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Bullet Points:

** Politics as Usual – A top aide of New York City mayor Eric Adams has been accused of promising a job to a campaign volunteer in exchange for renovating her kitchen – in a new blow for the Democrat as the FBI probes his campaign fundraising.

Winnie Greco, 61, the city’s current director of Asian affairs, asked the volunteer, an unidentified 33-year-old tech worker from Queens, to work on the kitchen in her Bronx home in 2022, according to a report by The City.

The outlet reported on Wednesday that around the same time Greco also asked for a $10,000 donation from a Chinese executive in exchange for access to a Chinese-focused government event at Gracie Mansion.

** Our global adversaries, an expanding axis spearheaded by Russia and China, now hold a grubstake in the Biden foreign policy garage sale. This pay-to-play scheme runs counter to America’s economic and national security interests and cozies up to countries far more likely to be confronted on the battlefield than at fancy world forums and Beltway cocktail parties.

** Trump v Biden

** Arson is not climate change.

** Funny

** In Gaza things are moving forward to plan. Step 1: Encirclement (complete). Step 2. Evacuation (nearly complete). Step 3: Annexation* (pending). Step 4: Repeat the process in southern Gaza (possibly starting).

Amid reports of a possible future Israeli operation in the Southern Gaza Strip, the IDF have expanded their positions in some areas along the border.

The plan will be to cut off Southern Gaza from the Egyptian border so that they can ID the people who flee south. The leadership is in Qatar enjoying their 72 virgins this side of the curtain — just in case things don’t work out on the other side.


From the Days of Fighting Sail

Life on board a 17th-century warship

The sailing crew was divided into two watches under two lieutenants, each working four hours while the other rested. While off duty, they were expected to stay below decks and out of the way but could be called to work at any time if all hands were required, such as when anchoring or making a major sail change. When below, they probably tried to sleep as much as possible since the four-hour schedule is unnatural and quickly leads to fatigue. When not sleeping, they probably used much of the time off watch to mend their clothes and shoes, but they might relax with games, music, or a popular new pastime, smoking, although this was only allowed in the cookroom.


War Ships 17th Century, by Jefferys, Charles W. 1942 in: The Picture Gallery of Canadian History Volume 1, p.99

Food was also prepared in the cookroom, a brick-lined hearth in front of the mainmast in the hold, and carried up to the gundecks in buckets, where it was doled out into big wooden bowls. Depending on the ship, food could also be prepared in the galley, which was located in the forecastle or midships.

Each man had his own wooden spoon, and some had wooden plates, but most ate from the bowl shared by a mess, a group of six or seven men who ate and lived together. They drank weak beer, “ship’s ale,” from a shared wooden tankard. The base of the diet was salted meat for protein and dried peas and bread for carbohydrates. Barrels of bones found in the hold show that the meat was mostly beef, with a little pork and mutton, as well as fish and poultry. An interesting fact was that some of the crew were prepared to supplement this, as fishing equipment and hunting weapons were found in shipwrecks like the Vasa and the bones of roe deer, moose, and grouse. The skeletons of chickens suggest that a few fresh eggs were available.

As in other navies, they did not issue uniforms at that time. The men had to buy or make their own clothes. In some cases, cloth was provided as part of their salary. Still, the typical sailor’s clothing was the same as the clothing they arrived in from the farm or town: a linen shirt, a short, skirted woolen doublet (jacket), wool trousers that ended below the knee, woolen socks, and leather shoes. Many had broad-brimmed hats or conical caps. The cloth varied from coarse homespun to imported dyed fabrics, but almost all sailors sewed strips of contrasting cloth or even lace down the outside seams of their trousers in imitation of the clothing worn by the well-to-do. Clothes had to be hard-wearing since most people could not afford more than one set.

The senior officers lived aft in the cabins of the sterncastle, where they had more space, glass windows, and proper furniture, and ate their meals from pewter or earthenware table service. They had finer clothes, but as more than one visitor to Sweden from the continent remarked, it was difficult to tell the nobles from the peasants since they dressed alike. The officers also had to share their accommodation, sleeping in pairs in narrow double beds, but the cabins were built to resemble the interior of houses ashore. The great cabin, where the king or an admiral would stay, was fitted out like a room in the royal palace, with fine paneling and carved sculptures that emphasized the power of the people who lived there.

The 17th century was a violent period, and both onshore and at sea, brutal punishments were prescribed for even minor crimes. Conscripts often came from rough backgrounds, but discipline was essential for a ship’s smooth and safe functioning. In crowded conditions, small disagreements could easily blow up into fights. Grumbling could turn to mutiny. Officers had to earn the trust of the men they commanded but needed the option of punishment for the intractable. The articles of war specified that a person causing a fire was to be cast into the same fire, a person starting a fight was to be stabbed through the hand with a knife, blasphemers and those speaking ill of the king or his officers were to be keelhauled, murderers should be tied to their victims and thrown in the sea. In practice, a captain who had to use these punishments too often risked losing the respect of his men and his fellow captains and could not rule for long.

Another Quest


Identify the Aircraft

HogsbreathSS noted that I missed a couple of aircraft/armor ID days…it’s only because I had been making it too easy for you. I needed to offer more challenges.


(rear view)

A little more help…


If you can’t ID this military aircraft from this photo, scroll down to the bottom of the page for a hint.



Identify the Armored Car

I don’t know how it handles at freeway speeds. The rear wheels articulate, so maybe 80 mph would be problematic.


Identify the Tank

(operated by Morocco)










21 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Convair Model 48 Charger
    2. Fouga CM.170 Magister
    3. Arsenal-Delanne 10

    Identity the Armored Car:
    Otokar Akrep II

    Identify the Tank:
    M60A1 or M60A3

        1. Well, yes, with the Bonanza tail feathers and all that, but compared to that French agglomeration of bad ideas it’s downright svelte.

  2. Dems graft exposed- Is Adams next on the hit list because he’s gone slightly off the reservation by whining about “trucked in migrants” despite self proclaimed SancCity status? Santos getting tossed.

    Now there’s this: ”The brother-in-law of former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was arrested on human trafficking charges…” Big Girl Abrams might be in trouble.

    With Johnson releasing all of the J6 video will this be the final straw that causes the wheels to come off the rickety Swamp Wagon?

    IDF employing measured steady progress to eradicate the evil gophers while refusing to listen to those NOT doing the hard work but shouting “It’s mean!”.

    Is it me or has Race Bannon been hitting the gym?

    1. Bannon lives on red meat…

      I think that the rot is too deep. So it’s Abrams’ BIL. She’ll deny everything, and the Swamp will rally around her. Bill Clinton flew to Epstein’s Pedo Island 26 times (he should have just lived there) and he got a pass. What happened to the children that he raped? Where are they? The FBI has all of the recordings…the rot is simply too deep. Wait for the Sermonette tomorrow.

      1. True…the Dems are great at circling the rotten wagons for one of their own, until they’re not then they toss ‘em to the Hellhounds. It’s the slow burn approach to clearing this demented disaster that bugs American’s seeking rebalance.

        And what will come of the J6 CCTV footage that WILL show total exoneration, will the false narrative pushers recant? Will the J6 political prisoners be released with apologies, records cleared, and proper restitution? Hah! Not on any Democrat’s life as they will fight tooth and nail to maintain the false perception…that they – Pelosi et al – created with help from the FBI who bussed in operatives dressed as MAGA.

        BTW, “Democratic” is a decades long pet peeve of mine…it’s Democrat, without the ‘ic. Media hyperventilator’s constantly push the term to sway public perception. But it’s just bad English, and also because the party is the least bit democratic.

  3. IDA-
    1. Convair Model 48 “Charger”
    2. Fouga Magister CM 170
    3. Aresenal Delanne 10

    1. OTOKAR Akrep II

    1. M60A3 Patton

        1. The OV-10 Bronco was considered a STOL aircraft? I have a question, with it’s seemly short main wing length, is the tail a lifting surface also? I wondered about maneuvering with those the wingspan, was it difficult?

          1. Kevin: 100% STOL – The military definition of STOL is: (500 ft to a 50 ft obstacle) allows takeoff and landing in most of the areas in which limited war might be fought.

            Steve: The Charger, while capable of outperforming the OV-10 in some respects, crashed on 19 October 1965 after 196 test flights. Convair subsequently dropped out of contention.

          2. The Charger DID NOT feature an ejection seat. When you look at it, you can only ask WHY NOT?

            No pilot successfully ditched from an OV-10a either so WHY NOT? Yeah, they’re heavy, put bigger engines on it. (The OV-10 was underpowered anyway)

  4. From the web: “For years, Greco, who emigrated from Fujian province in China and whose Chinese name is Zheng Qirong, would also shepherd Adams and other New York elected officials and business people on trips to China…”

    Wait, let me get this straight. A member of a high-IQ and highly ethnocentric group, which openly calls non-coethnics derogatory terms such as subhumans and cattle, might be exerting undue influence on American politicians through arranging shady donations and junkets to the home country? A country that treats its neighbors like trash and, accordingly, is hated by said neighbors? And this person, from this super-ethnocentric group that refuses to integrate into the society of their host country (wherever they go), nonetheless uses a “local” sounding name? (What kind of Chinawoman is called either “Winnie” or “Greco”?)

    I’m shocked. Simply shocked. There cannot possibly be a precedent for this kind of thing. Who ever heard of such a thing?

    But the Chinese are amateurs at this. When they can make their visitors wear those conical coolie hats in photo ops then they’ll have achieved the big time.

    1. I thought that she was Grecian-Chinese with that name. You’ll note that I don’t judge.

      And it’s not just China’s neighbors who hate China. The love in Europe vanished with the plague.

  5. Gaza- Just read this:

    “The IDF is not sending soldiers into the underground traps Hamas set up…after locating an entrance to a tunnel under an evacuated hospital in northern Gaza, Israeli army engineers filled the passage with exploding gel and hit the detonator. The blast engulfed the building and sent smoke spewing out of at least three points along a nearby road.”

    Using bulldozers and sponge bombs to clear locations then seal them off in a methodical eradication of evil. Anyone against Israel doing this should have their head examined.

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