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Now that the CDC has declared mass COVID testing unnecessary, Democrats say ‘don’t trust the experts’

By Jack Hellner

The experts, the media, and other Democrats are so consistent in their response to COVID-19.

Now that the CDC sensibly says that people with no symptoms don’t need COVID tests, we are told by the brilliant New York governor Andrew Cuomo and others that we shouldn’t trust the experts.

Andrew Cuomo: New CDC Coronavirus Guidance ‘Political Propaganda’“I consider [CDC guidance] political propaganda,” Cuomo said Wednesday. “I would caution private companies against following the CDC guidance.”In the past, Cuomo has encouraged people in New York to adhere to past CDC workplace testing guidance. But the CDC tweaked its testing guidelines on Monday saying that people without coronavirus symptoms “do not necessarily need a test” if they were exposed to the virus.The New York Times is no better.  It claims that the CDC changed its guidance because of pressure from Trump.

I would ask Cuomo, the New York Times, and others when we have ever tested people with no symptoms for other viruses such as the seasonal flu.  The answer, as far as I can tell, is never, so why for this one?Maybe someday the CDC will stop the propaganda of counting any death remotely associated with COVID-19 as caused by COVID-19.  It appears that the numbers are goosed to scare the public.Think of how many fewer positive cases there would be if we counted only people with symptoms as we would normally.  The U.S. rate for positives is less than two percent of the population as it is.  What if we didn’t double- or triple-count people who continually test positive until they get a negative to go back to work?Dr. Deborah Birx said in May that she didn’t trust numbers from the CDC.  Remember this? 

‘There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust,’ Dr. Deborah Birx said. Feared CDC’s statistics on mortality rate and case counts inflated by up to 25%.

So why should we?

Should we trust the WHO, which said in January that the virus wouldn’t spread human to human, or should we believe the people there now with all their dire predictions?

Should we trust Dr. Anthony Fauci, who said throughout January, February, and early March that COVID-19 wasn’t very dangerous in the U.S., or should we trust him now with his dire predictions?

Should we trust the CDC and WHO when they told us in March, after thousands of years of virus history, that we shouldn’t wear masks, or should we trust them now when they say that if all of us wear masks, the virus will soon be gone?

Should we trust any predictions from the CDC, which said in March that we would have millions of deaths and hundreds of thousands of cases, when its predictions were exponentially wrong?


Autumn is Coming

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  1. The Dems are losing ground as the facts eventually come out so they are ramping up the propaganda machine full tilt in order to maintain their tyrannical power grab.

    • They don’t know which way to jump. Promoting riots seemed to be a good idea to the donkeys and now a lot of regular folks who self-identified as donkeys (generally decent people) are waking up to the fact that it’s a bad idea. The same is true of the plague. President Trump did a good job and as it abates, they want to keep everything locked down and it’s causing dissatisfaction.

    • Emailed a detailed Covid data analysis article/report to our county health district president, asked him to read it. No response. They like their power grab and won’t give it up easily.

  2. That’s a cool firebox! Looks like they used hood pins to hold it together, meaning it might be portable.

    Wonder if the Me-262 is a real one, or one of the replicas?

    • I think that it is portable, which is just neat. And I think that the Me-262 is a replica, but I’d still fly it.

  3. I’m fed up with the whole business. The Hong Kong flu of 50 years ago, every bit as lethal as the current plague, didn’t get the same response that this one did. At last check the county I live in is under 1% of the population infected total and still no fatalities. Enough of this. Normalcy needs to return.

    • Sanity ALL THE WAY AROUND needs to return.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if the news reported the news and didn’t try to MAKE the news as part of a hostile propaganda machine?

  4. The CDC? The NIH? The WHO (not the rockband)?

    Yeah, I don’t trust or believe any of this bullscat, and haven’t since, oh, about 2 seconds after IMPEACHMENT failed bigly.

    Why? Well, our president called for restrictions to travel and cautions back before Chinese New Year, yet the Dems said it was okay to travel to ChiCom and rub shoulders with ChiComs here and in ChiCom. All until Impeachment failed, and then the Dems jumped on the ‘Destroy America’ bandwagon.

    And the CDC and NIH were in the handbag with them. Bad reporting, overreporting, bad tests, bad info.

    Don’t care about the number of positive tests. What matters is:
    For tests – only 1 person counted once – CDC counts each positive as a different person.
    The Numbers NEED to be:
    Number of asymptomatic patients tested.
    Number of symptomatic patients tested.
    Number of symptomatic patients hospitalized.
    Number of patients in ICU from Covid directly.
    Number of deaths from Covid directly.
    Number of patients recovered.

    We never saw most of these numbers. And those that we saw were ‘one positive result means one case even if it’s a retest of the same individual.’

    Bupkis. We were played. America was attacked from within, by many who swore to ‘protect and defend the Constitution, yada yada.’ All to attempt yet another coup against a sitting president.

    Why do I say it’s all bull-scat? Because, for all the fear-mongering, hospitals weren’t overloaded. Most were mostly empty. Critical care workers (doctors, nurses) had time to re-enact DaVinci’s ‘Last Supper’ in full PPE and with unused ventilators in the background. Other CCWs had time in their not-busy schedules to practice and then film Bollywoodesque dance routines for Tic-Tok while wearing PPE that is supposedly in short supply. And, in my neck of the woods, Corona is sooooo deadly that CCWs can walk into the grocery store wearing their filthy scrubs and shoes after a long, hard day of fighting the good fight (or something) while not wearing masks, not staying 6′ apart, and touching everything with their filthy mitts.

    Grrrr. We were attacked from within. Even my wife says so, and she’s very slow to see conspiracies.

    Me, if I was in power? I’d go through the NIH and CDC with a scythe, shit-canning anyone acting politically rather than scientifically.

    Double Grrrrrr…

  5. And, yeah, cool grate. Too bad so many nice places have been screwed up by lack of proscribed burns, proper timber harvesting, and other proper forest management measures that burn bans are everywhere.

    Of course, even funnier would be to make one in the shape of a Soviet-era or ChiCom-era APC or MBT, or Ship, notable building…

    • If I was younger and motivated to manufacture, I think I’d buy a plasma cutter and a CNC machine and build cool fire boxes/grates. There’s a definite market for them and it would be fun to come up with new designs.

  6. Without massive testing how will they use the false positives to drive the End of the World narrative?

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