An Inconvenient Truth


Bullet Points:

* (Gateway Pundit) Gordan Chang said that we may never know if China has blackmail material on Biden.  However, former spy Sam Faddis is more direct and says Biden is a “controlled asset” of the CCP. That surprises nobody.

* (Breitbart) Germany’s Federal Network Agency, a government watchdog responsible for regulating electricity and gas in the country, has announced a new plan that will allow power grid operators to remotely limit the use of heat pumps and electric car chargers in Germany next winter without the user’s permission.

* DOD and the search for microreactors (h/t Claudio) Today, the DoD is developing a stationary and transportable microreactor, but this is not the first time the DoD invested in this technology. The Army Nuclear Power Program, or ANPP, designed, constructed, and operated microreactors from 1954-1976 — when nuclear energy was in its infancy.

* Biden’s handlers have been moving untested, unvaccinated illegal aliens around the country for the past two years. More on the shell game: Hint, there is a pea under every shell.

* @RandPaul found $482,276,543,907 in government waste in his annual Festivus report. There is no business on earth that could operate as irresponsibly as our federal government and still be in existence. Why do we allow this waste, fraud, and abuse that the FBI is supposed to investigate to continue?

* Attorney Thomas Renz: “When you go to the hospital, you get tested. They get paid more. When you get admitted for COVID, they get paid more. When they put you on remdesivir, they get paid more. When you get ventilated, they get paid more. When you die, they get paid more. This is perverse.” “We Have Incentivized the Murder of Patients Rather Than Incentivize Treatment.”

* “If you pick up a cat by its tail, you learn things that you can’t learn any other way.” – Mark Twain

* The states wanting to keep Title 42 in place will argue on the merits in February 2023 before SCOTUS. The Brandon regime ignores the law and is not held accountable so I’m not certain that it will make a difference.

* Ships matter


What’s inside Uranus?

My 8-year-old grandson had a different answer.


Salvation Army: “White people are evil racists.  Now give us money.”


The world needs to shift its energy focus to save, clean, modern nuclear power.


  1. My dad always supported Salvation Army through donations and shopping their thrift stores and instilled the importance of donating into all of my siblings. I did the same thing with our son and grandchildren until two years ago. I now walk past those red kettles and shake my head at their corporate stupidity. It’s a shame but I refuse to support any organization that hates me because of my race.

  2. why do we allow the waste etc? because the fbi will come to my house, arrest me, seize my assets, ban me from fund raising websites, intimidate any lawyer that might take my case, make up evidence, hide exculpatory evidence, lie on the stand, fake lab results and testify to it, make up new “forensic technology” out of thin air and hold me with no bail until i plea out or die in jail. that’s why. considering all that, it’s little wonder that people shoot them when they come, they know their lives are over at that point anyway. “those that work to make peaceful revolution impossible guarantee a violent one.”jfk.

    • RR:
      I took the Buffer Spring from my AR Carbine which was at 10.5′ long (the pistol spring was 10 3/4″) and put it in my pistol.
      Better, but not perfect.
      So I cut another 1/2″ off the spring, and voila!
      Fires reliably without having to clench and push into it.

  3. Germany has been trying to get their coal plants back online for a while now. Guess freezing their asses off isn’t something they are willing to through for the sake of saving the planet and their green agenda. Go figure. All of that waste from the federal government could have gone into upgrade our current crumbling critical infrastructure which has been under attack for years now along with building and upgrading more nuclear plants to provide more energy at a lower cost or does that make too much sense? Also do I dare bring up the idea of hydrogen fueled cars as a solution for transpo?

    • The Brits are touting hydrogen and for some applications, it might work, but it’s far more explosive than gasoline and has to be stored as a gas, not a liquid, which poses other problems.

      • Not to mention the poor (18% to 46%) round-trip efficiency of the power resulting from the power-hydrogen-power cycle. It’s a wasteful and losing proposition. Just like with e-cars, the greenies look at the tail-pipe and think they are doing God’s work to save Gaia, ignoring the fact that they are not only displacing emissions but also adding to them via the inefficiencies they introduce to the systems.

  4. That US vs China navy chart, that looks to be just growth, how does it look as a standing navy?

    Reading about Uranus being a giant ball of gas and liquid explains those nasty farts in the morning!

    I’m imagining that the 83% hydrogen is liquid, hard to get it to burn if it’s liquid… othewise popping a nuke could change the night sky.

    >>WASHINGTON (TND) — The Salvation Army has withdrawn the “Let’s Talk About Racism” guide that suggested white people apologize for their race, according to a statement given by the organization Thursday.

    The Christian group acknowledges the guide has become a “source of controversy,” stating it was originally intended to be a “voluntary resource.”<<

    • The Salvation Army can conduct its business without my support – ever. They should drag the sack with negroes. I’m sure they’d be happy to fork over the welfare check.

      • China has a very significant standing navy full of modern ships. They lack the US depth in aircraft carriers and submarines but they’re working to close the gap.

  5. +1 to the above comments…which makes mine MUCH shorter, for once:

    Tri-State Generation (which for some odd reason is FOUR states, WY, NE, CO, NM…locust swarm creep) says this on their slick website:

    “More clean energy. Fewer emissions.”

    These clowns are pushing solar panels and windmills as THE industrial power gen future, despite everything Germany and others have seen fail miserably. Denaded by Colorado’s statehouse Dem majority, shuttering coal plants left and right, people losing long held jobs. One happy website article pronounces with glee their new EV charging stations in state rec areas. Gee wonder why they need those? EV’s have such a short range the Lefties need to recharge their mini-cars while out on a nature hike “in the wilderness”. But they’re saving the planet from inherent destruction by mankind. (??)

    Tri-State is gobbling up massive amounts of prairie for solar panel installations (because they hate cattle hence justifying their subsidized grift). They employ teams of guys running around in petrol pickups all day brooming off snow and ice so the “wondrous” panels can “collect” the Sun’s energy (now there’s a job for ya)…all the while telling us this is sustainable and green and good for the planet.

    Germany is reaping the rewards of bureaucratic symbolic feel-good idiocy that regresses society as a result. America was built on greatness, not stupidity…we want advancement not stone age crap.

    I would invest in LL’s approach in a heartbeat because it’s the absolute best option we have for truly clean energy tech and a robust power grid. But The Dem’s and their moronic minions don’t want solutions, they want their Socialist “Utopia” that destroys everything it touches while never working out as professed.

    As for the remaining Bulletpoints, I could write chapters, but that would just be venting my spleen and not helpful to advancing the conversation, one WE already know the why’s and who’s. Tipping point reached (especially with examples like Lake suing, then loses “due to standing”, etc, then gets punished for suing, thus emboldening the cheaters. That does not bode well for Real American’s being further pushed into servitude.

    • Nuclear fission energy and one day, fusion energy, where the by-product is clean water, is the only path that works. I’m not opposed to burning carbon but, that’s not the long-term answer. The donkeys should build a robust grid. Battery power is horribly polluting and it is NOT the answer. Batteries work well in a temperature range but there’s not enough lithium on the planet. Hydrogen isn’t the answer either. It’s just one more in a long line of grifts.

      • You or I, and a host of normal thinking rational people, would create solutions to the larger head-scratcher problems faced with expanding societal demands, while simultaneously gaining on “being light on the earth” using available and new technologies…the “others” do not, their focus is so blinded by idiocy they can’t see straight. This:

        “One possible mistake was not leaving the car plugged in overnight at his house. On cold nights, Bloomberg said, you want to leave the car plugged in, as the Tesla’s owner manual instructs drivers to do.” “A cold battery will charge slower, but charging overnight should leave the car with a pretty good range by morning. ”

        Gee, it takes all night to warm then recharge the battery…off grid power…that in the same online edition stated that Wyoming grid “almost” went to rolling blackouts. That’s because they’ve been using their ubiquitous wind for Adult Pinwheels dotting the landscape (killing raptors and wrecking elk and deer migrations). Coal production is also up in the state, highest ever (despite the Left saying coal is on the decline…they lie like a used up wh–e.) Colorado’s statehouse demanding “we” go full wind/solar is a proven mistake. Yet they’ll do it anyway. Nuclear is evil to them.

        It’s pure symbolism over substance that the rest of us get filched to subsidize.

          • Gaseous Hydrogen makes a lousy motor fuel. It’s very hard to control the burn rate, and it’s pump “octane” raing is about 60. It’s just not a good fuel for an ICE, even if you could solve the strogae problem.

          • Hydrogen is also one very slippery molecule. You have to have super seals on everything from fuel nozzle to storage to all the delivery systems to the engine.

            How hard? NASA keeps screwing it up, and they’ve been dealing with H2 as a fuel for forever and a day. Lots of Hydrogen leaks on the SLS. They finally said “F IT”, tossed their collective hands up, and launched the overpriced POS, which fortunately worked properly and even exceeded expectations.

            Hydrogen sucks as a fuel. Low density, which means much more volume to get the same bang. It’s the reason SpaceX went with Methane as a fuel.

            Now, methane powered ICEs? That is a very doable thing, and bypasses all the storage and leak issues of Hydrogen. And has a much better pump ‘octane’ rating.

  6. in re Germany’s FNA: I was under the (perhaps) mistaken impression that Jennifer Granholm had already instituted this same policy in our country

  7. “Photoelectric observations and recently published laboratory measurements of HD imply an upper limit on the deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio in Uranus’s atmosphere of D/H less than 9.6 x 10 to the -5th power. This is much closer to values currently being proposed for Jupiter”
    Astrophysical Journal, Part 1, vol. 222, June 1, 1978, p. 740-743.
    I wonder what the D/H ratio has to be to set off a fusion reaction and turn it into a brown dwarf – it’s probably too small

    • Hmm. Stellarforming as opposed to terraforming. Interesting. Giant solar power stations in the inner solar system (no farther out than Earth’s orbit) used to create deuterium and tritium in mass quantities. Send out packages to Uranus to be steered into the plant. How many centuries or millennia to ignition? Assuming growth in D/T production, not just a single station. Next question: of what use would a brown dwarf Uranus be to us? NB: I’m approaching this as a government project — ass backwards.

    • Better would be mining Uranus and the other gas giants for Helium3 for use in fusion reactors.

      Plenty of solar radiation off of Sol. Plenty of radiationtand other emissions from the gas giants to power stuff out there.

      Heck, drop a long long long loooooong cable into the atmospheres and you can turn the gas giants into giant batteries just from the electrical differences from outer and inner atmospheres.

        • Potentially (see watt I did there?) one could power an actual ground-to-space space elevator just by the electrical differentials. Supposedly.

          One can also power a separator for processing hydrogen and Helium3 using the power differentials.

          John Ringo talks about that in his “Troy Rising” series.

  8. “Per San Diego County Supervisor
    , the federal gov has dropped off almost 650 migrants there over the last 3 days. ”
    But when Desantis or Abbot do it it’s a bad thing.

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