Iran Admits Downing Civilian Airliner

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Iranian state TV, citing a military statement, says the country ‘unintentionally’ shot down a Ukrainian jetliner, killing all 176 aboard, after mistaking the aircraft for a hostile, enemy target – but blames ‘U.S. adventurism’ for the human error. 
SA-15 launching a missile.
In more specific terms, they blame President Trump. Of course. The Russian SA-15 Gauntlet (NATO), Tor (Russia) operated by the Revolutionary Guard, impacted by the same Trump Derangement Syndrome that infects the Democrat Party caused them to kill all of those civilians on the Ukrainian airliner on a scheduled civilian flight, departing Khomeini Airport in Teheran. It’s as if MSNBC gave them their talking points…maybe they did.
The statement came Saturday morning, local time, and blamed ‘human error’ for shooting down the plane last Tuesday. 
Specifically, Iranian officials says the aircraft ‘took the flying posture and altitude of an enemy target’ as it neared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps base and attending personal didn’t recognize it as a passenger plane. 

“Under these circumstances, because of human error, [the plane] came under fire.” 

Read the article carried by Reuters

10 thoughts on “Iran Admits Downing Civilian Airliner

  1. Of course it is Trump to blame. I guess we will hear it again when Trump also will win the next presidential election, then the Persians and the Democrats will blame Trump for people electing him. I watched an interview today with an Iranian and former Obama advisor who was not happy with Trump because Obama was much more kind and willing to support and understand the Clergies in Iran. Listening to him was like hearing Soleimani argue.

  2. Soleimani attacked and masterminded attacks on US forces THAT HE WAS NOT AT WAR WITH. Obama labeled him a "terrorist" which brings with it a death sentence that was not carried out under Barack's watch.

    Soleimani could have stayed in Iran, stopped his activity (which was also his hobby along with buggering little boys), and nothing would have happened to him. But that's not what he was about, and we took the shot.


  3. Others have speculated there was a passenger (or passengers) on board the mullahs wanted eliminated.

  4. Or how about:

    "In our crazed political posturing we murdered 176 innocent people…because…we can't help ourselves., we are 15th century throwbacks who are born angry at the world."

    These people make the Hatfield's and McCoy's look like amateurs.

    Smiting evil from the world is not only good, but acceptable…God requires it of those in governance to protect the governed. That means ANYONE decrying the removing of a clear and present danger by our President, regardless of their twisted logic justification, is operating as one of Satan's minions. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Turning Soleimani into goo on the tarmac was 100% correct..normal thinking people know this and do not question the righteous taking out of this evil-doer. It is interesting that a week later the deranged morons in the media are still incessantly talking about it, as if continuing will somehow reveal some nefarious detail. THEY want answers!…They deserve answers!…while simultaneously questioning the President's motives. THEY demand answers, as if they are deserving of any explanation of a covert operation simply because in their activity of talking about what the doers are doing, producing nothing but discord and confusion, they are somehow important. They should all be ignored…then when ratings tank they will see how important they really are to the workings of America.

    Next week's continued idiocy and lawlessness by the Dem's will be telling. Then again, we could say that every week when it comes to the Left's attempts to destroy our Republic.

    Rant over…

  5. I hear CNN is, at this very moment, procuring the outhouse Soleimani shit in every morning to place in from of CNN Headquarters.

  6. I know. The mullahs just kill people or hold an Islamic court and execute them. The don't need to drop an airliner in a high profile location. If they wanted to do that, why not plant a bomb and have it detonate half an hour later?

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