Slow Joe’s Long March

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When I watch the Biden rallies in New Hampshire, I can’t help but contrast them to the political rallies that President Trump has. Biden manages fifty or sixty people, among whom are union members (paid to be there) carrying signs showing that they represent firefighters or SEIU.
President Trump’s rallies fill stadiums with adoring voters with thousands of people who couldn’t be stuffed in, watching the program on large screen televisions.  And yet the pollsters predict that in a head to head match up, Biden would beat President Trump. It sounds like wishful thinking on the part of progressives.
And Creepy, corrupt, senile old Slow Joe Biden is now predicting that he will do better in New Hampshire than predicted. “He’s surging,” his campaign staff are confidently telling the sleezy, sly, smug, lying mainstream media reporters. “The Butt Guy isn’t taking all of his support,” the staffers assure the talking heads on CNN. They remind CNN that the Butt Guy, mayor of a mid-size Indiana town, couldn’t win a statewide race in Indiana. “There’s no way he can beat the twenty time senator from Delaware and twice Vice President of the United States.” 
Yet I watch those staffers wince when Slow Joe calls women who show up at his rallies, “lying dog face pony soldiers,” when they ask questions that he doesn’t want to answer. Nobody really knows where Slow Joe (no Malarky) came up with that, but it plays well on Fox News.
“We’ll be there at the convention,” Joe assures his small band of supporters, as his money has all but dried up. 
The problem with Joe is that it may not be mere senility that we see. He’s consistent in saying weird, off-the-cuff things. His political career had all but ended after two failed runs at the Presidency when Barack scooped him up out of Delaware to be the vice president. 
Many considered Biden to be Obama’s hedge against assassination. Who would kill Barack if Slow Joe was designated to take his place? Thus Biden, the court jester had value to Obama.
And Barack didn’t endorse Joe to be president, likely because of eight long years having to put up with him. It’s tough to blame Barack for his decision.
So here’s Biden, striving to tie Amy (Amy Who?) Klobuchar in the Democrat primaries. 
There are others who are happy to see Biden spending Democrat donor money in his failed bid. It means that there’s less available for the communists who oppose him.

16 thoughts on “Slow Joe’s Long March

  1. I think they have convinced Killary that Biden could win and as his VP, she would finally get the Presidency.

  2. Thank you for the Dog-Faced Pony Soldier post. Those dog faces don't look like the lady that asked the question. She should be offended.

    Right now Biden is trailing Klobuchar in the NH polls, which would be humiliating for the former VP, and protege of Obama.

  3. There are powerful people behind him that have a lot (more) to lose if someone can't beat President Trump. What other candidate can they own?

  4. Stick a fork in Joe, he's done. Lying dog-faced pony soldier? What a way to go out, insulting the voters you are courting. But then again, Joe has never been all that swift at politick-ing, except in the tiny back water state of Delaware, where they will elect damn near anybody to anything.

    And Bernie, that lying dog faced pony soldier, when asked why he wants a government take over of health care, stated "that's incorrect, I do not want a government take over of health care; I only want an expansion of Medicare to include everybody, big difference."

    Yes, huge difference if you are an idiot. Which Bernie's boys and Bernie himself think about most of the electorate.

    And of course Mini-Mike Bloomberg: shut down all the coal plants, because the earth hangs in the balance. That, and you yokels have too many dang guns, you gotta hand 'em over, OK? That oughtta gaurantee his election.

    I see a Trump landslide of Biblical proportions coming up.

  5. The longer the impeachment sham went on, the higher President Trump's approval climbed. Then the President gave a powerful state of the union and Pelosi tore it up. All that solidified the president's position.

  6. In an honest world with an honest election NOBODY stands a chance at beating Trump. Yet Hillary came pretty close in 2016….and whoever the demonrats run this year HAS a good chance of winning. For two reasons.
    One is the complicit media whores doing yeoman's labor nonstop to destroy Trump and make the demonrats look like saints. And the
    second is the absurd insane almost unbelievable amount of out and out
    fraud the demonrats have engaged in in the past and will without a doubt expand and increase for this years election. It's not inconceivable for Trump to win by millions of REAL votes only to lose
    because the left has created a system that allows them to generate TENS OF MILLIONS of fraudulent votes. So don't ANYONE think this years election is not going to be uncontested. When the ONLY rule you abide by is WIN no matter what anything becomes possible.

  7. We have to assume that the left will cheat on a Biblical scale, in much the way they did last time. They simply didn't cheat hard enough. This time, they'll pull out all of the stops and people who died before Christ will be casting their ballots absentee from the Holy Land.

  8. Breaking News: Creepy, corrupt, senile old Slow Joe fled New Hampshire, missing his own victory party. He's in South Carolina now, trying to rally support among black voters. And if they don't support him, they're all "Lying, dog faced, pony soldiers"…and that's no malarky.

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