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Some of you who follow this blog have expressed an interest in what is going on with the cartel wars in Mexico. The situation is such that they often become explosive, triggered by this or that event. Cartel A meets Cartel B and you have a kinetic situation. In this case today, the Mexican Marines became involved and suffered six casualties with more wounded. There were a number of head-shots today as the Marines took on two cartels who were going at each other in Sinaloa State.  
It gets worse as you scroll down. 
Only do this if you are not squeamish. 
The images represent the reality of an engagement today, February 8. There are a few videos as well. The camera doesn’t blink. These are actual photos and have not been edited or photoshopped. They are not for your amusement, but are perhaps for your education. THIS sort of thing is one reason to support a border wall. I’m not suggesting that the US doesn’t have violence on the streets, but it’s rare that we see it rise to this level. It’s not unusual to see it in Mexico on any given day.

The drug wars in Mexico are not a high school prom. 
Not even close.

Mexican Marines patrol through a point of engagement where over a dozen narcos were killed.
The narcos brought a .50 BMG into battery and opened fire, but a lack of tactical training and proper cover meant that it ended badly for them.

11 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Front (Today in Mexico)

  1. That is the reality of a drug war. And who knows how many innocents die in the crossfire/downrange of the fights… Grrrr…

  2. There are many tens of thousands of non-combatants killed every year. Nobody knows that number because it's not uncommon for the locals to bury their dead without fanfare in local country cemeteries.

  3. I've been doing this long enough that it's as common place. I tried to separate myself from it but as with the Godfather – every time I get out, they pull me back in.

  4. Build that wall…

    And strange to see Blogger hasn't "locked" your site. Maybe if there'd been some members of religion of peace in the infographics things would've been different.

  5. I think that they project completion of the WALL in about two years from now – on time and under budget.

  6. I had heard they didn't want to 'attract' attention by reporting the deaths to the Federalies, thanks for clearing that up.

  7. The narcos and narco politics runs deep in Mexico. All parties rip off the poor. The narcos conscript them as security (the spray-and-pray sort) and they suffer very heavy casualties. The army squeezes them for protection in some area. And it spirals worse without a respite.

  8. Not only do they have to build the wall, they also need to add serious money to the budget to help with the staffing levels on the border. But I think that is coming. And for all the carping that everyone is doing, the fact remains that if not for president Trump, nobody would even be talking about border security now, yet alone doing something about it. He was the only one who did have the guts to bring up the issue of illegal immigrants. That he did so in a most impolitic way, is what many people liked about him. I found it not a good thing, but what I am most angry about now is the fact that the left makes me defend Trump. I voted for him, but grudgingly. Now, the left is so hateful, that I am forced to stand up for him, which they have made a mistake in doing, as I was the wait and see type.

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