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  1. Funny – I just got through listening to a bunch of hokum from the pretend Indian as she slammed Jeff Sessions (which, I might add got her thrown out and unable to finish her remarks.) She has the voice of a 90 year old woman.

  2. The fake Indian believes down to the core of her wicked heart (three sizes too small) that she will be the next President of the United States of America, Commander in Chief of its armed forces, and Leader of the Free World.

    She also believes in her deluded progressive mind that she's an Indian.

  3. Most of the people in Oklahoma think they are part Indian. Must irritate those who are Indians.

    If Liz does run we should demand to see a DNA test.

  4. I think that genealogy has been thoroughly run and there is no Indian in the woodpile in her case. Bad luck for Liz.

  5. Can you explain to me please why is it the Dems keep coming up with stuff that is literally decades old as to why we shouldn't have so-n-so in a government position? DECADES old!!! Who cares, for crying out loud?? Especially when those ideas haven't been expressed by the individual for DECADES! How many pols have switched from one party to another as they have gotten older/smarter? Are they just pissy because Trump was a Dem several years ago, then left them in the dust?
    And, what will happen in a few years in the future, when some of the rioters/protesters try to hold elected office? Will the pics of them throwing stuff through windows get put into political ads? As a positive or as a negative…

    I just don't get it…

    And Liz just is looking pouty…not a good look for a Senator…she should be careful, MA is watching, and more of them voted for Trump than are willing to admit it.

  6. There is a collective bipolar style disorder within the Democrats. Al Franken coming out against poor kids in his attack on Sec. Devos, Sen. Schumer taking on labor unions, and the fake Indian — they engage in a circular firing squad. California is talking secession, nullification and States' rights….they want to be the "Confederacy". It's insanity of a very high order and people are sitting back, popping popcorn and watching.

  7. Ooo…very good diagnosis "collective bipolar style disorder". that definitely makes sense! I have patients and know families that that fits perfectly.

    Thanks :) Pass the popcorn.

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