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The narco-wars in Mexico get worse incrementally and nobody in Mexico or the US sees an improvement coming. The Obama Administration’s luke warm response to what would otherwise be a matter of considerable alarm in Washington only serves to make matters worse. The death toll in Mexico, oft touted in the mainstream media is many times higher (based on sources of my own and US insiders who study the problem professionally).
The United States needs to change course and harden the US-Mexico Border to stop ILLEGAL immigration. Nobody is suggesting a halt to the legal process of immigration. Illegal aliens in the US need to be returned home.
One of the stalwarts in the fight against border-region crime is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. To shine a spotlight on the problem of illegal aliens in Mexico, some of whom made Phoenix the kidnapping capitol of the US, he has formed an “Immigration Posse. It’s comprised in part of Hollywood actors who also have a legitimate law enforcement background. (LINK: Washington Times)
Since the time Sheriff Arpaio took office in 1993, he has built up the volunteer posse to nearly 3,000 members, with 59 different posses operating throughout Maricopa County. Each year, he said the volunteer posses work thousands of hours and also donate vehicles, planes, helicopters to the sheriff’s office as well as a variety of professional services, saving tax payers millions of dollars annually. Sheriff Arpaio said, “People from all walks of life have contacted my office saying they want to help me in this fight in some way. This is how they can do that by being members of a volunteer posse with the specific aim of fighting illegal immigration and lending their particular expertise to the fight,” the sheriff said. Of the 56 new Immigration Posse members, 33 are already qualified to carry weapons. They will work with deputies in searching for vehicles carrying illegal immigrants and the safe houses where the people are housed before being sent out of state.”
The Obama Justice Department  filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Arpaio in part for his English-only policy within the Maricopa County Jails. The Obama Justice Department has also filed suit against Arizona for passing a law that would allow Arizona law enforcement officers to assist and support the US Government’s “effort” to stem the flow of illegal aliens, many of whom are narco-terrorists into the US.
It’s time for the House of Representatives to send a clear message to the Executive Branch of the US Government. HARDEN THE BORDER – NOW. We understand that the Democratic Party-controlled Senate is anxious to legalize illegals because they will vote for entitlements that they won’t be paying for – and thus for Democrats who are happy to buy their votes with taxpayer dollars.

6 thoughts on “Bring Order to the Border

  1. I think they want all this unrest, they are orchestrating all this, if you ask me, LL! I hope you have a lovely lunch today, and say "hey" to all Patriots everywhere ;-)

  2. Bunni, wish you could be there.

    LL, seems like We the People have little control over our own borders. I hope that changes, and soon.

  3. Odie – who will buss our dishes when we're done eating lunch today?? More importantly, who will cook the food and if they know "we" are out front, eating, will they spit (or do worse) in it?

  4. If illegal Mexicans are turned into citizens, will they not demand wage equity with current citizens? Guess that means more illegal Chinese will be on the way.

  5. WoFat – there are 1.3 billion Chinese who would love to work here for minimum wage. The only question for the Obama Administration is whether they can be assured that the Chinese would vote a straight Democrat ticket.

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