Truth in Norwegian Advertising?

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Norway is a very interesting place… at many levels.
The stores are almost all closed on Sunday as a matter of law, the place is “close to nature” even in the largest cities, and while I’m not a fan of lutefisk, the fish are excellent and fresh. The women are generally attractive.

I spent time there this summer and will be returning when the sun returns to Norway in the Springtime.

10 thoughts on “Truth in Norwegian Advertising?

  1. Norway: I am of 100% Norwegian descent, third generation American. I have a soft spot in my heart for all things Norge, HOWEVER:

    Norwegians present a facade of a perfect society, a false paradise which you saw during your nice summer visit. Idyllic Sundays, where everyone sits down for a picnic on the crystal clean fjords. They have enormous wealth based on North Sea oil reserves which the government ensures is shared nationally, rather than hoarded by a relatively small Royal Family such as in Saudi Arabia.

    The rub is that all of this paradise comes at the cost of the US taxpayer. We bear the brunt of Norwegian national defense. Norwegians claim moral superiority over us barbarians in America since we have gun laws and a Constitution that allows criminals to run amok killing citizens willy nilly, and then when we catch these murderers, we put them to death like the barbarians we are. To Norwegians, we are not civilized, since our laws are not like their laws.

    Yet they lift not one finger in providing resources for their own defense against those that would wish them harm and covet their resources. They hide under the umbrella of NATO (namely American funded and manned), and rather than have to spend their wealth on battleships, aircraft carriers and tanks to ensure their freedom, they let others do that (Americans) and instead spend their money on social programs all the while poo-pooing all things American.

    Norwegians, my blood, are living in paradise all on the American dime. I know this for a fact. I lived with a Norwegian citizen here in the US for over a year, and all of this came from that Norwegian's lips. They truly have no clue as to how things work in a dangerous world.

  2. Fredd, my view of Norway comes from a prism of working with their military people and their siccherheinstdienst, both of which are aware of the problems just across the border. So the people that I play with are professional and hard core, not the average Norwegian. I do love the land, though. What's not to love. And I enjoy the people. I could live there. I really could — in the bright and light summer. Winter would just be depressing.

  3. So, LL, you hit many steam baths while you were there?

    I've noticed this in advertizing here too. They always use the actors with 5 o'clock shadows so they seem more masculine. Who are they trying to fool?

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