Beheadings in Mexico

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There’s enough stock photography to give children bad dreams for a century so I’m not going to play shock jock here on this blog simply to pander to those baser voyeuristic impulses. However, want to make a point here. A couple of days ago, (LINK) the bodies of 28 murdered people were found in Acapulco, Mexico. Of the 28, fifteen had been decapitated. 
This sign is due diligence on the part of your United States Government to warn you not 
to travel through this part of the country. Note, they’re not stopping illegal immigration and 
smuggling, just warning you that it’s happening here (in Arizona).
It made news because the bodies were found in Acapulco outside the Plaza Sendero shopping mall. It would not have made news if they had been found in Los Mochis, for example, because murdered bodies in those numbers are a daily event there, in Juarez and a number of garden spots in Mexico. Last November the bodies of eighteen men were found in a mass grave outside of Acapulco. They’d been abducted from the downtown area.
The New York Times reported (above) that it only happens in a handful of states in Mexico. That would be news to many Mexicans, but the mainstream media has to learn about the stories in order to report them. In Mexico, the local media is often afraid to report what the learn because their friends in the business have ended up headless — their families left to fend for themselves as best they could.
The bodies in Acapulco belonged to a faction of the Beltran Leyva Cartel that followed Edgar Valdez Villareal (La Barbie). When the Mexican government arrested La Barbie, the cartel tried to include the break-away faction back into the organization. Recently, Hector Beltran Leyva (who now runs the show) found out that this remaining cell had betrayed him to the Sinaloa Federation (cartel).
These Mexican Drug Cartels exist to traffic narcotics within the United States. In order to get drugs from Mexico into the US, they need to cross a border. Forgive me if I’m making this sound too simple, even if it is.
The assertions made by the Obama Administration that they are doing something about Border security is hot air – smoke and mirrors. And the sort of violence and unrestrained organized warfare that exists in Mexico is coming north. Phoenix, Arizona has the second highest kidnapping rate of any city in the WORLD. Guess who does the kidnapping?
I’ve heard from the Obama Administration, and Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano 
has assured me that the Border is safe. That’s why they suggest that Americans 
don’t travel through portions of their own country — because it’s controlled 
by drug lords from Mexico.
It’s not about ethnicity and it’s not about poor people coming North in search of a better life. It’s about CLOSING the borders with the exception of authorized crossing points and authorizing lethal force to do so. Call me a radical, but I don’t want the sort of unrestrained gang warfare we are seeing in Mexico bleeding across the border into the US.

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  1. I am in full agreement. I don't want this type of unrestrained violence crossing the border either. Obama needs to close the border and if he doesn't the American people need to put pressure on him to either resign or for congress to impeach him.

    Just a thought – Maybe violence in America is exactly what Obama wants so he can declare Martial Law?

  2. I'm kind of surprised that some parts of the border are not used as smuggling routes. How did that happen?

  3. Couple of thoughts here …. Start arresting our drug addicts thus cutting down the demand. Put them somewhere away from the cartels in the prisons. Declare war on Mexico, and put our armies at the border and then send them south.

    Extreme? Damn straight!

  4. Teresa – I don't think that the liberal agenda goes that deep. They simply view it this way: ILLEGAL ALIEN=UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATIC PARTY FAITHFUL.

    WoFat – It IS shocking that some of the border areas have been overlooked by cartels. Hopefully the chart will show them some of the blank spots that they can exploit.

    Odie – if you send the army south you get into the "you bought it" mode and we don't want that cesspool.

    Opus #6 – It's a mess.

  5. This is an awful ongoing occurance, and this horrid admin is doing nothing to stop it. Put up some signs, and give up on our sovernity? What happened to preserve and defend America? Maybe BO should go and visit those areas where he and his big sis put up the signs.

  6. Nickie, I know that's the cry of progressives, but the option of LEGAL immigration remains a viable and valuable thing to America and those who want a better life. It's sad that so-called progressives can't understand this.

  7. It's not as bad as it seems. Consider when muslims decapitate a live subject they film the event and it becomes the lead entertainment programming on al jazeera for the night/week until the next decapitation.

    Mexicans, on the other hand, decapitate privately without fanfare and so appear much more civilized with this approach. Clearly, a vast difference between a 7th century and 18th century mindset.

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