California: The Golden State

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There are rumors that the streets of California are paved with (other people’s) gold. It would seem to be the case. $69 million in California Welfare Funds have been spent worldwide…on vacations. The Las Vegas economy has seen a boost courtesy of California’s Taxpayer hand-outs to their welfare recipients…

California’s $19 billion deficit?  NO PROBLEM…

All this can be yours when you sign up for welfare in The Golden State!

7 thoughts on “California: The Golden State

  1. Bon voyage!

    I bet the travelers have a hard time deciding what to do with their late-model cell phones while traveling.

  2. If the cruise only took them one-way with their California-issued debit cards (drawn on the State's borrowed funds) and dropped them off somewhere else like Haiti…I might be able to get behind it. It would be a one-time expense.

  3. This is the epitome of Liberalism, spending other peoples money. I'm not shocked by this income redistribution at all or by the rampant fraud.

  4. Odie – pick it up at your local welfare office and spend-spend-spend. I blogged previously on how millions of dollars were spent via welfare ATM's at strip clubs (mostly inside California)…

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