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St. Kevin’s Church

I didn’t know that there was a Saint Kevin.

A 900-year-old church still standing in Wicklow, Ireland. This church is Saint Kevin’s.


A Greek Chapel


DEI in the Intelligence Agencies (your sermonette)

Let’s start here with the Daily Wire. The NSA’s 34-page glossary defines hundreds of social justice terms, including “white fragility,” “transmisogyny,” and “settler colonialism.” If you don’t buy into the bullshit, you shouldn’t work there. “But the agency, which has been sharply criticized for its mass surveillance operations on American citizens, goes beyond openly endorsing the extreme tenets of Critical Race Theory with its glossary — it pushes queer theory as an approach that ‘critically deconstructs and challenges binaries such as male and female or heterosexual and homosexual.'”

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the CIA started having a homosexual week, where sodomy was glorified. I have a vague idea of how bad it is now from people I know who had to stick it out to retire with a pension so they could lap at the trough for the rest of their lives. I don’t blame them. That’s just how it is.

Back to the NSA – “Ze” and “zir,” meanwhile, are noted as “gender neutral pronouns that can be used instead of he/she” and “his/her,” while “two spirit,” is defined as a “Native American term for individuals who identify as both male and female.”

Other terms defined in the glossary include “genderqueer,” “AFAB/AMAB: Assigned Female At Birth, Assigned Male At Birth,” “Latinx,” and “same gender loving,” a term that serves as “a description for homosexuals” who think that terms such as gay and lesbian “carry negative connotations.”

There’s also “demigender” — with variations such as“demiboy” and “demigirl” included — defined as “having a partial connection to one or more genders.”

A member of the House Intelligence Committee who viewed the document says he was shocked at the level of indoctrination within one of our most powerful military agencies.

“I just can’t overemphasize how shocking this is,” Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), a combat-decorated U.S. Army veteran who fought in the elite Green Berets, told The Daily Wire. “I’m a member of the Intelligence Committee in the House, and it is an authentic document.”

It’s that way throughout the Federal Government these days, including the US Geospatial Agency (for you who were going to ask).


Bullet Points:

** The LA Times demanded, “Editorial: Ceasefire now. The killing in Gaza must stop.”

It said, “The trauma inflicted on Palestinian survivors only increases the recruiting ability of Israel’s enemies, whether they be Hamas, Hezbollah or any successors bent on the destruction of Israel.”

Yes, bombing Berlin only helped Nazi recruitment in 1945.

** What do you call somebody with no body and no nose? Nobody knows.

** Why did the CDC not want to evaluate the infectious agents in the illegal California biolab run by a Chinese fugitive? Ebola, malaria, SARS Cov 2, all play a role. Tom Clancy might have as well written this story, but it’s apparently real.

** The J6 tapes will be released, and we will see if it really was worse than Pearl Harbor for anyone but Ashley Babbit.


From the Days of Fighting Sail

Heating, Ventilation, and Light aboard a Ship

We somehow take three things for granted, but it could be a problem on board a ship at the time of the sailing ships. Here is a brief overview.


It was not always necessary because if even a sixth-rate frigate had 200 men on board and lived very cramped together, a heater was superfluous even in cold regions. And the galley, the ship’s stove, also produced a lot of heat.


Captain’s quarters – Great Cabin of USS Constitution with a portable oven, photo by Chris Walton

But there were portable stoves, mainly used in the officers’ quarters, such as the Great Cabin, Ward, or Gunroom. Later, during the early and mid 19th century, during the expeditionary service, which was very much concerned with the Arctic regions, they were extremely necessary as these ships did not sail with the high numbers of men that the warships did.


Fresh air was a huge problem below the main deck. Not only was it very warm due to the galley, but it was also humid. There was little opportunity to dry clothes, and due to the watch system, the men often went to bed with damp to wet clothes. This ensured that the bedding and clothing were always damp, encouraging rheumatism and colds. (Hence the assumption that rheumatism is a seafarer’s disease). Warm and damp also made it difficult to breathe, and together with stale, vinegar-soaked air (vinegar was used for disinfection), lung diseases were also common on board.


Middle Gundeck of HMS Victory with open Gunports, which gave fresh air and light

The gunports were opened as soon as possible to get some fresh air. The officers who had no windows, as in the gunroom, left the doors of their cabins open. On larger ships that had several stern windows, these were opened. But this was only possible in good weather and with little swell. Otherwise, they tried to get fresh air via the bilge pump system. The bilge was flushed, and the water had to be pumped out again, providing a little fresh air. Otherwise, it was a case of holding out or, if possible, going on deck.


Natural light was not very common below decks. Only through the gunports could a little light come in. The officers, if they had windows, were more fortunate.


Mess deck (Lower deck) of HMS Trincomalee with the lanterns, photo by Robert J. Smith

Otherwise, candles were used in lanterns or so-called storm lamps. But also oil lamps, but only in the officer’s quarters or the great cabin. The light was not very bright, but at least there was a little light. Free candles had to be handled carefully as they were a potential fire hazard.


Identify the Aircraft




21 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. J6- ” The camara’s don’t lie”
    Phillip Anderson gave his own personal account of Roseanne Boyland’s accidental death. As reported by Vanity Fair 1/5/2022;

    “Among the knot of rioters was a young man named Philip Anderson, a self-described free speech activist. He said there were about 50 people crammed in at the Capitol entrance. And yet, in the middle of that melee, Anderson recalled seeing, out of the corner of his eye, a woman in the crowd.

    “There’s nothing but men, really, but she’s at the back, just standing there” as he tells it. “All hell breaks loose when the police begin gas…. and we’re not able to breathe. It wasn’t even tear gas…I turn around, run away as fast as I can, [and] collapse. Fall right on my face…”

    As the crowd retreated to escape the gas, many fell on top of one another. Anderson got crushed under a pile of about 30 people, he said. Next to him was that woman he had seen earlier. “She was screaming a little bit and yelling for help,” he recalled, “but then she went quiet…. She was dying and she didn’t want to feel alone. So she grabs my hand and then she lets go…. And when she lets go [of] my hand, I’m like, I really am going to die. She just died. I’m going to die. Get off of me. Help, help, help!”
    My 2¢ is the 1,100 + and growing arrests are valid IF they trespassed. I don’t agree with breaking and entering, vandalism ect…
    After Epps crew’s removed the outer perimeter fencing and bullhorn #1 and #2 coordinated efforts to create the ensuing chaos, we are going to see a lot of bad actors ( including the Antifa kid from Utah going fb live with his knife held high. ) and handlers herding what I believe to be sincere citizens with a legitimate concern, that is still yet unaddressed, ( Chavez proven dominion type systems)
    The whole staged drama and following NSA tentacles reveals Nancy’ Pelosi’s ” sacred place” being protected at all costs. Even to the extent of the Bureau Of Intimidation waking up Lisa Gallagher off an “anonymous ” tip. (Tucker 9/12/22) Likewise as in communist countries, guilt by association has effected one J6 attendees fiance and their baby with strict TSA clearance. Ok, I wormed way down a rabbit hole a long ways from where Johnson’s commendable action will start. Start what, more committee’s and hearings, and just more talk?
    I sell rope, cheap.

        1. Great show Ed. The beginning prayer and declarations have been very inspiring for me personally.
          I missed Jake sharing that about Boyland. I’d listened through a few recently, and will try that one again.

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Lockheed CL-400 Suntan
    2. Brewster Model B-339E Buffalo
    3. Bristol Beaufighter

  3. Saint Keven’s- Firstly, great church, and kudos to the locals for maintaining and preserving such a neat piece of history. Clearing pastures of that ubiquitous stone and putting it to good use was some serious work.

    As for the “Saint” part, that- as I discovered much later in my faith journey – a Catholic church holdover. Growing up Catholic I was told only certain people were “picked” to be saints in Christ. But further Bible study revealed (and one particular Bible Study session where it was brought home) that as a Christian we are all saints in Christ once we give ourselves into the fold. The Catholic teaching of this (and not intended as an affront to it, this is a secondary tenet) is extra-biblical. Traditions are hard to change, and not entirely “wrong”…but we learn as we go.

    1. *Kevin’s…which a quick search also has it as as St. Kevin’s Kitchen, with the tower unique to it being likened to a chimney.

        1. Ahh, the trifecta achieved. Me? In name only (altho, we do have an Abbey just down the road a piece). And while I can’t hold a candle to the Apostle, I am a [flawed] work in progress.

  4. Neat little church! And re the NSA, multiple friends have left, some with and some without a pension due to the BS and internal politics, including ‘minimization’ of certain country teams…

    Re the ships, fire was a constant hazard, along with the constant wet. The mess decks/gundecks, etc. were very low ceilinged, most were at/near five feet at their highest, and closed in, making them even more of an issue for keeping them dry and ventilated.

  5. L.L. Geospatial; thanks again for taking time to write the truth about what’s going on. I’m constantly stopping and looking up words y’all are using to grow in vocabulary and learn to live uprightly.
    The sermonette; ” Trust the science” Aren’t humans normally male xy and female xx ? According to Jesus and the scientist’s that make sense to me they are born one or the other.
    The mapping and locating data coming out of the USGA building is and will be way beyond my pay grade. But I did learn what the second largest building to the Pentagon is today.

  6. I visited Old Ironsides a few years back in the springtime. It was in the mid 70’s on Boston harbor. After 10 minuses on the third deck down I had sweated through my tee shirt. The further down the hotter it got. Back on deck the slight breeze felt cold.

  7. I’d forgotten about St. Kevin, thanks for the reminder and for the photo of your cabin, nice set up.

    Then there’s the NSA.

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