately (prayerfully) her friend was arrested and taken away.
    With the influence gone, so was the confusion.

  8. There’s a small river near here, the Marais des Cygne that floods every now and then. There’s always that guy who says “I can get through” but can’t. I’ve seen cars that were completely submerged.

  9. If truth is a personal opinion………We are witnessing the decline and fall of Western Civilization.
    You can’t argue, or even rationally discuss things, with a closed mind. Just doesn’t work…

    What you were out doing all day was Being A Good Neighbor. You are to be commended, my friend.

    No comment on the latest round of vivisection….

  10. Got a text from a neighbor across the way a month ago, back end of a semi trailer went off the incline switchback inside corner after delivering a load of building materials to “the new property owner”, totally blocking the road. It’s a tight corner and the soft inside let go and the Donkey pulled it off even further. Really stuck, tough situation. Driver was an experienced gal, her dad owned the trucking company…totally calm despite the situation. Got over there, worked to free the Donkey but it was off the road and sitting at a 45 deg angle, plus the rear steer wheel was bent, unable to turn downhill.

    Called a rancher neighbor with heavy equipment, turned out he had a squirt boom lift still over past the semi when he was helping another neighbor. He came over, got the lift, we strapped the Donkey, picked it up then set it down in the lower flat, she was then able to drive it out of the hole back onto the road. We then strapped and lifted the trailer and eased it back on the road. Cut a tree down caught on the front bumper, then moved the tractor/trailer past the incline onto the flats. Driver went back for the Donkey, BUT – and this is the point – stopped on the way out to offer payment for our assistance. (A heavy tow truck would have been $2K just to show up.) We looked at each other then both said, “Thanks, but we are glad to help and happy we were able to get it resolved, just pay it forward.” She got a blank look, then once again said, “Thank you so much.”

    But here’s the rub: The “new owner”, who’s delivery she was making, told her the road could easily handle a semi. Problem is he never even thought to spot for her on the curve to make sure she got out, just let her go once he got his delivery. He only found out she was off the road when he was leaving and was blocked. Worse, after four hours of recovery, he just got in his car and drove off, back to town.

    Those types will never learn from their errors, and short of a dire situation, will never again get help. Also told him from here on out his semi load deliveries will be dropped out front and he’ll have to shuttle materials…The ‘how’ was his problem.

    • If they don’t learn one way, maybe another way is more to their liking. -OR- He could tired of living “out in the sticks where the people are so unfriendly”, then sell the place to a couple like us, who don’t mind helping their neighbors.

      • That is so true (it’s the existing owners who should bend to our whims). These are not the “rural type”, best I can tell. Been through three builders so far. They just don’t understand what it takes.

        I’ll keep you posted, our friends would prefer better neighbors.

  11. Good thing you were there to rescue the out of town folks.
    They probably did not have blankets, food, water, shovel, etc. that some people routinely carry.

    Note to self: Posi-traction (limited-slip differentials) are great in muddy / snowy conditions but not so much when the roads are solid sheets of ice. Re. rotating 360° at 55 MPH on a straight stretch of road in Northern Idaho.

    “The doctors who perform these abominations need to be held to account.”
    I think you misspelled “executed on the courthouse steps”.

    • It seems that US 95 north of Hayden doesn’t get much attention after the plows make one run. In reality, north of Boise is more correct.

  12. Good on you. But what did you do with the old folks extricated from the Budget rental?

    Not particularly a fan of Putin nor Russia, but those seem less inimical to me and those I love than the people not-so-secretly running the post-Christian, post-Western West. They hate Christians, the West, and basically all humanity. Yet they convince themselves they are full of universal love and are diligently improving the world. As to the Ukraine, here’s a topic for thought. Would a rational government let Ms Haewon Kim and Mr Jae Park run foreign/military policy regarding Japan? Of course not, because the Kims and the Parks freaking HATE Japan. But the Nulands and the Vindmans have/had free rein. Discuss.

    • I took the extracted to a tiny gas station and the second smallest post office in America at Clint’s Well and arranged with another neighbor who was headed to Flagstaff where they could get another rental and continue on their way.

      The Vindman twins/brothers were given something secret. Perhaps they run the Ukrainian intelligence service?

  13. silly question: is this lack of service by Southwest, etal. the pilots, the airline, or the FAA?
    I’d like to proceed with this next one very cauiously: (AAs) actors with an agenda.
    I think the primary reason for the explosion (numbers) of such people; I class them them as mentally ill, in precisely the same category as I class the people who say (with the slightest of grins) “I’m only here to help you” is that when they are punished (after a jury trial, of course), we do so behind high walls and closed doors with few witnesses as though we are ashamed of the (well-deserved) punishment being meted out, rather than in public – to strongly discourage the ones hovering on the edge. I know: I’m a bad person!
    My wife would be happy to make you a good matzah ball chicken soup (as the expression goes, as soon as I steal her a chicken).

    • Somebody has decided that it’s time to destroy Southwest, and the Propaganda Industry is all in. This flight schedule disaster has happened to plenty of airlines, ever since the FedGov clampdown perma-banned half the pilots and a lot more just quit when they saw how it was going to be. Shutting down the airlines’ business for 2.5 years didn’t make them run any smoother, either.


      • I’m not anti-Southwest, but the people that I ran into were part of the Southwest cancelation crowd. The roll-over folks were trying to drive from Phoenix to Wyoming in tough weather conditions in a small POS auto that they were unfamiliar with.

        • I won’t ride on Southwest again.
          Putting drunks at the emergency exits,
          Stewardesses/Flight Attendants that seemed more interested in a party atmosphere than a serious approach to their job.

          • When was the last time you flew Southwest?

            I refused to fly SWA for over 15 years exactly because of the “party atmosphere” thing and other actions and behaviors that I felt was the opposite of professionalism. Then one day my Jet Blue flight was cancelled and I ended up on SWA. It had changed. No more ridiculous sweater vest and short pants on the FAs. The usual safety spiel was done professionally, sans any corny “jokes” (I especially hated those because you could just HEAR the cabin volume go up after each stupid-and-unfunny joke, and the volume STAYED up.)

            Thereafter I flew SWA if it was the best option in terms of schedule for me. About 20% of the FAs still insisted on doing the stupid comedy schtick. I used to say on deplaning, “Thanks for the nice service. But PLEASE stop with the ‘safety jokes’ now that they are no longer mandatory.” (I asked, it used to be mandatory as part of SWA policy. Then corporate got at least that out of their 4th point of contact.)

            The best (i.e. worst) SWA flight was, surprisingly, not yobs nor inner city people. It was a bunch of Wang Laboratories (remember Wang Computers in Lowell, Mass?) execs coming back from DCA. They had gotten some Federal loan or bailout for their failing (cratering) business. The execs were giddy and got stinking drunk on the flight. I had never before seen a conga line on a plane, much less a conga line of middle-aged men in grey suits. Yeesh.

  14. Larry. Thank you for being a good neighbour and helping your neighbour and the old folks out. That is what living in the country is all about. People help people. Used to be like that in the “Bush” in Australia, many many years ago, when I was a kid. Don’t know what it is like now though. Neighbours always helped neighbours in time of need. Mostly it was little things but, occasionally, it was something major such as when one neighbours house burnt down. If there was a large, and I mean large, bushfire it was quite common to see people from a hundred miles away turn up to help, bringing with them their water tankers and earthmoving equipment.

  15. To make some spectrums of autism even worse, medications often have opposite effects from how they work on normies. Which exacerbates the situation, because then the patient starts showing even weirder ‘symptoms’ or effects. This totally blows.

    Even worse is when someone gets diagnosed as a late adult because some niece or nephew, who does get diagnosed with Asbergers or autism, acts just like “Uncle Jim” or “Aunt Mary.” Sot someone whose led a screwed-up life for 50-60 years finally gets offered treatment, which is often completely opposite of what they really need. All because most mental health professionals are about as reliable as the village witch doctor. Probably less so.

  16. As to helping people? That’s what good folk do. I’ve helped people change tires before. Amazing that most people (especially the more left they are) don’t or can’t do that simple task.

    Though, considering the roads up there, that Unamog or LMTV sounds better and better. I’ve seen LMTVs for sale with a wrecker boom off the back, or with a bed that fits a 20′ shipping container.

    • To be fair about it, the roads in Northern Arizona are very well maintained. When you take into account the rural setting, the Department of Transportation does an exceptional job. They are seldom traveled and so they’re 2 lanes and there aren’t a lot of guard rails. Motorists are expected to exercise caution. Usually, that holds. When people treat them like interstate highways, things go to pot.

    • “most people (especially the more left they are) don’t or can’t”

      On the nose. Years ago on a research fellowship (“free time with guilt”) I shared an office with 5 others MDs. So I got a flat (puncture to Jules) literally as I pulled into the parking lot. Being a hot summer day, I went inside to drop off my stuff before going back out to change the tire. “Where are you going?” asked someone.
      “I got a damned flat. Gotta change the tire.”
      My friend Chicago Dan said, “Wait! YOU’RE going to change the tire? Yourself?”
      I thought he was making fun of me, as in you’re too much of an idiot to change a tire, but it turned out he didn’t know how to change a tire. The Irish Shitlib didn’t know how either, nor did the endocrine guy. Chinese cardiologist woman piped up that she was ignorant of the procedure herself, “but why don’t you call AAA?” [non-Murricans, American Automobile Association, provides roadside service for a small yearly fee] The Swedish Disaster wasn’t really speaking to me at this point, so who knows what she thought.

      It being free time with guilt, I suggested that knowing how to change a tire was useful and they were invited to step outside (and no, I wasn’t going to pull a Tom Sawyer). All except for Dan refused. “I have AAA” was the chorus. Sigh. So Dan learned to change a tire. The next day I bought the women cans of “fix-a-flat” (better than nothing). The men were left to fend for themselves. Yes, that was sexist.

      Not that I’m mechanically inclined. But it’s intolerable that any adult male can be LESS proficient than me.

      In the same vein: That winter Irish Shitlib came into the office brushing snow off of his thin dress shirt. “Did you leave your coat in the car?” He smirked and said, “I have heated basement parking in my [apartment] building. So I only had to walk the 50 feet from the parking lot here to the entrance. Why do I need a coat?”

      TSD and I were horrified into combining forces. “It’s below freezing,” quoth she. “What if your car broke down?”
      ISL: I have AAA.
      MC: And what if they’re busy? Bad day with sleet and they’ll have dozens of people to take care of.
      TSD: They’d have to triage. As a solo adult with, er…
      MC: Really bad judgement
      TSD: well, yes, that
      MC: you should be at the end of the queue.
      TSD: and you’d freeze in the meantime.

      Ah, just like the old days, finishing each other’s sentences. But that was a long time ago in a foreign country. And besides, the wench is doing an advanced heart failure fellowship. 😉

      • Mike_C, I have Beadlock rings on the two trucks. I’ve done this for decades. They’re coming into vogue again and there are Gucci beadlocks now-a-days. “Why do you have those, LL?” There is whining at times from people expressing their ignorance by speaking. On rough roads, you can knock the tire from the wheel and if you take the air down to increase your traction, it puts more stress on that bead-tire point of failure. The locking rings keep the whole thing together.

        Why do I mention that here? Last summer I was headed out onto the Mogollon Rim with a picnic lunch and a dentist (ok, not a cardiologist or brain surgeon), who had walked about 5 miles and looked as if he’d walked fifty. All played out – flagged me down. That extra 80lbs jelly roll worked against him.

        He breathlessly recounted a near-death experience (flat tire) and asked if I’d help him. MRSLL moved the picnic basket and cooler, he HELPED HIMSELF to a Coke as he slid into the seat. I’d have offered but he beat me to the punch. Then he told me that I should have had diet drinks as we bumped down the road to save his rig.

        Dentist: Why do you have this shotgun (mounted to quickfists behind his head on a rack) here.
        Me: In case people f*ck with me.
        Dentist: No, really.
        And he noticed the very short CAR-15 mounted to the dash.
        Dentist: Is that a machine gun?
        Me: Semi-auto. One round at a time.
        And so it went until we arrived at his BRAND NEW Land Rover. He had kids and a wife who hadn’t eaten and were thirsty so there went the picnic lunch. He was going over the rough road, showing off his rig to his wife and the tire popped off the bead. It wasn’t technically a flat. He didn’t know how to change a tire. I showed him how to re-inflate the tire with WD-40 and a Bic lighter. The rim wasn’t bent. Put the tire on the Land Rover, turned it around for him, and headed it back toward the graded road I’d been traveling when I met him.
        MRSLL had a nice talk with MRSDENTIST.
        I think that he learned a lesson. Maybe. It’s difficult to know. You should never traverse rough, isolated areas without a loaded firearm, food, and water. There is NO CELL SERVICE where he was, but if he’d walked to the actual Mogollon Rim, he’d have had a 50-mile view and line-of-sight to a cell tower. He had no understanding of that. It’s not that the man wasn’t smart. He left his element of AAA, paved roads, and in the mountains, he was NOT at the top of the food chain. Neither were his wife and children, more to the point.

        • “The life you save may be a fussbudget.”

          The overall comic doesn’t really apply to your annoying encounter; I just like the phrase. Anyway, sorry you and MRSLL missed out on your own lunch. OTOH, you got a good story out of it. IMNSHO the dentist is the real loser in all of this. (NOT sarcasm) A man who cannot appreciate his good fortune and the kindness of strangers who literally owe him nothing is a poor man indeed. No matter what and how many toys he possesses.

          • That is epic. Real life stories are far more interesting. Did you at least hold back the brownies? (him being a dentist)

            Mike_C, so taught my sister how to change a tire, she was the only girl out of four kids but was not unprepared, plus she was the only girl on her softball team who could make the throw to second from home.

            I think we need a thread of such stories…might hit 100 by day’s end…all unsurprising and likely somewhat humorous.

          • We were just out for the noon hour. We had MREs in the back if we were starving and water to drink. Two is one. One is none. You always keep something back.

          • Beadlocks are cool, and add capability.

            I don’t use them on my truck, but that’s because I have no intention of taking it the places it needs them. Honestly, it isn’t really maneuverable enough for those places, anyway. Also, R.I. isn’t really known for murderous off-roading terrain; I’d probably have to go up to N.H. to get that stuck, unless you’re talking mud.

            I totally get the desire for 100% vehicle capability, though.


  17. Nobody knows how to drive any more, because the regulating agencies encourage incompetence. They give out licenses like candy to people with no knowledge of how to navigate, maintain, operate their vehicles. They don’t know how the vehicle works, or what it’s capabilities are. They don’t understand even the very basics of physics. They know nothing about highway or traffic design or philosophy. Most of them don’t even know what the signs and other traffic controls mean, or what half the controls in their car are for.

    Competent people are not something the government wants to encourage; they want helpless slaves.

    Thus the traffic hell.

    Good on you for helping, LL… not that it’s any surprise.


  18. Going into 2023, here’s a shoutout to all the deplorables with intact DNA and pure blood. You stood fast and refused to be bullied. Cheers to you all, and God help us in the coming years with Biden/Obama still reeking havoc.


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