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Boeing 787
Aero Mexico’s fleet of commercial aircraft (sometimes referred to as “the great piñatas in the sky”) are not all that bad and first class service on their fleet of 737’s is on par with other airlines flying similar distances with similar aircraft. Stumbling through life as I usually do, I accidentally found that they have a Boeing 787 that flies between Tijuana and Mexico City in a mid-morning flight schedule.
Let me share with you that there is a world of difference in comfort between the venerable 737 and the lie-flat capable seats in the first class compartment on a 787. I don’t know how many of you who read this blog commute between Tijuana and Mexico City (if you do, you’ve never waved or said hello)…BUT if you’re going to do it, relaxing in first class on a 787 is vastly better.
Some of you are chuckling to yourselves – “This is your FIRST flight on a 787, LL? Where have you been?” Obviously I haven’t been at the right place at the right time. First class on a 747 is always very nice, but it’s a big, long haul aircraft and they don’t use them for the more local runs. I haven’t flown in first class on an Airbus A380  (they do land at LAX) and am told that you can take a shower and they’ll schedule you for a massage in flight. The three hour flight between TJ and Mexico City doesn’t justify a shower, and a massage. I wouldn’t turn it down, but — you get my point.

For a mid-size aircraft, that Dreamliner is one nice ride. 
The first class menu on the Aero Mexico 787 is the same as the AM 737…What’s that about? I had hopes of a freshly bar-b-qued ribeye, and enchilada. Maybe cherries jubilee served au flambé to put a nice finish on the meal, but it was not to be.
Mission: From here on out, I’ll scour the flight schedules and make sure that I’m flying in first class on the NICE BUS, rather than the smaller and more confined cabin of the 737 (short bus). After all, the price is the same.

Commentary: It’s much easier for me to cross the border at CBX,  and take a domestic flight from TJ to Mexico City than it is to take an international flight from the US to Mexico City. Even though I have Global Entry, SENTRI and every other known and unknown expedited pass to get from and through, it’s easier.

Mexico’s TSA isn’t made up of hardcore unemployables from the inner cities, ex-cons, and fugitives. Some believe that it helps account for shorter lines at security and far more polite screening…

Statistically, Tijuana is safer than Chicago*, Detroit, Newark or Baltimore (the US cities are all machine political cities run by the Democrat Party for generations). Tijuana is run by the Arellano Felix Drug Cartel. Does the cartel represent a more enlightened management style than the Democrats do, or are they on par with each other? I leave it for you to decide.

*The current murder rate is roughly double on Chicago’s south side what it is in all of Juarez and Tijuana Mexico combined.

10 thoughts on “Boeing 787 Dreamliner

  1. When you're sandwiched between to large oil workers in the middle seat, back by the heads, with your knees rubbing the seat in front of you and the jerk in front tilts his seat back – and yours won't tilt because of the toilets behind you…there are no friendly skies. Been there and bought the t-shirt.

    Today if I'm going to work, I say, "Let's talk about how I'm going to get from here to there." Being a big guy with a bad attitude helps me explain why shoving me in the middle seat in the back (where you always end up on last minute bookings) will not cut it.

  2. I highly doubt I'll ever take another plane ride in my lifetime. It's been years, but my last flights were pretty horrible. And anything over 8 hours on Amtrak is a nightmare. Glad you liked your flight, LL.

  3. For me, work mostly requires an airplane ride – at least 70% of the time. Avoiding misery demands a seat at the front. You can hedge on some airlines with "Coach-Plus" and occasionally get a not horrible experience. However I'm old enough now that it's not worth the effort to fly if I can't get a nice ride.

  4. Last time I was going somewhere, I booked a ride on the small very fast bird… the only way to fly, well that or those whirling parts things.
    Nobody to give you grief, or guff, Yeah!

  5. Yep, and as a bonus, the 78 is a better ride too! Did DEN-NRT up front, not a bad 10 hour flight! Coach is coach, regardless of the bird… sigh

  6. When I ride in the back on a long haul, I need drugs these days…seriously. Doped up, I'm a decent travel companion (unless I'm in the middle). Cold turkey, I start to become an Alpha Hotel at about 5-6 hours. Sitting in the front I remain human for the entire trip.

  7. I flew business class to Singapore from LAX on a Singapore Air Airbus 380-800…let's just say it was heaven. I did sneak a peek at first class; the suites are like little hotel rooms, shower and all…I can no longer ride in the black hole of Calcutta!

  8. That's quite a statement from you – who ALWAYS ride in the front of the bus. I will keep that in mind if/when the opportunity to hop an A-380 comes around.

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