It’s the weekend. It will be nice weather with snow expected next Tuesday. The floor is yours to discuss whatever strikes your fancy.


Wyoming Wind Gauge

I’m sure it would work just as well in Arizona…


To leave something behind



  1. the wind is pushing the chain in the east this morning as well. about 3 a.m. i heard it coming like a train and thought “there’s no way the oak tree outside the window holds up to that.” oddly i made no effort to get out of its way either.

    • The weather here is slowly warming. That’s good news, of course even though global warming is said to be bad. The promise of global warming didn’t deliver anything this past winter. All the progs predicted we’d be burned to a crisp now and – nothing. Maybe it’s all those car batteries we buy from China that is saving us.

  2. We had a smallish deciduous tree in the corner of our back yard, likely planted from the back end of a bird sitting on the fence. Part of it was dead, and the lady of the house had decreed that it shall be removed. Recently a good wind gust did a fair job of that. It was deader than it looked. The stubs of the main trunks still stick up, but the rest was snapped off, some landing in our yard, some in the neighbor’s. Fortunately everything landed on open ground. I will get to the removal by and by, but for now life has demanded other priorities.

    • I have a couple of dead alligator junipers (big, thick trunk) that have seen better days. Eagles sit on the bare branches and look for rabbits and other varmints to pluck. I hoped they would nest there, but the nesting locations of choice are the tallest Ponderosa pine trees that have died and stand there like a bare spire. One day the trees will fall and the eagles will look for another similar tree.

      • there is a cemetery on the hill in front of my house. there stand two 300 year old dogwood trees long dead but still sturdy. three hundred year old poison oak vine grows up thru the hollow core of one. it no longer resembles poison oak but i found out it is indeed poison oak. the cemetery has been there since before my county ceded from albemarle in 1761. it is assumed to be slave but there is some argument on that due to the hilltop location. either way a double wide depression with a smaller depression at the foot tells a sad tale of a family that died all or nearly all at once.

  3. Today the chain would be at 60 deg., someone left the gates to Wyoming open again.

    Ben Franklin may have despised the eagle, preferring the turkey vulture, but as your header picture proves…majestic.

    • I’ve never been in awe of a wild turkey. We have them here in the area. I see them every so often. It’s the opposite with eagles. I can watch them endlessly.

      Turkeys are better eating, though, and Franklin never liked to pass up a big meal.

      • Me as well. MrsPaulM daily looks at an eagle webcam. As an animal lover she is totally enamored with the eaglets, who are learning to fly and hunt. If human mom’s (“woman” to biologists and normal people over 4 years) were only as protective as, say, my mom, maybe things in the world would be different. Just had to be in for dinner before dark and if mom called twice you were in big trouble.

      • Oy…”Turkey” (“the more respectable bird…), not turkey vulture. Not sure where that came from, maybe my state of mind where America sits at this point; we have turkeys and vultures in Congress, some are both. Need some awesome eagles to fly in and wreak havoc.

  4. As Wyoming born, I’m allowed to say Wyoming is windy because Utah blows and Nebraska sucks.

  5. 75 degrees here today, and beautiful blue skies with some puffy white clouds. Kinda looks like the opening to “The Simpsons”….

  6. Speculation
    Barrack Obama becomes President. When he left office he set up, openly, a shadow government. His people are controlling Xiden. SloJo has to go. He can’t even present a plausible appearance as a competent person in control of his facilities.
    Kamala isn’t ready for prime time and cannot be sold to the public anymore.
    The Democrats still control Congress. A Constitutional crisis is created. Pelosi declines because of age and health. Schumer is neutralized. Congress then appoints Obama as “Acting President” until the next election.
    All that stands in the way is that pesky Constitution.
    Now where is that KoolAide?

    • i hate to say it but slojoe may be all that stands between us and nuclear war. i think he refused so far, and that’s why they trotted out the hunter’s laptop story. but i don’t think kamelface will be any more eager to dive in either. hillary on the other hand is more than willing to put ol vlad in his place so to speak.

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