A Role for Romney?

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I’m not trying to start a rumor, but could it be that Mitt Romney is angling for the Vice Presidential slot with Mini-Mike Bloomberg? Romney has a history of being a Wall Street corporate raider and we know that he wants to be president one day. He’s a lot taller than Mini-Mike, and that doesn’t make for good optics, but he has all of the qualifications that Bloomie would want. 
*Both hate President Trump.
*Romney/Pierre Delicto brings his deep and abiding faith to the table where I think that Bloomberg is not in that tight with the Almighty.
*Romney will stab anyone in the back for a political advantage and would he happy to sell out the folks back home – and so will Bloomberg.
There may be something of a future for Mitt beyond his present job, which is unlikely to last longer than the current term.

18 thoughts on “A Role for Romney?

  1. Exactly. If Bloomberg announced that Romney was going to switch parties and run as his VP, nobody would blink an eye.

  2. Give him high marks for pulling the Salt Lake Olympics out of the ditch. Other than that, what?

  3. Time for him to go where he'd be appreciated and where he could surround himself with people who think the way that he does.

  4. I think that he's an able administrator, but he has the reputation of being a turncoat and a snake. He'd be a perfect addition to Team Bloomberg.

  5. Problem is, the Turtle needs his vote on most things even though the reliability factor is about a 5-7 of 10. Biggest thing is to ramrod Judges through which Mittens seems to be most reliable on. This is a big F'n deal as the chocolate jesus stacked all the courts he could with activist jurists.

    Collins and mss. Mrkercowski aren't any more reliable so you can't just shitcan mittens.

  6. Mini Mike. I had to look it up and, officially, he's 5'8" which mean towers over me by two inches. I suppose that makes me one of the wee folk.

  7. Dan Bongino pointed out that no Republican voted for impeachment.
    He (Pierre) had a certain appeal when he was the only choice against Obama.
    I realize the same could be said about Trump vs Clinton, but at least that worked out well.

  8. It wasn't much of a choice – Mitt or Barack. It was a lot the same for me when the late Sen John McCain ran against Barack. Like two Democrats running for president.

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