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Justice in Mexico

raven observedMaybe you can shed some light on this- The web has reports el Chapo’s son was arrested by the Federales, and the cartel essentially had a street riot with machine guns -and the feds got worried and released him? Bad ju-ju if the cartel has veto power over the gov. Means they ARE the gov, in all the important areas.
The cartels have run Mexico since the days of Amado Carrillo Fuentes. It didn’t happen overnight, but in the model before Amado Carrillo, each state in Mexico had an army general who oversaw the state for the PRI Party. They each received the tax/mordida/bribes for allowing drugs to flow through the state and they spread the juice. For the past thirty years it became even more institutionalized.
Let’s talk about the recent presidents of Mexico: In the case of President Vincent Fox Quesada, formerly an executive for Coca Cola, his wife, Marta Shagun (and her children) handled the bag for the cartel money. You could say that he made a token effort to distance himself. In essence, Fox and his family “licensed” certain states in Mexico to certain cartels in exchange for a fixed amount. There were some ripples with the Zapatista revolution in Chiapas (left over from the Zedillo presidency), etc. but it was managed.
President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa took a different approach to the situation, selling the licenses to deal in narcotics more than once (selling the same horse several times to different buyers). This led to a massive drug war since each cartel felt that it had the rights to the states that it bought. During this administration the Catholic Church in the diocese of Morelia (Michoacan) created its own cartel, Los Cabelleros Templarios, which dealt primarily in methamphetamine. The Archbishop took his cut. 
President Enrique Peña Nieto administered the country in a free-for-all that had begun during the Calderon administration, and his mismanagement led to the election of the Communist Party (PRD) and  President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (called AMLO). AMLO ran on a platform of non-interference with the narcos. (One country, two leaders) He fueled his candidacy with hatred toward the USA, and he won. But he faced President Trump and President Trump can crush the Mexican economy with a tweet, so he changed his policy to one of cooperation with the US, and that led to the arrest of Chapito. And the release of Chapito, as we’ve seen in the news.
Mexico has been a narco state for decades. The presidents of Mexico have been bought (wholly owned subsidiaries) of the drug interests. That’s just how it is. And ‘justice’ is what the cartels say that it is.
It’s interesting that the Democrat Party is calling for a wall to be built between Turkey and Syria to protect the Kurds. It would be interesting if they behaved that way toward the US southern border.
War, Drugs, and Power

WSF said – Speaking of endless wars, how about the war on drugs? On one hand we deplore, and spends vast sums fighting opioids, while helping those responsible for much of the world’s raw supply. That is a racket, IMO!

Yes, that is interesting isn’t it? The trade in white powder at the pinnacles of power is a place where governments and organized crime collide in unusual patterns. We can discuss it endlessly, but the US has openly supported a number of opium growing countries/regimes including Laos, and more recently the Kurds and Afghanis.

Kle wroteThe Dems are always going on about how they’re against War and Nation Building and Open-Ended Military Commitments and Mission Creep. They should be out dancing in the streets because Trump pulled us out of the moronic no-win situation in Syria, but they’re all a bunch of hypocrite fanatics.

The Beltway bandits don’t care which facet of the deep state that you favor, so long as you support war and profit for them (at the expense of all involved). I found (retired Admiral) Bill McRaven’s negative comments about President Trump to be interesting. Now is as good of a time to share it as any. McRaven is a close friend of John Brennan, former Director of Central Intelligence and deep state maven. McRaven, who is as ambitious as Lucifer, has been meeting with the king makers for a run on the Democrat ticket in 2024. He can speak, he’s not a fool, and it’s likely too late for him to throw in for 2020, but you’ll be seeing his name more frequently as an opponent of President Trump.
The Military Industrial Complex will back McRaven, a Democrat, because they don’t want anyone standing in the way of more wars in the future the way that President Trump has. 
It’s a wicked game, my friends. And it’s very difficult to find good guys. I’m as patriotic as anyone in this nation, but my loyalty is to the Constitution. And there are a lot of enemies, both foreign and domestic.
G-7 and Camp David
President Trump announced Saturday night that his administration would no longer consider his personal resort in Doral, Florida to host the 2020 G7 summit in Miami, and suggested he might consider Camp David. 
“Based on both Media & Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility, we will no longer consider Trump National Doral, Miami, as the Host Site for the G-7 in 2020,” the president tweeted. “We will begin the search for another site, including the possibility of Camp David, immediately. Thank you!”
Nobody likes to hold meetings at Camp David, MD. It’s cramped, the accommodations are not luxurious and the media has a 1.5 hour ride on a bus in – and – out each day. It’s one of those locations that are secure, but aren’t any fun. And the entourages of the leaders of the G-7 and the leaders themselves prefer comfort. The food is not going to be exotic and interesting…it’s one of those F-U moves that the president can pull. And the media won’t be dining on premises. They will have to pack a sack lunch.

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  1. Mexico! Thank you, but I will keep my memories from the 60's and never set foot in the place.

  2. Your sermonette makes me think of that " obsolete " document which begins " When in the course…"

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  3. I see that ol' AMLO decided that turning that guy loose was the proper course of action. If the border's not controlled something similar happening in LA or elsewhere is a matter of time. Governor Newsome will undoubtedly show the same level of courage as the authorities below the border.

  4. LL,

    Great recap of Mexico as to who or what really runs the country.

    I'd like your thoughts on what Jim refers to above.

    Jim mentions the fact that it's only a matter of time before these things start happening in LA and elsewhere here in the states.

    Seeing as there have been many reports of not only the Cartels crossing the border and causing trouble, but in fact the Mexican military taking action within our borders without retribution, can't one argue that we are already being invaded by them?

    Newsome and these other sanctuary idiots have already opened the door but worse, we do not respond when they cross the border. Can I assume the Border Patrol and military have their hands tied as to taking action when provoked by what in effect are invaders?

  5. I recall an incident many years back that involved an incursion into U.S. territory involving Black SUV's and some of our folks taking small arms fire. Someone at the time lamented words to the effect of "What ever should we do?". My suggestion was to try pulling the trigger on an M-1 Abrams main gun, and further that SUV parts raining down on the Mexican side might make the point rather well. But, that's just me.

  6. "Justice in Mexico?" What a headline. Why not "Sumo wrestlers crash Weight Watchers Meeting," or maybe "Quasimoto a Finalist at the Miss World Competition."

    Mexico is essentially a failed state, but it exports a bunch of stuff to the U.S., namely drugs, terrorists and sex traffic. There is no hope for that country, whose corruption goes back 100's of years, as compared to our corruption which came to a head when Barack Obama took the Oval Office.

    That, and they hate our guts, and have since the first shots were fired quarreling over Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, parts of California and a few other disputes over the centuries. Nobody in Mexico; nobody in government, in the narco business or the general public, NOBODY in Mexico wants anything good to happen to the U.S. Nobody.

  7. G7 and Camp David…This is the President putting them all on notice that he's in charge…total boss move (besides it only makes strategic sense). And by all appearances he's just getting rolling. He's somewhere in the vicinity of five steps ahead of his opponents…who in their self-important arrogance believe they are playing him. Trump is selling the Dem's the rope they will all hang themselves.

  8. Janet Napolitano, the former Dem governor of AZ, was a real 'close' buddy of Fox. Ya gotta' wonder how her retirement fund did in those years.

  9. Lack of overt corruptness in Mexico is the rare exception to the constant overt corruptness exhibited in Mexico since, well, it's founding.

    Let's recap.

    Texas formed due to Mexican corruptness.

    California formed due to Mexican corruptness.

    Black Jack Pershing got to play with planes and horses while taking care of Mexican corruptness.

    Whole movie and tv franchises made tons of money dealing with a character fighting Mexican corruptness, Zorro by name…

    Seriously. Mexico has been a 'failed' state since for ever. Anyone who believes otherwise is bordering on delusional.

    As to McRaven, he's hitched his wagon to the Hillary/Obama/Soros train. So he's hoping and praying that the deep state wheels don't come off. The rest of us are hoping that he'll go down with the whole lot of them.

    Mayhaps the God-Emperor (as seem in Italy, no, really – here's a link ) and his forces will finally use the sledge-o-matic against the deep state derps. We hope.

  10. Serious question, do you see a solution to the narco problem? I know, the Wall, more power to it, but beyond that. Just asking and expecting "no."

    That said, couldn't we simply take them all out, with "extreme prejudice"? How long would the op take, a few days, a week? I know it won't happen but curious about the hypothetical.

  11. Thanks for the McRaven info.
    That explains that.
    As an aside, when I read Seven Days in May as a Kid, it took seven days.
    This coup is on 3 years already.

  12. I feel for the leaders; but good on Trump for messing with the media.
    I wasn't aware just how messed up Mexico is. I hope we can control that – or stop it from coming here.

  13. Mexico is… Mexico. Not much else to say. We could have ended the 'war on drugs' a long time ago, but the will of Congress et al to actually DO it has been sadly lacking. Those plans have been sitting on the shelf since the late 70s. G7 at Camp David? Oh hell yes. Limited media, no way for the protesters to get there, etc. :-)

  14. Mexico is a FAILED STATE….and has been for decades. The truly terrifying thought is the commie left in America is working VERY HARD to IMPORT those people and that mentality to America in vast quantities. As for the "War On Drugs"….
    lets call it what it REALLY is. The War On Freedom. Because that is the real motivation behind all the preening and posturing. It's just another excuse to trash the Constitution and rape the corpse of The Bill Of Rights.

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