America Still Exists

Hilarious to hear the media accuse Jason Aldean of writing a song that “promotes violence” when nearly every rap song for the past 30 years has directly and enthusiastically glorified murder, rape, drug dealing, robbery, and every other violent crime, and these people say nothing.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) July 19, 2023


Bullet Points:

** 97% of climate scientists agree that they don’t want to be defunded. Government cheese is a powerful incentive.

** With 230,000 Ukrainians having already emigrated to Canada to flee the war, a recently disclosed internal memo from the Immigration Department says there is “no limit” on the number of Ukrainian war refugees allowed into Canada.

** They built the city on rock and roll, but things have gone to hell. There’s plunging confidence among the business community that progressive leadership in the crime-ridden metro can revive the poop-infested downtown area. Businesses are closing up shops in droves, while some building owners have stopped payments on malls and hotels as the city’s economic recovery appears bleak. (ZeroHedge)

“My heart goes out to all the shoplifters, thieves, and robbers who now have to venture further out from the safety of their home cities in order to get their wares in hopes of supplementing all their government assistance program checks.”

The Great Reset – as goes San Francisco, so goes America.


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  1. I was stumped on the header picture, first thought was a Colorado mountain but realized it was Park City. Nice Main Street.

  2. Aldean for Minister of Culture.

    According to a quick web search, who knows if these are accurate. Population of Ukraine: 37-million. Population of Canada: 40-million. Hmmm. If they all decamped to The Great White North, the Ukes could dang near take over the joint. I wonder how Castro’s Mini-Me would like that?

    • And the Ukes would compensate for all the ChiComs now living there. Castro Jr is probably freaking out over it.

      My experience with Ukes is they are neat, nice people who don’t like communism or muh-diversity.

      Now, if more looked like Louisa Khovanski…

    • You can’t forget “Wet Axxxxx Pssss” being the #1 song at the same time “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” was being removed from everywhere.

  3. Yeah, “Slap The Bitch, Kill The Pig, Fuck The Ho” is perfectly acceptable street music. WTF happened?

    Mr. Walsh’s photos remind a lot of living here. Our “Escape From L.A.” was successful.

    Is that the round leaving a trail as it whizzes off to the right?

  4. “Try That in a Small Town.”… In 1981 a man who terrorized a small town, as well as the local and state law enforcement was dealt with by citizens who would not take anymore. The widow sued the town and settled for $17,600, with no one admitting guilt. His name ‘Ken Rex McElroy’….Small Town.

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