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There’s an issue that I need to address. Both the prog community and the weird Republican community have a mantra and it has to do with qualifications to be president. Welcome to your Sunday Sermonette.


I’m going to take this in several components. Follow with me if you will. Let’s discuss qualifications.
(1) Barack Hussein Obama has been president for the past eight years. Is he your litmus test for “qualification”? Maybe he’s a Muslim or a Black Liberation Theologist (racist), but nobody knows for sure. His core values were  instilled by communists (mom, Uncle Frank and his white grandparents) and an Indonesian transexual nanny that raised him while his mother was doing something else. We don’t know what Stanley (his mother) was up to. His college records are sealed (where is the mainstream media outrage?) but near as anyone can tell, he represented himself to be an Indonesian to get financial aid. 
Background aside Barack’s singular achievement (according to him) is Obamacare, and based on everyone’s best guess, it has one more year of life in it at best before it fails completely.

Our foreign relations are at the lowest ebb since Jimmy Carter, who turned out to be a better president than Barack. The Department of Labor Statistics lies, but unemployment is still very problematic, and the economy is still teetering on recession eight years into his term. The only reason we’re doing as well as we are is because Barack borrowed $11,000,000,000,000.00+. The Defense Department can’t account for $6.5 trillion, but it’s not a scandal because the mainstream media won’t make it one. Our balance of trade is embarrassing, heroin is quickly becoming an epidemic, and so forth.

The Obama White House engineered a situation early in his first term in office where the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would arrange for a vast quantity of US civilian weapons to be sold to Mexican drug cartels. The goal was to have drug cartels use those firearms to kill Americans and create a crisis that would lead to emergency gun control legislation. Operation: Fast and Furious blew up in Barack’s face.
Barack would cite advancement of the homosexual and transexual mainstreaming as a crowning achievement. The military now embraces gender diversity (all 31 genders) but the military is also the weakest that it’s been since the beginning of the Second World War. Is that an achievement? Yes, if that’s what you feel will “fundamentally transform America”. The only other thing he’s done with the military is redirect them to combat “global warming” – and by design or accident, it’s a wet summer in Texas. A success story for the Barack DOD? You be the judge.
(2) I’m still waiting for ANYONE to cite Hillary Clinton’s achievements beyond being a woman or a lesbian. Her record of epic corruption far exceeds Tamany Hall. Everything that she did as Secretary of State ended up in a fiasco. She hasn’t exceeded Barack’s standard for messing up everything that he touches. A stopped clock is right twice a day and she isn’t close to being that good.
(3) The (Republican majority) Congress currently enjoys an 8% approval rating. If you’re going to cite the gang-that-couldn’t-shoot-straight as your standard for excellence, it’s a bridge too far. 
(4) The Republicans had 17 candidates in the field running for the nomination. The traditional favorite was Jeb!. He traded $100 million cash for 4 pathetic delegate votes. The Beltway still laments that Jeb! wasn’t the candidate of choice but almost nobody wanted him, though people liked his brother George W. and his mother…but they weren’t running. Donald Trump got more primary votes than ANY Republican in history. 

Based on the analysis above, in what world was Barack qualified to do anything more than run a lemonade stand at a loss? 

What about Hillary – open a lemonade stand and forget the lemons or sugar? And then lie about it, assuring you that she spent the money that you gave her to by all the ingredients. Taste the warm tap water (scooped from the toilet bowl, not the tap) once more and see if you can’t detect lemons. What’s wrong with YOUR tastebuds? 

Congress – debate opening the lemonade stand and spend $550,000 on a study but never get the matter out of committee.

Now let’s move on to Trump, who has been remorselessly attacked by the media and by his own party.
Trump is not a great public speaker.  He’s a billionaire with a big ego and he’s light on policy. However, he’s made billions of dollars, met a payroll all of his life, and surrounds himself with bright people.  Reagan was a great communicator but his real genius was surrounding himself with the right people. 

(Yes, Adrienne, Paul Manafort likes Trump. I need to arrange a dinner {and maybe breakfast} with you and Paul to satisfy my losing bet). 

So you’re going to tell me that TRUMP would be worse than Barack (8 years in office), his creature, Hillary, who promises to keep the failures coming or Congress, who is liked by the 8% of people whose love they buy with your tax money?
Even if it comes down to that, Donald Trump is the only choice. I think that he’ll be a good president and will fix some of the problems that we face. He won’t fix them all, but he’ll try – which is more than you can say for Barack or Hillary.

43 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. I just wish The Donald would start spending some of that money he keeps telling people about. Buying TV time to pound home to those brain dead undecided voters all of the truth about Hillary. Today Boss Tweed would shake his head in wonder at all of the weasely crookedness she has gotten away with for decades.

    Boss Tweed was a piker compared to Hillary. And Donald Trump is the one who is not qualified to be president. Or so they say.

  2. I disagree Fredd, it's a waste of time & money to tell the undecided the truth about Hillary. They know the truth, they are just not willing to face it.
    From what I hear being mumbled in doctors offices, VA waiting rooms, and poker nights. Most people, regardless of party affiliation, want Trump to state what his policies will be, and how he plans to implement them…

  3. I think that the only way to get to the masses is through tv spots. The MSM won't do it. And I am seeing a lot of the Hilderbeast ads. Trumps needs to jump in with solid commercials without saying dumbass shit.

  4. I'm just wondering if TV is the way to go. Who watches TV anymore? Trump is killing it in social media and is genius at getting the MSM to constantly talk about him.

    Oh my – breakfast with sexy Paul Manafort the Great. Dear Lord in heaven, my heart is racing.

    OT – but we're headed to see Hell or High Water today. Not only are the reviews excellent, but an endorsement from you tipped me over.

  5. Get Hily to list EVERYTHING Trump is guilty of, then list (if you have enough paper) everything she is guilty of. Then buy more paper.

  6. Well, that certainly puts some perspective on this year's elections. I'm still shaking my head over how many people are duped by Obama. He doesn't even qualify as a mediocre president. His foreign and domestic policies have been 100% wrong. And then we get to see Hillary rear her ugly head (so to speak) in the wake of an Obama presidency.

    Trump is a crass and base human, but he's light years ahead of Hillary in his ability to understand the economy and the real threats to the US.

  7. Some of what I think that Trump has been trying to say, but people are not hearing is that all policy positions are just the beginning of negotiations with Congress and to some extent with the public. Despite how Obama has tried to be king, the president isn't. Trump understands this and getting legislation passed to the point where he can sign it requires that people of good will pull toward that common good.

    Progs understand "common good" to be the government controlling things (the way that THEY want it controlled – their guards can have guns but the people in fly over country, can't, for an example) irrespective of the Constitution.

  8. Hillary doesn't run ads in California because she presumes that she's already won here. So I don't see them.

  9. Hillary's guilt doesn't interest low information voters anymore than Barack's conniving did. What may interest them is the economy, and the way that the progs are using the system to milk minority voters for their vote — and then ignoring them until it's time for another vote.

  10. The choice is between Trump and Hillary. The media circus understands that when the "right" votes for anyone but Trump, it's a vote for Hillary – thus they pimp the distractions.

    Trump could run a lemonade stand at a profit. Hillary and Barack could not. Neither could Congress.

  11. blue up in Barack's face. Some sort of Freudian slip?

    All the rain in Texas and Louisiana, while unfortunate, is due to the same weather changes that the earth has undergone since its creation. Though I do believe the four degree axis shift in 2012, or whenever it was, has caused a good bit of it, too.

    I am disgusted with what has happened to our military.

    The number of people who will vote for Killary leaves me dumbfounded. Just because she is a woman and loves LGBTQ? Ugh.
    Someone commented to me yesterday that at least we knew how bad Killary was and could prepare. What? NO! UGH! This was someone I had some respect for.

    You try to explain to people. You would think the 'Never Trump' people would have more sense. All they want to say is God will be offended if we vote for Trump. Seems to me if that were the case, Trump would not be in the running.

    As for Obamacare failing. I think that is what they wanted all along.

    And congress. They are disgusting, too. Even the people who ran in the last election claiming they would stop Obamacare; then they did nothing!
    How can we tell who to vote for when even the new people lie to us?

    Sorry for all the whining.

    Be safe and God bless.

  12. Freudian – Barack's nasty blue gums? I don't know. I wrote this at sometime around midnight, so that might have just as much to do with it.

    It's ok to whine on this blog and to discuss how #%&!!!!! stupid that people are.

  13. +1 for LindaG.
    Only thing that saved a woman the other day, that said she was voting for Hillary because she's a woman, was the fact that my gun was locked in the car, and I'm too well mannered to throat punch in front of my Dad…

  14. What about the cattle prod? Don't tell me that you have abandoned that option. Think of it as an electroshock treatment for an old bitty. Bring her to her senses, and she may thank you for it.

  15. There have been ads for Killary in Louisiana. We mute them when they come on, otherwise our blood pressures go up when we get frustrated!

  16. Not abandoned, it just gets cattywhampus with all the signs that say: turn off all electronic devices…

  17. LindaG, there is no "truth in advertising" for the Hillary Ads. Trump just calls Hillary an ignorant slut – and who can argue it?

  18. Ignore them, Brig. If it causes a few people around you to seize up and go to their great reward, their time was near anyway. Come to think of it, I saw a Grim Reaper costume at Costco (Halloween and Winter are coming). You could just wear the costume as you stroll around with the cattle prod. It would make sense.

    "Hey, look Joann, that's the grim reaper ….ARrrrgh!"

    Don't get out of character and tell him not to go into the light or anything like that.

  19. Estimates put Hillary's borrowing at about $15, trillion for four years. That would seal the deal.

  20. I definitely agree that there is no truth in advertising. And as you say, haha. I certainly can't argue it. I wouldn't waste my breath trying.

  21. Yeah, the Chinese will just "put a lein" on the USA, and when we can't pay it off on demand, they'll just march in and take over….

  22. LOL, you're trying to get me put away or shot aren't you,
    now if you find a suitable berserker outfit, and I can camo the hot shot to look like a trident…

  23. Now I'm thinking of a Wagnerian Opera with the Valkyrie (Viking woman with a brass brazier) singing ( and hoisting a cattle prod.

  24. I wonder if we could just pay the Chinese off in their favorite food group: house cats? Somebody call One Hung Lo or whoever over there and broker the deal!

  25. It's a national tragedy and Barack and Hillary should have been hung from light poles. Ravens should have pecked their eyes out and by now their bones would have been bleached white, which would tick Barack off – ending up with nothing black.

  26. If Hillary went Pinocchio for every lie she's told, her wooden nose would poke the man-in-the-moon's eye out.

  27. $11,000,000,000,000.00+………….I don’t even know how to say that. That's not a number it's a noise.

  28. If I could shave just a bit off that for personal use…I could buy Wales, or the Bahamas or maybe the Cayman Islands. Naturally, everyone now living there would have to move, or I could employ some of them, I guess.

  29. There are 1.3 billion Chinese. At one cat per person per day, you'd need nine billion, one hundred thousand feral cats every week to satisfy the protein demands of the People's Republic of China. That's over three trillion, three hundred twenty-one billion, five hundred thousand cats per year. At $1 per cat, we could pay off the national debt in about 9 years when you factor in the compounding interest. I think that we have solved the problem. Somebody call Trump — and China.

  30. No, I couldn't give mine up, haha.

    Too bad they don't like pork. Feral hogs are getting to be a problem too…

  31. The Chinese love pork. They're not Muslims. I'm sure that if they pay us $1 for a cat that we could get $3 for a feral hawg.

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